Letter writer imagines a nation that never was

Don Thompson in his Sept. 24 letter to the editor (“I want my country back the way it was”) confusedly laments an America that never… Continue reading

Military service, education informed stance on protest

Thank you, Charles Barnett for your service to our country 50 years ago and also for your letter to the editor (“Right to protest one… Continue reading

Parker wrong that ‘young and stupid’ is an excuse

Columnist Kathleen Parker writes that Brett Kavanaugh should be forgiven for merely being “young and stupid” (“Take who measure of a man and not just… Continue reading

Seniors can’t afford property tax increase to pay for schools

Thankful for our schools and teachers, I have always voted for them, but at 88, that may have to change. I am one of many… Continue reading

Democrats intend to continue socialism’s march

To understand the current political goals of the democratic socialists, you need to go back to the writings of Karl Marx. Marx believed that a… Continue reading

Fight remains over Navy field, Growlers at Whidbey

First, I’m grateful I read in The Herald that my fellow patriots and I got a win in regard to proper use of Outlying Field… Continue reading

Nation threatened by Trump’s abuse of rule of law

It’s pointless to talk about President Trump’s failings anymore because those who still support him will dismiss any criticism, no matter how valid, as being… Continue reading

I-1631 is just another tax on everyone, not polluters

If you voted yes on Sound Transit’s $54 billion initiative and now are shocked and dismayed because your car registration and property taxes increased so… Continue reading

To Kathleen Parker’s quesiton, that’s not in my yearbook

I would like to reply to Kathleen Parker’s question (“In Sen. Graham, Jiminy Cricket lets fly his outrage,” The Herald Sept. 30) concerning my high… Continue reading

We can’t wait to address climate change; vote yes on I-1631

This past season of fires, hurricanes, record-setting heat and drought follow the same trends of the past several years: Climate change is no longer a… Continue reading

Differences in the cases involving Lovick and Kavanaugh

Regarding two recent letters to the editor (“Apply standard for allegations evenly,” The Herald, Sept. 25; “There was enough in Lovick documents for investigation,” The… Continue reading

Shameful of Trump to mock Christine Blasey Ford

Shame on President Trump for mocking Christine Blasey Ford at his recent rally in Mississippi. This president is the worst person to ever enter the… Continue reading

Write state lawmakers to demand affordable housing bills

Several mobile and manufactured home parks have had substantial rent increases this year and notices have just gone out for another huge increase for next… Continue reading

Decision to hire new GM was for current PUD board to make

In a letter to the editor in the Sept. 28 Herald (“New PUD board should have say on new GM’s contract”) the writer does not… Continue reading

Was Lake Stevens mayor’s action ethical?

In an Aug. 9 Herald article about the mayor of Lake Stevens signing an annexation petition 29 times for a homeowners association, the mayor claims… Continue reading

Brett Kavanaugh was partisan, belligerent during hearing

Gulping water like a cornered rat, Brett Kavanaugh yelled that the Judiciary Committee hearing on Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against him was “a… Continue reading

Don’t eat genetically modified foods

Do you people really want the government to keep on poising our feed with genetic engineering, which means, do not buy General Mills cereals, Post… Continue reading

Saunders column on Ford repeats lies about Democrats

Debra Saunder’s commentary in the Oct. 1 Herald (“Ford was believable; Democrats acted unbelievably”) didn’t deserve the ink spent on it. All the way through… Continue reading

Vote for Everett City Council districts and 5-2 option

I’m writing to recommend and support the election of some Everett City Council members from districts. It is a much fairer and equitable way for… Continue reading

I-1639 would be dangerous for all

To those of you who would vote for Initiative 1639, here are a few reasons why it would be dangerous to do so: I-1639 is… Continue reading