Reconsidering our independence from British

I couldn’t celebrate independence from England on July. If we had remained an English colony, we wouldn’t have this horrendous amount of gun violence. We… Continue reading

Would Sid Schwab be happier in a socialist country?

Leave it to radical leftist columnist Sid Schwab to make something inspiring into something ugly (“Trump goes Fourth to boost his ego at home and… Continue reading

Answers to nagging questions are in front of us

We, as a society, push alcohol at every turn, and when people become alcoholics and end up on the street we wonder why. We push… Continue reading

Saunders: Trump outreach to Kim has advantage of being untried

But, so far, the diplomatic efforts have been as unproductive as those of previous presidents.

Hard to feel sorry over software thief’s restitution bill

I read with interest the story of the “poor” women who absconded with $7.6 million of software from Microsoft and now is expected to pay… Continue reading

Defendant’s bail in 1972 cold case should be revoked

I have been following the cold murder case of Jody Loomis, the 20-year-old girl who was raped, shot in the head and left to die… Continue reading

Legislation in Congress would help fight climate change

Rick Walker’s June 23 letter to the editor (“We’re hastening our own extinction through climate change”) certainly hits the nail on the head. It would… Continue reading

Please cover Seattle Seawolves rugby

In regard to recent letter to the editor about The Herald’s lack of coverage for the Seattle Seawolves rugby team, I had asked at the… Continue reading

An outright ban on fireworks by county is long overdue

Let’s dispel a few myths about Independence Day. First, The out-of-control custom of detonating explosives on July 4 is not about celebrating the anniversary of… Continue reading

Should we change Air Force One’s name to Trump Won?

It was with much dismay when I read in The Herald that President Trump is now demanding that Air Force One’s color scheme be changed… Continue reading

Whose rights are under attack?

In California there’s an attempt to allow medical workers to decline performing abortions and other treatments on moral and religious grounds called the “conscience rule.”… Continue reading

Why are we trying to emulate California?

California, a state Gov. Jay Inslee desperately wants Washington to emulate, and a state its governor, Gavin Newsom, says is a model for the rest… Continue reading

Help protect elders from abuse and fraud

The state Department of Social and Health Services continues to see a sharp increase in adult abuse reports across the state. July is Adult Abuse… Continue reading

Put our veterans’ needs first on Fourth; limit fireworks

The Fourth of July is upon us, and it is a time to celebrate our wonderful country’s freedom. I am asking everyone to think about… Continue reading

Require traffic solutions for developments, not just studies

When I read the article about a developer wanting to build a 360-unit apartment building near Highway 522 and having to do a traffic study,… Continue reading

Take president at his word he would accept ‘dirt’

Regarding accepting “dirt” on a political opponent, I believe President Trump’s reaction and defensive answer to the question of what he would do if he… Continue reading

U.S. treatment of migrant children is appalling

In 1955 I completed four years in the U.S. Navy and began my 45-year career serving children and their families. The first of those was… Continue reading

Demand an end to abuse of asylum seekers at the border

Like many Americans across the country, I am reading the daily news with feelings of abject horror surrounding the current status of migrant asylum seekers… Continue reading

Students don’t need distraction of cellphones in school

I am writing in regard to The Herald article about Everett Public Schools changing rules for cellphone use (“Everett schools clamping down on cellphone use… Continue reading

What would Churchill say about U.S., Iran conflict

When is this idiocy ever going to end. The U.S. has been meddling in the internal affairs of Iran since the 1950s, but judging from… Continue reading