In Our View

Editorial: More sunshine needed on PUD’s choice of new leader

The utility’s board of commissioners should have announced its finalists before making a decision.

Editorial: Public lands, parks fund again faces termination

The Land and Water Conservation Fund will go dark if not reauthorized by Congress before Sept. 30.

Editorial: FDA right to act quickly on teen e-cigarette use

Seeing an ‘epidemic,’ the FDA has given makers 60 days to show they can keep them out of kids’ hands.

Editorial: Secure funding for light rail that voters approved

Lawmakers can consider an adjustment to the ST3 tax package, but full funding of the project is key.

Editorial: Trade disputes’ effects rolling in on prices, jobs

Talks continue with Canada, but as China and the U.S. swap tariffs, economic impacts loom.

Editorial: Support your local festival — and have fun

Some community festivals are struggling financially and need the help of businesses and residents.

Editorial: Students need an annual checkup on their loans

Congress is considering annual counseling for college students on their loans and how to repay them.

Editorial: Quiz candidates on health access and coverage

When a candidate rings your doorbell, be ready with some questions on how to ensure care for all.

Editorial: Clearing the path to careers in skilled trades

A new program would improve access for students to learn skills needed for apprenticeships and jobs.

Editorial: Arming teachers won’t make students safer

A federal school grant program should not be used to buy guns and train teachers to confront gunmen.

Editorial: Lawmakers’ shortcut creates headaches for many

Even the state justices are foggy on how to proceed with a measure on police use of deadly force.

Editorial: Legislators left details of teacher pay to others

Lawmakers’ school funding solution has complicated pay negotiations between teachers and districts.

Editorial: Lawmaker shouldn’t work alongside ‘dirty’ news media

There are better choices among Republicans who should serve on a Public Records Act task force.

Editorial: Monitors would keep a closer eye on our volcano

Seismic and GPS monitors at Glacier Peak would provide better warning of a disastrous eruption.

Editorial: Press lawmakers to comply with Public Records Act

As a task force on legislators’ duties to the law begins work, voters can demand they honor the act.

Editorial: Northwest smoky summers shouldn’t be the new normal

Wildfires get the blame, but it’s folly to deny the role of climate change in increasingly foul air.

Editorial: Keep protection of agency’s payday loan rule

About 3 in 4 Americans support limits on predatory loans; the CFPB should keep those rules in place.

Editorial: At last, some better numbers for ballot returns

Interest in congressional races is a likely factor, but free ballot postage may have helped, too.

Editorial: If Trump can tweet, players can kneel

The president and others can choose to ignore players who kneel or consider what they have to say.

Editorial: The message from an orca mother

A killer whale’s multi-day vigil for her dead calf should spur greater action to save the Salish Sea.