I Brake for Moms

How I went from being stay-at-home mom to published author

Between dance class and gymnastics, there are always a few moments to bang out 500 words.


A Girl Scout says goodbye to her decades-old sleeping bag

After 33 years and five different camps, it’s time for her to upgrade to a new sleeper from REI.


Weak immunity system? Vicks product is flu season must-have

If taking a steamy shower and running a humidifier when you’re sick doesn’t help, then try this.


How many children does it take to pick a backpack off the floor?

It reads like a joke, but it isn’t. Kids at every age love to ignore putting away their bags.

When it’s time to groom the dog, everyone has strong opinions

A household was divided after the family’s poodle got a new do: They either loved it or hated it.

When good intentions fall through, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent

This school year she wanted to be Ms. Perfect Mom; instead she was becoming Ms. Oops-I-Did-It-Again.

The giant map of Scandinavia greets visitors at the new Nordic Museum in Ballard. (Photo by Jennifer Bardsley)

Nordic Museum reconnects her with Swedish heritage

Millions of Swedish immigrants assimilated quickly in the U.S. It’s time to rediscover Nordic values.

The giant map of Scandinavia greets visitors at the new Nordic Museum in Ballard. (Photo by Jennifer Bardsley)

A busy mom’s top 3 back-to-school tips for tight schedules

Here are tricks to stay organized when homework, school lunches and after-school sports take over.

Summers come and go, as does the family that makes life sweet

If you could go back in time to a day from your childhood, when would it be?

Mom is trapped in house with kids this summer due to smoke

It’s 85 degrees inside and they don’t have air conditioning. So she sits still and drinks water.

Too close for comfort: A hike to remember in bear country

Her family was hiking at Canada’s Valley of the Five Lakes and encountered a black bear on the trail.

This mom has a secret — and you can read all about it

Jennifer Bardsley is self-publishing a new series of books, but you won’t find her name on the cover.

Doing math at home: Now’s the time to stop the summer slide

A former teacher shares her favorite resources for mathematics that she’s used with her own children.

Need an amusement park fix? Head to Silverwood in Idaho

At Silverwood Theme Park, the lines are short and the opportunity for fun and adventure is huge.

That time when the family shower had 8 bottles of shampoo

After a great stock-up sale, it kind of looks like a barbershop exploded in the bathroom.

Camping in style: This camper just ditched the hobo look

Now 40, Jennifer Bardsley doesn’t have to camp in hand-me-downs anymore. So she went shopping at REI.

8-year-old’s new playmates also mean newfound independence

A neighborhood in Edmonds is reborn when families with young daughters move in next door.

Obituaries are a family tribute to a life that mattered

They tell about the extraordinary, everyday people who might never have made front-page news.

A solution for drudgery of lunch packing? Make the kids do it

Some parents have their children pack their own lunches to teach them self-reliance.

10 easy steps to make over your kitchen — $50,000 not required

If you’re dreaming of a remodel but don’t have the budget for it, it’s time for some elbow grease.