Biden, when he misspeaks, owns up to his gaffes

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, former vice president, has, on occasion misspoken, but you cannot say that he goes on as if it hadn’t happened. Joe… Continue reading

We can find solutions to gun violence if we work together

In response to my friend Jerry Fraser’s Sept. 3 letter to the editor (“There simply are too many guns in U.S.”) about the number of… Continue reading

Working Families Tax Credit is break where it’s most needed

Kudos to Willie Dickerson for pointing out in his letter to the editor a true boost for millions of struggling Americans: the Working Families Tax… Continue reading

County executive’s veto on signs was right move

Bravo to County Executive Dave Somers for taking action against digital signs in rural areas (“County exec issues rare veto to limit rural business signs,”… Continue reading

Expanding on reasons why reader voted for Trump

I would like to “fix” a recent letter to the editor detailing the 10 reasons the reader voted for Trump: Ten reasons why I voted… Continue reading

Growth placing pressure on wildlife, ourselves

I watch a deer family meandering through our neighbor’s yard, stopping to nibble or rest under the stand of native evergreens. A doe stops to… Continue reading

Russians, racism, recession; it’s all untrue

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. False. Faux outrage. Racist, racist, racist, and yes, more racists. False. More faux outrage. No traction. Recession,… Continue reading

Anti-abortion pregnancy services provide suspect counseling

In response to Ed Mohs’ Aug. 29 letter to the editor, “Many groups offer aid, support as alternative to abortion”: Lets talk about the ‘choices’… Continue reading

Here are 10 reasons why I didn’t vote for Trump

In response to Ron Jinkens’ Aug. 29 letter to the editor, “10 reasons why I voted for Trump”: 1. I voted for a woman who… Continue reading

Opinion page bias just meant to sell papers

I have come to expect The Herald’s attacks against everything Trump. I know that much of the reason why you are doing it goes back… Continue reading

Concealed-carry permits show holders abiding by laws

Regarding The Herald’s Aug. 29 story, “County changes process for concealed pistol Licenses”: When considering that 69,000 people in Snohomish County have a concealed pistol… Continue reading

Frognal development’s permits approve before review complete

The saga of the Frognal development continues. The new twist is approval by Snohomish County Planning and Development of a variance on building heights to… Continue reading

Photo, story of terminally ill man was inappropriate

I find the article in the Aug. 30 Herald, “In face of death, the party of a lifetime” to be unacceptable. The picture has no… Continue reading

There are solutions to mass shootings

Another two mass shootings, down south in Texas and Alabama this week. This, following several others in the last month. This has hit our local… Continue reading

We’re all immigrants if you go back far enough

A Herald reader’s letter recently hit the nail on the head: We, every single person on this continent, came from somewhere else. Even the Native… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Sept. 4

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Fight climate change by replacing lawn with native plants

Build your own carbon sink! Individuals can help address global warming, perhaps more so than institutions. Replacing lawns with native plants will absorb atmospheric carbon… Continue reading

Monroe school board candidate holds anti-LGBT bias

Since the 2016 election Americans have witnessed the politics of fear. Such politics create a climate of division, disruption and distrust, pitting Americans against one… Continue reading

Trump treats all citizens fairly? Really?

So letter writer Rich Medved of Lake Stevens is a fan of the current occupant of the White House (“What’s to like about President Trump?… Continue reading

After you’ve voted, talk with your elected officials

Three cheers for state and local lawmakers making voting as easy as possible, including election day registration and voting, though they could make election day… Continue reading