Wait for Snohomish bridge redesign before Second Street changes

Attention all east county motorists who commute through Snohomish to the major job centers using Airport Way and/or the Snohomish-Lowell River Road. Snohomish Mayor John… Continue reading

Why try to take GOP’s tax cuts away?

Primary season is already in full swing for November’s midterm elections, reminding us there is a lot at stake this year. Consider the Tax Cuts… Continue reading

Address the oil tanker traffic already in state waters

If The Herald is going to condemn tanker traffic in the name of the orca population, then the editorial board needs to look at the… Continue reading

Apparent double-standard for use of obscenity

There is no word in any human language as obscene as the act of tearing a child from the mother’s arms. Samantha Bee is a… Continue reading

Kneeling NFL players are being patriotic

Football players taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem have been accused of a lack of patriotism. America has had and does… Continue reading

Sign updated petition for city council districts in Everett

Everett Districts Now has brought the issue of voting rights and establishing a fair and equitable voting system to the people. Our proposal is to… Continue reading

Everett man deserves recognition for ministry to homeless

I want to bring recognition to Frank Fargo of Everett, who for a number of years has been bringing his shower-equipped trailer to church meal… Continue reading

Keep an eye out for roadwork crews

With summer approaching, it’s the season for roadway work. This can feel like a hassle, but we should all have respect for the safety of… Continue reading

Samantha Bee’s use of c-word no more acceptable than n-word

As a feminist, using the c-word is equivalent to using the n-word, because it is used as an offensive weapon to label, debase and demean… Continue reading

Trump administration wrong on immigration, border wall

Donald Trump’s lasted fiasco and shenanigans are the acts of a charlatan who is deceiving the American people. His latest was to force a single… Continue reading

Minimum wage keeps many from finding work

Herald columnist James McCusker, in a recent column, says: “What has changed is that much of the service sector, which drives our economy, is dependent… Continue reading

AG’s suit against Eyman not in public’s interest

It seems that our state Attorney General Bob Ferguson has come up with a tried-and-true method of eliminating an irritant like Tim Eyman by using… Continue reading

Debra Saunders’ column gets it wrong on national monuments

Debra J. Saunder’s commentary in the May 28 Herald purports to back Donald J. Trump decision to downsize two National Monuments in the state of… Continue reading

Thanks for help in honoring RSVP volunteers

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Snohomish County (RSVP) sponsored by Catholic Community Services thanks all of the businesses and individuals that helped to… Continue reading

Thanks for help with report on Washington state

A few weeks ago, I had a letter to the editor published in The Herald. It said I was doing a state report on Washington… Continue reading

Lake Stevens veterans memorial should remain

As the effects of the Lake Stevens’ Northshore Park plan become more clear emotions run strong. Our town is proud of its history and community… Continue reading

Snohomish can’t afford big-city pay for mayor

There seems to be a furor over mayoral pay in the city of Snohomish. In a tow of 10,000 people we cannot afford an expectation… Continue reading

NOAA report on climate change deserves attention

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released a report showing that April marked the planet’s 400th consecutive month with above-average temperatures. This is a… Continue reading

Starbucks policy change crowds out paying customers

I feel that Starbucks made a huge error in its recent policy change concerning use of its restrooms and using their facilities to visit without… Continue reading

‘Snowflake’ comment shows lack of compassion

In a May 17 letter to the editor, a reader decries prepaid postage and students’ need for “cry rooms” to their perceived problems in life… Continue reading