We all need to make sacrifices to confront outbreak

The coronavirus is not just a medical problem. It’s a serious ethical dilemma. We live in a civilized society where we are governed by rules… Continue reading

Proposal for ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons is a farce

The advancement and deployment of a new nuclear weapon to our submarine fleet is beyond ignorance. And the fact that we are deploying “low yield”… Continue reading

Recent wars involving U.S. far too costly in money, lives

Here is a short summary of many, but not all, of the costs of some of the recent wars: According to “The American Conservative” the… Continue reading

The more ammo the better for self-defense

I find it interesting that The Herald presented nearly identical articles against high-capacity magazines on Feb. 28 and March 1. The Feb. 28 editorial states… Continue reading

Trump’s claim of Democratic hoax regarding virus is unhelpful

Oh, he of 1,001 lies, who kept up the steady drumbeat of the birtherism hoax throughout the span of the Obama administration, suddenly wants to… Continue reading

Firearm magazines aren’t the problem in mass shootings

Well, here we go again, using tragedies to promote more useless and ineffective gun control laws (“Commentary: A second chance to do right by shooting… Continue reading

House and Senate did adopt strong DUI law

The Everett Herald’s opinion page recently published a letter to the editor claiming that 38th District Legislative representatives had done nothing regarding DUI issues this… Continue reading

Process requires party declaration in presidential primary

In recent days, some readers have expressed their displeasure with the need to state party preference on their presidential primary ballot. Although these readers are… Continue reading

We need ranked-choice voting

Voters should be voting for the candidate they would like to see in office. But that’s not what happened. Instead, we were forced to play… Continue reading

Why has U.S. lagged behind others in testing for Covid-19?

Australia provides Covid-19 tests that are readily available, quick and free to anyone. Tom Hanks has the virus and was fortunate to be in Australia… Continue reading

Airline flights contribute to climate change

Responding to Paul Millers’s recent letter on the need for all of us to take action on climate change. Anyone, me included, who flies around… Continue reading

Don’t throw money at coronavirus response

I wonder how much of an emergency and news time would be spent if this were not an election year? This is not to infer… Continue reading

Herald’s endless jihad against President Trump

The Herald continues its endless jihad against President Trump. You demonize him in your editorials and you publish only columns written by your Trumphating columnists.… Continue reading

It’s not ideal, but Everett needs more parking garages

I am a downtown business owner, a therapist who sees many clients experiencing anxiety. Several clients experience anxiety about coming downtown for an appointment with… Continue reading

Clean fuel standard would create jobs, reduce illness

Our children deserve clean air. The Clean Fuels Bill (HB 1110), a game plan for cleaning transportation related air pollution in Washington state, is currently… Continue reading

Independent voters can just wait until November

Two letters appeared recently in The Herald complaining that the writers had to pick a party before they could vote in the presidential primary. One… Continue reading

There’s good reason to require party declaration on ballot

In response to the March 4 letter to the editor from Val Burg, regarding party selection on the primary election ballots: You stated that you… Continue reading

Climate legislation in Legislature goes against voters’ wishes

I am sure that the majority of voters in this state are getting sick and tired of Olympia’s repeated attempts to combat the will of… Continue reading

It’s time for cleaner transportation fuels

Of all threats plaguing our society, climate change will be the most detrimental. The single largest source of emissions comes from our transportation system. Every… Continue reading

Former sheriff’s new job meant to undercut new sheriff

It seems like the odor of the Aaron Reardon scandal is finally wearing off after eight years and now we have Snohomish County Executive Dave… Continue reading