Election 2020

Commentary: It was the images that mattered in Trump’s address

The night contrasted the beauty of the White House scene against the threat of carnage of a Biden presidency.

Commentary: Pence came to praise Trump; and did only that

After a day of disturbing news, Pence kept to his practice of complimenting his boss.

Comment: Cameras look for tension during scripted conventions

The parties have taken more control but it’s still a clash of competing narratives, media vs. party.

Commentary: Are elections miring U.S. Senate in inaction?

Senators in red or blue states must appeal to their base; those in purple states are wary of any vote.

Commentary: Which path will it be, GOP? Trump’s or Reagan’s?

To survive, the Republican Party may need to revisit Reagan’s more inclusive brand of conservatism.

Tight races in 10th District forecast competitive November

Three Republicans won in the primary including Bill Bruch defeating Rep. Dave Paul, D-Oak Harbor.

Local delegates adjust to the unconventional conventions

It’s not the same, but Democrats and Republicans are participating with laptop computers and TVs.

Commentary: Democratic convention was awkward — and authentic

Like a family Zoom call, its slips and weirdness left voters with a sense of honesty and humanness.

Comment: History-making Black women guided Harris to ticket

Black women do not merely fight for themselves; by fighting for themselves, they fight for everyone.

Commentary: For once, the keynote looked more like America

Joe is at the top of the ticket for Democrats; but consider the diversity shown down the ballot.

Comment: Virtual conventions what parties always dreamed of

Since the ’60s both parties have sought to control the conventions; the Democrats may have achieved it.

Postmaster general pauses plan for overhauling mail delivery

AG Ferguson sues, alleging the U.S. Postal Service leader acted without following federal law.

County’s voter turnout for primary election hit 50-year high

Election officials certified results Tuesday. A late surge pushed turnout to the best showing since 1964.

Comment: Election can be rigged; here’s how Trump could do it

Claiming mailed ballots are illegitimate, he could halt their counting after election day.

A levy failure pushes Lakewood to cut spending, tap reserves

Among other cuts, the district plans to axe a school resource officer and leave vacant jobs unfilled.

Comment: 26th Amendment can cure suppression of youth vote

The amendment, which gave those 18 to 21 the right to vote, also protects that vote from limitations.

Bond defeat scuttles plans for Everett school improvements

The continuing pandemic and recession likely were factors in the district’s second bond setback in three years.

Comment: Harris’ elevation to ticket has been long time coming

Following many women before her in politics, Harris could deliver final blow to the glass ceiling.

Local Black leaders: Harris is blazing new trail in politics

They say the Democratic vice-presidential candidate will crack open a door long shut to women of color.

Updated 2020 primary election results for Snohomish County

Returns for contested races and ballot measures, updated daily as mail-in ballots are counted.