High-speed rail routes needed throughout the U.S.

The federal freeway system has been finished for decades. States must maintain them. Meanwhile, the progressive nations have not only developed commercial air travel but… Continue reading

Local news is important; support The Herald’s journalism

Thanks to The Herald for its informative reporting on the Bargeen family and the Port crane fiasco. Without local reporting the citizens of Everett would… Continue reading

Police must have proper equipment

Both police and sheriff deputies need public support to get the necessary equipment they need. I received a letter from the same and it decried… Continue reading

Snohomish’s pellet gun law is reasonable

I read with interest, the Dec. 24 letter to the editor from John Lorenz regarding the additional restrictions imposed on the discharge of Airsoft (pellet)… Continue reading

Thank Trump for ending ‘American exceptionalism’

Historians, political scientists and philosophers will with passion dissect the epic, toxic tragedy that defines the Donald Trump presidency. Amidst this wreckage that almost destroyed… Continue reading

Lynnwood High Tri-M raised $9,700 for food bank

Thank you all for supporting the Lynnwood High School Tri-M Virtual Fundraiser for The Lynnwood Food Bank. Tri-M is a national Music Honor Society. Our… Continue reading

Resolve to buy American-made when you can

I do not usually make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I’m making one and am determined to keep it. I plan to buy “Made… Continue reading

GOP knows it can’t win fair election

I was dismayed when Nixon was elected. He resigned in disgrace for corruption. Also, when Reagan was elected, his administration was marked by multiple scandals… Continue reading

Federal covid relief bill was too convoluted

The Dec. 22 Herald featured three articles about the covid-19 relief bill. Here are some things I’d like to point out that came from the… Continue reading

Executive’s veto of fee break was correct move

I agree with County Executive Dave Somers veto on the surface water fee reduction (“County executive vetoes fee break to save envinronmental work,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Make Weyerhaeuser building a cafe and arts studio

I think a ceramics, crafts and coffee cafe would be a good fit for the Weyerhaeuser building (“Port seeks new ideas for 97-year-old Weyerhaeuser building,”… Continue reading

Nurses’ resignation shows lack of funding for public health

I was alarmed yet not surprised to read that Island County Public Health nurses and other staff have quit (“Island County nurses quit over concerns… Continue reading

Was political correctness behind failed police chief pick?

To read recent articles in local newspapers, including The Herald, and hear reports by local television news reporters, it sounds like Edmonds is a hot… Continue reading

What if GOP offered better candidates for governor’s race?

Sure, we might get a Republican governor if we change to Republican state Rep. Brad Klippert’s plan to change our system to an electoral college… Continue reading

Learn more about your PUD and its board

I appreciate David Chan’s suggestion in his Dec. 30 letter to the editor that we increase the number of Snohomish County PUD board members from… Continue reading

Stick with one person, one vote when electing governor

Republican state Rep. Brad Klippert of Kennewick is proposing that governors be elected with an electoral college system rather than the popular vote (“New proposal… Continue reading

Heavy rains may have been factor in oil train derailment

Last week, I received an alert for potential landslides in Western Washington in my inbox. On Dec. 21, a landslide did occur forcing the cancellation… Continue reading

State GOP needs better candidates, not way to game election

Dear Rep. Brad Klippert (“New proposal might help Washington get a Republican governor,” The Herald, Dec. 28): No, nope, and nope again. Land does not… Continue reading

Support restaurants that help others

After reading the article about Vintage Cafe stepping in to help Gospel Mission with cooking meals (“Everett cafe steps in to feed homeless,” The Herald… Continue reading

Thanking Snohomish Apothecary and its lights

What a wonderful addition Snohomish Apothecary is to the community! Not only do they support healthy well being through goods and services while supporting local… Continue reading