Broader concerns about housing in Mukilteo, Mill Creek

I tend to agree with Lynne Chelius letter to the Herald titled “Mukilteo housing story makes clear Herald bias against Zieve.” We had a reather… Continue reading

What it will take to defeat racism

There is an old story that when an Indian tribe was being ravaged by disease, their chief took up his lance and war club and… Continue reading

Actions of a new during Snohomish standoff don’t reflect town

Snohomish is racist? According to a few, it is. Hate toward our town, council, downtown and citizens. The actions of 1 percent on both sides… Continue reading

Hong Kong is China’s business; not ours

A previous letter was correct about the duplicity of the U.S. It condones Israel’s continuous annexation (robbery) of Palestinian land yet condemns China for enforcing… Continue reading

Was vigilante standoff the image Snohomish wants?

I thank The Herald for telling the story and aftermath of the appalling vigilante event recently in the city of Snohomish. These vigilantes lining First… Continue reading

It’s not anti-fascists we should fear

White supremacist hate groups cleverly flooded the nation, our state and our town with fear-mongering lies about a group they said was planning to loot… Continue reading

Display of racism, hate is what makes Snohomish group proud?

Regarding the so-called patriots in Snohomish, I didn’t miss it. The Confederate flag that represents generations of suppression and bigotry. The yellow flag that begs… Continue reading

Put priority on public health not chasing phantom looters

Snohomish citizens recently grabbed assault weapons instead of face masks as they gathered to fend off illusive looters. Meanwhile, the county’s leadership petitioned the state… Continue reading

With Covid-19 pandemic, clean air even more important

While the COVID-19 crisis and the climate crisis aren’t directly related, there are indeed a few connections between them. The Herald’s recent article, “Your backyard… Continue reading

Herald missed much of story regarding Snohomish vigilantes

I was disappointed in your coverage of the events of May 31 in Snohomish (“Fears of destruction brings curfews, closures and police,” The Herald, June… Continue reading

Just what was Snohomish saved from?

When the “patriotic defenders” of Snohomish were here over the weekend, they not only over-topped the garbage containers with beer bottles and cans, they also… Continue reading

Give public option of patronizing Everett’s businesses

With businesses starting to open up again there is still a strong debate as to which businesses should be opening up and to what extent.… Continue reading

Letters of support for U.S. Postal Service are in the mail

I just put in the mail 20 Emmerson Kelly post cards (with matching stamps) to various Washington state and Wasington, D.C. politicians of both parties,… Continue reading

President Trump isn’t helping the situation when he speaks

Every time it seems things just can’t get any worse, President Trump starts speaking and things do get much worse. Maybe he should just be… Continue reading

Costco’s mask policy makes it safe for all to shop there

Thank you, Costco, for showing how much customers and employees are valued! The Costco policy requiring masks and social distancing proves they are a courageous… Continue reading

Pro baseball players’ pay gripes seem out of touch

In regards to the AP article published in the May 27 Herald: “Players’ union calls MLB economic proposal ‘extremely disappointing,’” the players sure aren’t that… Continue reading

Resuming sports on TV would boost morale

I think that a lot of people would feel a lot better about the way we are living with the coronavirus if they could at… Continue reading

Voice your anger and make a difference

I am a 71-year-old white woman and I am angry! Angry at those who turn righteous protest into looting and vandalism. Angry that 401 years… Continue reading

Everett senior center too important to leave closed

It should come as no surprise that I would write to you regarding the closure of the Carl Gipson Senior Center. I understand that a… Continue reading

Racial injustice shows why local elections matter

On May 25th, 2020 we lost yet another unarmed African American man in what is only the latest act of police brutality and excessive use… Continue reading