Quote about earning respect was from Smith Barney ad

Regarding a May 1 letter to the editor (“Has Trump earned respect of Democrats that writer desires?”), the correct quote from the ad campaign was:… Continue reading

Allow readers to decide value of John Rosemond’s column

As a parent of six children ages 4-14, I enjoyed reading John Rosemond’s parenting column. Every time. With Sid Schwab and Eugene Robinson and others… Continue reading

Should we judge nation’s greatness by number of billionaires?

Lately in The Herald and on Facebook the Rambos with their machine guns and the selfish greedy capitalists are screaming victory again. The April 27… Continue reading

Was canine couture story worthy of front page?

What’s up with that? Andrea Brown’s not-worthy-of-front-page news, hit readers with another witty story that belongs in the back pages, not upfront and center (“You,… Continue reading

Why isn’t Congress worried about rising price for gas?

How about if Congress quits worrying about the possible collusion between Trump and the Russians and gets on to what really concerns everyone in America.… Continue reading

Wolf’s sarcasm at D.C. dinner was on target

Michelle Wolf showed at the Washington press charity event that we need to further divide as a nation. Some of her jokes were dumb. But… Continue reading

Do Everett’s pools need taxpayers’ support

The city of Everett is facing a potential $13 million deficit in 2019, and the gap worsens from there, according to Mayor Cassie Franklin. The… Continue reading

Let readers make the choice on Rosemond’s parenting advice

Wow! I was taken back by The Herald’s decision to pull John Rosemond’s parenting column. I found it somewhat odd that the announcement followed commentary… Continue reading

Thank teachers, sure, but let’s back their classroom needs

Education is the backbone of this country. Everywhere we are feeling the effects of minimal education, from the loss of social standards to the ability… Continue reading

Herald coverage of preservation success stories appreciated

A round of applause for your inspiring coverage of both farm and historic home preservation coverage on April 29. Stephanie Davey’s article on the Reiner’s… Continue reading

Ignatius: Was North Korea’s dual strategy Kim’s plan all along?

North Korean documents point to a plan to build a nuclear weapon, then pivot toward a detente.

Support the education funding demands of teachers

I want to recognize and applaud educators in our region during Teachers Appreciation Week, May 7-11. There are countless ways in which our teachers are… Continue reading

Term Sid Schwab is looking for is ‘social democracy’

Sid Schwab’s interesting column of April 28 (“Capitalism works if we save it from true believers”) attempts to distinguish communism, socialism and democratic socialism. He… Continue reading

Can’t agree with letter writer, so I’ll say something nice

An easy response to the April 27 letter to the editor (“Democrats’ priorities just pandering for votes”) from a Camano Island gentleman would be the… Continue reading

Herald should let parents decide value of Rosemond’s column

The reason I am not discontinuing my subscription to The Herald is simple: I am an open-minded person, unlike the rest of this divided country… Continue reading

Taxing opioids won’t solve crisis

Isn’t it wonderful how well our politicos look after us? Overnight they have come up with the perfect (and for them standard) solution to the… Continue reading

Thiessen: Trump should forget the Nobel and stick to his guns

To be able to walk away from a bad deal the president can’t be distracted by the promise of a prize.

This is how liberals have ‘ruined’ our country

As a letter to the editor (“Party can only pander to voters,” The Herald, April 27) said, liberals are despicable people who can only pander… Continue reading

D.C. media dinner routine was vile, mean-spirited

The hatred of President Trump knows no bounds. Thank God He did not attend Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Comedian (if you want to call… Continue reading

Take an extra step in Congress to prevent war with N. Korea

The Herald has reported on the amazing development of a warm meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea. This is a wonderful thing,… Continue reading