Replace Joint Chiefs chairman with Roosevelt’s commander

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has admitted he made a mistake accompanying the president on a photo op in… Continue reading

Don’t allow pandemic fears to delay medical care

All of us agree that the last few months have been anxious and unprecedented. As a cancer care advocate, I understand the health risks posed… Continue reading

Preserve law enforcement funding

My roots are deep in this city of Marysville and Snohomish County. I was born over 90 years ago, and raised on a chicken and… Continue reading

U.S. military bases should be named for actual heroes, not traitors

The latest front in the culture war is renaming U.S. Army forts that were named after Confederate generals. I think such a move is long… Continue reading

Commentary: Optometrists focused on patient health, COVID-19

Doctors understood the need to suspend non-urgent care; but appointments can now safely resume.

County budget cuts of 3.5 percent won’t be enough

The Snohomish County Council is totally out of touch if it believes a budget cut of 3.5 percent is a sufficient reduction when all citizens… Continue reading

Prevent police abuses by better vetting officers

Police brutality has once again been highlighted, this time due to the outrageous actions of those on the Minneapolis police force in murdering George Floyd.… Continue reading

Vote out those who support defunding police

\A general observation: We are becoming more ignorant by the day. The more news we consume from our local and national media, the less we… Continue reading

Why not name a military base for Benedict Arnold?

I had no idea that there are military bases in the United States named after Confederate officers. In my mind that just doesn’t make any… Continue reading

Some ground rules needed for County Council Zoom meetings

On June 10, I participated in the public testimony portion of the County Council meeting. It was quite interesting for a number of reasons. There… Continue reading

Defunding police would invite anarchy

Keeping people safe is the first duty of any government. Whatever other debates about public policy our country may have, the basic responsibility to protect… Continue reading

Face masks are key to continuing our recovery

Thanks for The Herald’s June 16 editorial encouraging everyone to continue wearing a mask when in public. As the editorial pointed out, there is growing… Continue reading

Jurors can safely now serve during Superior Court trials

One of the most important rights under our state and federal constitutions is the right to a jury trial. Because of the COVID-19 emergency, we… Continue reading

Children learn from how we treat vulnerable people

Every city, school and social group has its own George Floyd. Pre-pandemic, Everett first responders picked up Kirk Spencer, an alcoholic, homeless, disabled Native American… Continue reading

Everett doesn’t need housing development at old Kmart site

In regard to the proposed Kmart site housing: Why? (“Former Kmart property in Everett sells for $18 million,” The Herald, June 10.) This ridiculous done-deal… Continue reading

If there’s racism in sheriff’s office, it goes back further

The recent criticism of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is just a political stunt and posturing based on the decibels created by recent protest and… Continue reading

Comment: What 526 horrible seconds of video brought to mind

For a black man in Washington state, George Floyd’s death is a disturbing reminder of racism’s legacy.

Shutdown has been deadlier than COVID

While the Wuhan coronavirus kills a lot of people (about 100,000 people in the U.S.), the earlier refusal to lift the blanket shutdown by mostly… Continue reading

Trump has proved dangers of too much executive branch power

What our nation’s recent “experiment” by electing Donald Trump has shown is a confirmation of the reluctance the Framers of the Constitution had for any… Continue reading

What does one do when information sources differ?

When detectives gather facts for a case, they recognize that no source contains all of the necessary information, and that sources usually contain partial truths… Continue reading