Herald down-played mass shooting stories

The prediction of mine and many other knowledgeable individuals on the topic of violence has come true. Thank gosh it took some time before our… Continue reading

Us frogs will be just fine with Biden, Democrats

In response to a March 22 letter to the editor, “Heat turned up on us frogs,” I would like to comment on a few things:… Continue reading

County should reopen courthouse offices to public

Is anyone else upset about the Snohomish County Courthouse being closed to the public? I was wondering why the courthouse has been closed for more… Continue reading

NCAA women’s brackets too small on sports page

We were happy to see the NCAA basketball brackets in The Herald. Why, oh, why was the men’s brackets given a half-page and the women’s… Continue reading

Reform filibuster to make them talk if they want to block

Republicans are threatening to become “real” obstructionists if Democrats eliminate the filibuster! And they’ll be really mean to Democrats when next they have the majority.… Continue reading

Restore voting rights for those after time served

Like many Washingtonians, I want a democracy where every citizen has their voice heard. But today, over 20,000 of our neighbors who are living in… Continue reading

Divvy up electoral college by House districts

Many politicians have said that the electoral college should be abolished, that it’s not democratic! So let me suggest a pragmatic way of democratizing it… Continue reading

Everett’s no-sit, no-lie law just moves problem elsewhere

The Everett City Council’s “no sit, no lie” response to the homeless problem isn’t a solution at all. It just moves the homeless problem somewhere… Continue reading

Herald should repsect those who voted for Trump

I received The Herald’s earlier editorial on its commitment to discourse and debate (“Restating our commitment to discourse and debate,” The Herald, Jan. 18). The… Continue reading

Offshore wind project should be considered for our state

The Biden administration is backing a huge 800-megawatt offshore wind farm near Martha’s Vineyard according to a recent article in the Washington Post (“Biden administration… Continue reading

Biden’s border policy is hypocrisy

\Hypocrisy. That is what I say to the president and the Democratic members of Congress for their border policy. After continually criticizing Trump and his… Continue reading

Congress should repeal authorization of military force

The San Juan Islands Advocacy Team is writing to publicly thank U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen for cosponsoring H.R. 256, which repeals he Authorization for the… Continue reading

Show respect for those who need assistance

It is said that America is the greatest country on God’s green earth! I don’t understand how a country can be a great country when… Continue reading

Trump stood up to China on trade

Maybe Trump was as dangerous as Nancy Pelosi and friends said he was, but they never said why. So, as usual, we can only speculate.… Continue reading

Legislation is a chance to help children, families

Thanks to Rep. April Berg for introducing and helping pass a bill to address the 1 in 4 children experiencing food insecurity in our state… Continue reading

Sheriff should keep quiet on Constitution, masks

I wish Sheriff Adam Fortney would have kept his opinions on the Constitution quiet, over the issue of masks. I don’t think any police or… Continue reading

Local candidates need to be asked about growth issues

The most important local elections in 10 years are coming up in November, and candidate filings start in May. In their four-year terms, local elected… Continue reading

Snohomish city voters should reject transportation tax

The City of Snohomish is proposing a 10-year extension of its Transportation Benefit District sales tax with the Proposition 1 ballot measure in the August… Continue reading

Democrats and liberals want a socialist republic

Debra Saunders’ March 3 column about the double standard used by the left-wing Democrats and the mainstream media was spot on (“Were 2 Democrats ‘asking… Continue reading

Replace county official who wants to boot Farmer Frog

The land being used by Farmer Frog is owned by Snohomish County, and they want to kick Farmer Frog off the land, because truck traffic… Continue reading