McCusker fails to point out history of concerns on capitalism

James McCusker’s Aug. 16 column (“Capitalism isn’t ideal; socialism just makes it seem that way”) is full of misleading statements and logical fallacies. First, he… Continue reading

Voters need to donate more than the NRA does

News stories about the mass shootings in this country usually refer to the weapon used as a semi-automatic rifle, but many guns used in hunting… Continue reading

Sharing tears for Baker Heights neighborhood’s end

I am writing in response to the article in Sunday’s Herald (“Baker Heights: Tight-knit Everett community must scatter,” The Herald, Aug. 25). I also feel… Continue reading

Fully fund parks, public lands to save environment

While reading HeraldNet, I came upon the editorial “A slow farewell as a North Cascades glacier melts,” The Herald, Aug. 20. As I read it… Continue reading

It’s best to keep our words simple

In the Aug 23 Herald’s “Thought for today,” the late Alfred E. Khan’s quote, “All life is a concatenation of ephemeralities,” reminds me of typical… Continue reading

Wait for updated course at Legion Memorial was worth it

Legion Memorial golf Wait for new course was worth it Kudos to the City of Everett, Premier Golf and the various contractors involved in the… Continue reading

Immigrants should have picked white parents

Jeremy Dunn’s Aug. 25 letter to the editor on ending immigration prompts a reality check. A comedian once said that if we’d quit having children… Continue reading

Judge’s decision to stop slaughter too late for wolf pack

Our state Department of Fish and Wildlife just finished slaughtering another wolf pack including its four puppies on our public lands. After first killing the… Continue reading

Trumps’ questioning of Jews loyalty is dangerous

President Trump’s recent statement that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal is very frightening. For Jews the statement immediately brings back nightmares of the… Continue reading

Why was hateful letter on immigration published?

Why did The Herald print the letter to the editor from Jeremy Dunn of Everett? (“Americans want an end to immigration,” The Herald Aug. 25)… Continue reading

Fossil fuel projects would cost jobs, environment

Regarding the guest commentary submitted by the Laborers International Union, (“Opposition to fossil fuel projects comes at a price,” The Herald, Aug. 18): A subheadline… Continue reading

Many groups offer aid, support as alternative to abortion

Frequently, those of us who oppose abortion and value human life from the moment of conception until natural death are accused by abortion proponents, including… Continue reading

Mike Pence didn’t reimburse Indiana for security detail

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich has suggested that Gov. Jay Inslee reimburse the state for the cost of his security detail of state… Continue reading

Ten reasons why I voted for Trump

Ten reasons why I voted for Trump—and am glad I did: 1. It was a vote against Hillary; 2. Conservative judges could be put on… Continue reading

Columnists harp on Trump too often

Come on, Herald. Really? Why not just title each of the columns of Eugene Robinson and Sid Schwab, “The Anti-Trump Column”? A look at the… Continue reading

Letter condeming immigration was naked bigotry

In response to the Aug. 25 letter to the editor by Jeremy Dunn, regarding immigration, I offer the following rebuttal. The full name of Bertholdi’s… Continue reading

We need good people to run for state, national office

We live in a constitutional republic, so I am aware that people like Eugene Robinson, Sid Schwab, et al. have a right to their opinions… Continue reading

Consider the risk vs. inconvenience regarding assault weapons

I am a teacher in the Marysville School District. When one of my students had a life-threatening peanut allergy, we made our entire building a… Continue reading

Fire District 7 understands voters’ message on failed levy

We would like to thank voters for participating in the recent fire levy lid lift election for Snohomish County Fire District 7. The results were… Continue reading

If you can’t say something nice about Trump …

I can agree with Rev. Sorenson’s letter to the editor that we need more love all around because Jesus loves all of us (“Pray the… Continue reading