Navy League has overstated its case for NAS Whidbey Growlers

The Navy League has widely propagandized its rosy notions about the EA-18G Growlers stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The League’s missives are an… Continue reading

Seahawk fans, this is the thanks that Russel Wilson deserves?

So, a young man comes to Seattle to play for the Seattle Seahawks and works his tail off for 11 years, amasses a 112-63-1 record,… Continue reading

Why are letters to the editor missing on some days?

I have started my mornings with The Herald (and a mug of coffee) for decades. I want the local news, local perspective and local viewpoints.… Continue reading

Compare parties if you think Democrats have a problem

Always amazed at the delusional nature of the conservative mind. Case in point a recent letter critical of Democrats in Washington state and the nation.… Continue reading

Why vote when choices limited to two parties?

Letters to The Herald have become a good reflection of the political divisiveness of our times. Two sides only; which mathematicians tell us cannot define… Continue reading

1oth LD, House Pos. 1: Shavers has education, experience

I strongly support the candidacy of Clyde Shavers for Position 1 in the State Legislature’s 10th District for the following reasons: Education: He is a… Continue reading

Newspapers can stop tech companies from scraping content

Regarding the recent editorial (“Google, Facebook ought to pay for news they use,” The Herald, Sept. 7), the editorial board bemoaned technology’s scraping of publishing… Continue reading

Seattle teachers should blame Democrats for cost of living

Seattle teachers are striking for more pay. One protester was interviewed asking why they are protesting. The teacher says cost of living in Seattle keeps… Continue reading

10th LD, House, Pos. 1: Call with Shavers convinced me

As a citizen who fought against a sprawling rural city fifteen years ago in the Seven Lakes region, I am grateful we killed the code… Continue reading

Why would we copy Australia on newspaper content compensation?

Fascinating to read the editorial (“Google, Facebook ought to pay for the news they use,” The Herald, Sept. 7). The Herald Editorial Board supports Google… Continue reading

Appoint Altamirano-Crosby to vacant county council seat

I am writing in support of Dr. Julieta Altamirano-Crosby for appointment to the Snohomish County Council District 3 vacancy. Dr. Altamirano-Crosby is a qualified woman… Continue reading

Lack of police coordination in Uvalde contributed to massacre

Pete Arredondo, chief of police for the schools in Uvalde, Texas, was born and raised in Uvalde and started at the police department as a… Continue reading

More has been stolen than Point Elliot Treaty plaque

Thank you to The Herald journalists for reporting about the replacement of Point Elliott plaque with details from many voices (“Mukilteo restores stolen plaque at… Continue reading

Child Tax Credit’s renewal would be a good promise to keep

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Jonathan Bernstein makes a good case for why candidates that win make an effort to keep their campaign promises (“Student debt relief… Continue reading

Urge Congress to fund 988 crisis line call centers, supports

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. As a volunteer advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I am calling on my members of… Continue reading

Biden has pointed out a clear threat to our nation

President Biden’s speech on Sept. 1 was a long overdue statement of the obvious: America is being threatened by a violent bully and a political… Continue reading

State’s ban on plastic bags, fees add up for consumers

I am writing about the plastic bag bans and fees that went into place in Washington state in October 2021. I think its ridiculous that… Continue reading

Why publish fringe commentary by Deborah Saunders?

I am curious about the wire service that distributes Debra J. Saunders’ column (“Closing schools wasn’t a ‘mistake’; it was a crime,” The Herald, Sept.… Continue reading

School teachers should be paid well for their vital work

Praise and awards are nice, but they don’t pay bills. Teachers should be paid the salary they deserve for the years of study they received… Continue reading

Trump supporters can spend their money as they see fit

Regarding Herald columnist Tom Burke’s recent column (“Are you easily deceived by grifters? Take this quiz,” The Herald, Aug. 29): I seldom read his column… Continue reading