Foreign aid a poor use of taxpayer money

Do the American people really know (or care) on how much of their tax dollars are given to other countries? Many countries are given staggering… Continue reading

Pass levies for improvements in Marysville schools

Everyone in Marysville got a ballot in the mail this week to vote on two educational levies for the Marysville School District. Approval of these… Continue reading

State should make voter registration automatic

The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. Protecting and expanding that freedom for eligible people should be a top priority for our… Continue reading

Headline in Herald print edition expressed opinion, not news

Trump hammers immigrants? I was appalled at the headline on the front page of the Wednesday’s Herald, “Trump hammers immigrants.” This is not what I… Continue reading

State should provide school funding, not levies

Once again Marysville School District is asking for approval of levies. The first is actually illegal. The state constitution requires the state to fully fund… Continue reading

Which State of the Union speech did The Herald hear?

Wall Street Journal: “Trump hails new American moment: President promotes infrastructure plan, says he sees room for work on immigration;” “Different role for president: optimist”… Continue reading

Why you ought to vote yes for Everett schools bond and levy

I would like to share a conversation my wife and I had over morning coffee: Hap: Have you filled out your ballot for the Everett… Continue reading

Supporting Mayor Franklin’s work on homelessness

I am a very compassionate person and refuse to demonize the poor or the homeless. I know many put themselves in that unfortunate situation with… Continue reading

Monroe school levy bridges the funding gap

Citizens of Monroe, please vote yes for the upcoming replacement levy on the Feb. 13 ballot. Our students are our future and supporting them is… Continue reading

Rather than build new schools, teach students in shifts

Having read the articles in the papers and seen the photos of all the portable classrooms at Jackson High, I can’t help but ask if… Continue reading

State can’t tax tribal casinos because they are sovereign

Regarding Wednesday’s letter to the editor about why the state doesn’t tax Angel of the Winds Casino: To answer the question, there is a nice… Continue reading

Change to Medicare Part B threatens useful drug therapy

The federal government recently made the dangerous and unprecedented move to link doctors’ reimbursements for Part B drugs to their performance under Medicare’s new quality… Continue reading

Norwegians could come to U.S. for lower taxes

I have a reason that Norwegians might consider immigrating to the United States: taxes. Yes, they seem to have it made in Norway with universal… Continue reading

Sultan School District taxpayers will see lower tax in future

Dear Sultan School District voters, just a quick note to help explain what’s going on with the levy. Several years ago some rural school districts… Continue reading

Where’s the state’s cut on Angel of the Winds Casino?

Hooray for the Angel of the Winds Casino expansion (The Herald, Jan. 24). But will the state get a cut, like other states? Nope. Dayle… Continue reading

Bond will build the library that Lake Stevens needs

Taxes are often used for things we wish didn’t exist. Apprehending, prosecuting and housing criminals, for example. We’re glad it’s done, but if there were… Continue reading

Marysville schools need taxpayers’ support

It’s hard to realize that in 1977 the Legislature was directed by the courts to identify and fully fund basic education. I was just in… Continue reading

Senate bill would allow reverse discrimination

Democrats, having achieved a bare majority in the Legislature, are busily trying to undo the will of the people, as expressed in 1998 by Initiative… Continue reading

Everett neighborhood groups connect residents to city

As a firm believer in the Everett Office of Neighborhoods I feel the council of 19 neighborhoods does and excellent job of representing all the… Continue reading

Negative letters about president make me laugh

Again, there is a letter to the editor regarding President Trump. The letter appears to be a duplicate of so many in the past that… Continue reading