Vote yes on Ref. 90 to address sexual violence

Sexual violence is an all too common serious societal and public health concern with many long-lasting societal and interpersonal impacts. Sexual violence does not discriminate… Continue reading

Court nomination is being rushed to protect Trump

After saying that 10 months away was too close to the election to consider a Supreme Court nomination, the GOP now says that with less… Continue reading

Delegating power is crucial to good government

There is such a thing as delegating power. Delegating power is not about making fall guys or leaving people holding a bag that no one… Continue reading

10th LD, House, Pos. 1: Homola worked to improve things

I don’t just vote Democrat or Republican. I vote for the person, whom I think will do a great job. Seventeen years ago I had… Continue reading

10th LD, Senate: Price Johnson will act for people, not party

In fairness I do not know Helen Price Johnson’s opponent in the upcoming election for 10th Legislative District senator. I do know Helen. I am… Continue reading

Mental, physical health care not given support necessary

A recent article in the Seattle Times about the struggles that nursing homes have had with low staffing levels should come as no surprise to… Continue reading

10th LD, Senate: Helen Price Johnson builds consensus

I’m voting for Helen Price Johnson for State Senator for the 10th Legislative District for one reason: her experience. It’s an easy decision for anyone… Continue reading

Black Lives Matter about justice and fairness

Black Lives Matter is not about partisan politics. It is about simple, plain old justice. It is about looking deeply at our ourselves and owning… Continue reading

Local case was handled better than Breonna Taylor warrant

I couldn’t help but contrast what happened to Breonna Taylor with what happened to Jose Casablanca and Jessie Cruz (“Lynnwood couple face federal charges in… Continue reading

More training for officers would bring better results

After viewing recorded shootings by police in our country, many concerned citizens have offered “defunding police” as the solution. A better choice is for us… Continue reading

Trump can’t be allowed to nullify legal ballots

President Trump is now talking about getting rid of the ballots in the upcoming presidential election and having state legislatures or the U.S. Supreme Court… Continue reading

Everett council districts: Areas along river need own district

As residents of the neighborhoods in East Everett along the Snohomish River, we urge the city’s District Commission to form the East Everett River District… Continue reading

Housing help needed desperately in covid relief bill

It is outrageous that Congress has not passed additional COVID-19 relief. Where is the urgency for the millions of Americans still suffering through the worst… Continue reading

More digging into Trump’s taxes could find problems

The lead story about Trump’s tax returns in the New York Times seems, at first blush, to tell us nothing we didn’t already know or… Continue reading

Governor’s race: Inslee has done nothing to help Seattle

Where is Jay Inslee? While he flaps his gums about climate change, Seattle is burning, arsonists and would-be murderers are going free, and businesses are… Continue reading

Please wear a mask and wear it properly

Might as well get used to wearing a face mask. They will be needed for at least one more year. And make sure the mask… Continue reading

Trump shows little concern for his own supporters

I wonder if Trump’s base has caught on to the fact that he’s using them only to achieve his own ends. He cares not a… Continue reading

Housing for students would be highest use for Norton field

Recently, I noticed a growing number of people thinking about their needs at the expense of others. No one likes people being homeless and we… Continue reading

Snohomish PUD: Toyer opposes smart meters

Rob Toyer has my vote for Snohomish PUD Commissioner He is an insurance consultant, loan officer, investment advisor, and former Marysville city council member. Rob’s… Continue reading

Back legislation in Congress to set a price on carbon

Thanks for The Herald’s recent editorial “Let’s clear the air on wildfires, climate change.” The recent wildfires present the most visible impact of climate change… Continue reading