Too many riding Sound Transit light rail for free

I want to correct a few omissions in the recent editorial about Sound Transit’s light rail fares (“Sound Transit’s lax fare policy just isn’t fair,”… Continue reading

Know difference between conforming and teamwork on covid

Sitting at the dentist in Perrinville a dude walked in for his appointment and contested the mask rule that medical offices still observe. Fifty people… Continue reading

Loss of Snake River dams would produce more carbon dioxide

What would you say about a policy that raises electricity prices and carbon dioxide emissions while increasing the risk of blackouts? That is what activists… Continue reading

Thoughts, prayers need action to limit gun violence

Thoughts and prayers without action are presumptuous. Thoughts and prayers help with the grieving process, but they do nothing to address gun violence. Ten people… Continue reading

Safety should come first regarding Sound Transit fares

Regarding the recent editorial regarding fares on Sound Transit’s light rail (“Sound Transit’s lax fare policy just isn’t fair,” The Herald, June 2): While I… Continue reading

Security must be improved at schools to prevent shootings

A recent letter that advised inreasing security measures at schools, clearly identified the only practical ways to quickly address school safety. We have been waiting… Continue reading

Stand with students for gun legislation March 11 at courthouse

Stand with students! The time is here for sensible gun control. Please join the students and community in the #MarchForOurLives on June 11 with a… Continue reading

We need answers to these questions on mass shootings

A few years back my husband and I were on a group tour in Italy. One night an Australian woman looked at her phone and… Continue reading

AR-15 semi-automatic is not a ‘weapon of war’

Recently I received an email from Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., concerning the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. She referred to the “fourth grade kids who were… Continue reading

Several issues need attention to end mass shootings

When we examine the events of the last few weeks in our country, we can look at the confluence of several factors. The gunmen were… Continue reading

To what does county council member object in LGBTQ resolution?

In a recent article Snohomish County Councilman Nate Nehring is quoted as saying he would be violating his “personal conscience” by supporting a resolution promoting… Continue reading

Congress must confront reality of school shootings

My heart just aches for the families in Uvalde, Texas. It should not have happened! Enough is enough! I believe that color photos of those… Continue reading

Electric vehicles are better, cheaper than some might think

A recent letter to the editor has some incorrect information regarding electric vehicles. First and foremost; the statement that batteries require replacement every 75,000 to… Continue reading

Give police respect they are owed; pull over

Reading a recent article, I am wondering once again, what has happened to the world I thought I knew? (“Washington police say drivers aren’t stopping… Continue reading

Ban and round up semiautomatic weapons

Having seen the horrors of WWI machine guns and “tommy” guns, America successfully banned automatic weapons. Now, with the horror of mass shootings since Columbine,… Continue reading

Can county use federal funds as child tax credit replacement?

Thanks for the details on being a part of the decision process for how Snohomish County spends its American Rescue Plan dollars. (“Snohomish County seeks… Continue reading

Use Senate filibuster to force votes on firearms bills

First, I thank The Herald’s Jerry Cornfield for his fine article on HB 1329 (“Once a rarity, remote government meetings here to stay,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Fight inflation and climate change with carbon fee dividend

Covid and the war in Ukraine have worsened inflation. These totally unplanned and unexpected causes are grabbing the headlines. Yet, few realized how much climate… Continue reading

Few changes might reduce bloodshed

Regarding recent mass shootings: It might be a good idea if ballistic shields were stocked in the schools for the use of the school protection… Continue reading

NRA, gun lobby barrier to stopping gun violence

It is said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” In 1934 Congress passed… Continue reading