Even with a tax increase, ‘socialism’ is a good deal

In James McCusker’s column this week (“Will ‘free stuff tempt Americans to try socialism?” Dec. 1), he mentioned that “American families earning the average wage… Continue reading

If you’re looking to give, pay off a child’s school lunch debt

As we enter into this holiday season, we are all subject to requests for donations of one kind or another; 99.9 percents of these requests… Continue reading

Somebody pays for socialism’s ‘free stuff’: you and me

I hope Herald readers took the time to read James McCusker’s Dec. 1 column (Will “free stuff” tempt Americans to try socialism?) especially those who… Continue reading

Orca panel’s recommendations on sea lions, seals important

A recent Herald article ignores two of Gov. Inslee’s orca commission recommendations concerning the depredations by sea lions and harbor seals on the primary food… Continue reading

Plastic bags not biggest source of ocean pollution

Regarding the recent editorial regarding a ban on plastic bags (“Statewide plastic bag ban a good place to start,” The Herald, Nov. 30), I would… Continue reading

With others around, hunting not good fit for Qwuloolt Estuary

The Qwuloolt Estuary multi-use path on Ebey Slough in Marysville is a fantastic addition to the city. This walking, running and riding path fills a… Continue reading

Everett’s budget cuts to public library are concerning

Bob and I have some concerns about the 2019 Everett budget (“Budget cuts $5.6 million from Everett’s long-term deficit,” The Herald, Nov. 29). We are… Continue reading

Logging at Frognal Estates should wait for permit appeal

Recently, the Snohomish County Planning Department gave the go-ahead for clear-cutting and logging to begin Dec. 3 at Frognal Estates LLC’s proposed planned residential development… Continue reading

Providence caregivers are being overworked

Regarding The Herald’s Nov. 25 story about contract talks with employees of Providence Hospital and Homecare (“High caseloads are compromising care, hospice workers say”): I… Continue reading

I-1000 would restore discrimination

I invite you, my fellow Americans to review Katuria Smith’s case: Smith grew up poor, with an alcoholic father and stepfather, and struggled through high… Continue reading

Mill Creek City Council needs more diversity

Jared Mead, a current Mill Creek City council member, was recently elected to a 44th Legislative District House seat. He will be vacating his seat… Continue reading

Providence contract with hospice staff must address caseloads

I’m incredulous at the position of Providence administration relevant to the ongoing contract negotiations with the hospice and home-care workers (“High caseloads are compromising care,… Continue reading

Adaption by species not proof of evolution

Evolution and science Adaption not proof of evolution How fascinating our earth is. One often wonders how, what with all the negative impacts to our… Continue reading

Maybe CNN’s Acosta should grill Saudi crown prince

Was Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman behind the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi? President Trump told America that the CIA report was… Continue reading

Remove Lower Snake River dams to restore salmon, save orcas

I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee for establishing the Orca Recovery Task Force to improve declining populations of salmon. Southern Resident orcas swim on the brink… Continue reading

Trump should face same fate as Eyman on bankruptcy

So Tim Eyman felt compelled to file for bankruptcy because of what he feels are “unfair” actions towards him by the attorney general of the… Continue reading

Consumers want Congress to act on health care concerns

As the dust from the elections settles, it’s apparent that Americans had health care on their minds when they marked their ballots. A recent survey… Continue reading

Even $50 billion isn’t enough for Inslee, Democrats?

Herald columnist Jerry Cornfield in his Nov. 21 column (“State revenues to reach $50B but new fees or taxes loom”) states “The state has never… Continue reading

How does granting asylum to migrants benefit us?

The media claimed that it was mostly woman and children that were making their way up through Mexico to the U.S. border. The media were… Continue reading

Kalama methanol refinery would be bad for environment

As a young person, I believe that we need to keep the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery from being built in our wonderful Washington in… Continue reading