Balloon releases are harming wildlife

When will the media stop perpetuating the myth that releasing balloons into the sky after tragedies is inspirational? This glorified littering of supposedly biodegradable balloons… Continue reading

Was I-5’s long closure necessary?

It seems there needs to be a rational discussion and possibly a policy ammendment regarding the closing of the I-5 freeway during law enforcement investigations.… Continue reading

Alternative is needed to 8-hour shutdown of I-5

I was in the catastrophic I-5 backup on May 16 trying to reach Marysville from Mukilteo. With construction and lane blockages on both I-5 and… Continue reading

Herald, please bring back Today in History, professional sports scores

First off, thank you for continuing to publish The Herald. I have been a subscriber for many, many years and have always looked forward to… Continue reading

Reasons why I’m voting for Trump

Someone may ask me why in the world would I vote for Trump? After four years of President Biden, let me list the reasons. Inflation:… Continue reading

Demand Senate honor mothers by passing child tax credit bill

Moms are great. They love us, care for us, laugh with us, cry with us. Mother’s Day is our way to say thanks for all… Continue reading

Support local journalism by supporting Herald reporters guild

The Sno-Isle Sierra Club supports independent journalism. We are impressed by The Herald’s generally excellent coverage of local issues of importance to Snohomish and Island… Continue reading

Voters must know that Port of Everett’s district expansion is a tax

Thank you to The Herald Editorial Board for letting Snohomish County voters (except those in the two current port districts) know they will have a… Continue reading

Drivers could have helped limit mess from I-5 shutdown

While I was not involved in the I-5 northbound traffic backup on May 16, I noticed a number of infractions to existing laws. Specifically, blocking… Continue reading

Everett School District should allow graduates to wear regalia

My name is Lanie Thompson, and I am a current senior at Everett High School. I’ve served on student government for the better part of… Continue reading

Making college affordable key to our future

The cost of attending college is prohibitively expensive. This barrier to entry to education perpetuates inequality, hinders economic mobility and stifles societal progress. By implementing… Continue reading

Choice in November is between democracy, autocracy

The country belongs to the people and in November they can choose what they want it to be. Do they want it to continue as… Continue reading

Neither party showing leadership on fossil fuels

where 20 elite oil executives including Gov. Doug Burgum from North Dakota; by Harold Hamm who has… Continue reading

Opposing Israel’s Netanyahu isn’t antisemitic

I support the demonstrations against Israel’s Benjamin Netayahu. Counter to what the media and President Biden will have you believe, that does not mean that… Continue reading

Trump is being pursued in court because he can win

It is so obvious that President Biden, the Democrats and much of the media fully believe that Donald Trump is the one man who could… Continue reading

Do newscasters need some help with pronunciation?

Having been a teacher in public schools, I am appalled at the usage and abuses of our language. I speak three languages and daily hear… Continue reading

More races to vote in besides U.S. president; please vote

I am hoping most people will vote in the next election. I know that neither candidate for president is real popular but there are lots… Continue reading

Goal isn’t to ban plastic but to use much less of it

A recent letter lauded the use of plastic in health care. Plastics are also used in many other important ways, I would certainly agree. Whether… Continue reading

Make your points without insults

Make your points without insults

Please continue reporting on hospital discharge backlog

I commend reporter Sydney Jackson’s story in the Weekend Herald on slow hospital discharges (“In Everett hospital limbo: ‘You’re left in the dark, unless you… Continue reading