Should I renew my Herald subscription?

Herald subscription Reasons for not renewing Well, it’s time to renew my subscription to The Herald and I am always faced with the question: “Should… Continue reading

‘Climate despair’ is failure to recognize God’s authority

Climate and evangelicals Failure to recognize God’s authority The Washington Post, wraps itself in nonsense (“To fight climate despair, this Christian ecologist says science isn’t… Continue reading

Details left out of story about Sutherland-Low House race

Sutherland-Low race Details left out of Herald story Some details were missing from Jerry Cornfield’s article about the legislative race between Rep. Robert Sutherland, R-Granite… Continue reading

Dead whale on Camano Island was malnourished, but how old?

Camano gray whale Malnourished, but how old? The necropsy of the dead beached gray whale on Camano Island determined it was malnourished. What I would… Continue reading

It’s simple to fact-check other’s questionable claims

Military vs. education It’s simple to check facts Recently a letter to the editor challenged readers to do a quick search on the internet to… Continue reading

Snohomish city taxpayers subsidizing developers

City of Snohomish Don’t subsidize developers Red Alert to property taxpayers within the boundaries of Snohomish School District 201. A few years ago, the Snohomish… Continue reading

Congress must resume Child Tax Credit immediately

As Americans file their taxes, it’s important to remember how important the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) has been for children and families. According to… Continue reading

State has enough money for schools; levies aren’t needed

I am getting so tired of schools and parents of school children continually creating school levies to tax homeowners to pay for your children’s education.… Continue reading

Swing pendulum on police reforms back to center

I support the recent commentary by Mayor Jon Nehring and Chief Erik Scairpon (“More work needed to correct recent police reforms,” The Herald, April 3).… Continue reading

Protecting state forestlands will store more carbon

A recent letter to the editor opposing a new program to protect forestlands has some misinformation. Smaller trees may store carbon at a faster rate,… Continue reading

Public needs a better understanding of fentanyl addiction

I want to thank Randy Tharp for his brave and honest account from inside our local fentanyl epidemic (“‘Whole new demon’: Fentanyl deaths soar, and… Continue reading

Congress can fight climate change with Climate Dividend Act

Regarding a recent letter to the editor regarding climate change: Yes, fossil fuel companies have knowingly continued to harm our health and that of our… Continue reading

Don’t lose focus on our need for action on climate change

Ruby Eagan-Heffernan’s heartfelt letter to the editor about saving the earth is a worthy call to action for all of us. (“If you love Earth,… Continue reading

Ignore outsiders’ appeal for no vote on Marysville school levies

Marysville School District voters should be aware that there are people from elsewhere who are trying to influence our school levy election outcome. If you… Continue reading

Everett traffic cameras won’t aid safety or city’s bottom line

I was disappointed to read that the Everett City Council has voted to install red-light cameras (“Traffic cameras get the green light from city council,”… Continue reading

Thanks for Herald’s coverage on fentanyl addiction

Thank you for the recent articles regarding fentanyl addiction; it was really eye opening (“‘Whole new demon’: Fentanyl deaths soar, and recovery is harder,” The… Continue reading

Keep state forests in timber production

Recently The Herald published an article highlighting the Washington state Department of Natural Resources intent to dedicate 10,000 acres of managed forestland as a carbon… Continue reading

Why aren’t police enforcing car license tab laws?

I have to agree the writer of a recent letter to the editor: It’s really irritating to see so many vehicles with expired tabs driving… Continue reading

County decision on Lord Hill Regional Park honors all users

We applaud Snohomish County’s decision to return Lord Hill Regional Park to the slow and safe natural haven that it’s been until recent years. The… Continue reading

Prison not an effective deterrent to crime

A recent letter to the editor expressed a line of thought about crime and punishment that needs to be reconsidered. In the past decades we… Continue reading