Distance learning isn’t working and it isn’t healthy

Surely, I am not the only parent or grandparent who is frustrated and saddened to see our children’s lives disrupted by this “distance learning.” It… Continue reading

Three years not enough time in prison for child porn plea

Regtarding the forrmer Gold Bar town council member sentenced to three years in a federal prison and 10 years on probation for viewing and sharing… Continue reading

Image what the air would be like without emission standards

The recent temporary smoke in our area makes me think this is what every day would look like if all the cars on the road… Continue reading

Price Johnson has earned her votes for 10th LD, Senate

A few years ago, when Donald Trump was elected I wasn’t happy. Not going to lie, I’m still not happy. But one thing that kept… Continue reading

We’re having to throw out to many unrecycleable plastics

We, as the public, are constantly being told by the news organizations about all the plastics in the ocean, killing the sea life and the… Continue reading

Trump’s ‘work’ nice if you can get it

The writer of a recent letter to the editor stated that Trump “gave up billions of dollars and works night and day.” First of all,… Continue reading

Make better choices in elections to protect tax dollars

Several things to reflect upon in your participation in elections: First, Washington state has had vote by mail for several years. There has been more… Continue reading

Trump using chaos to get votes

It seems pretty interesting to me that just about every Trump supporter has to always remind us he is our president. I have never heard… Continue reading

Climate change has aided wildfires and pandemic

Thank you for The Herald’s Sept. 17 article, “Two simultaneous health crises: Wildfire smoke, coronavirus,” by reporter Joseph Thompson. Both of these conditions pose serious… Continue reading

Referendum 90 allows parental control of sex health education

Please support Referendum 90 on the November ballot. Referendum 90 will uphold the new Washington state law (passed in March 2020) requiring all public schools… Continue reading

We can take steps to address climate, air quality

Regarding The Herald article (“Two simultaneous health crises: Wildfire smoke, coronavirus,” The Herald, Sept. 17) this is not coincidence. Both crises are worsened by misinformation… Continue reading

Weigh the parties on three issues: abortion, police, education

The media is biased in both directions. Make a list of three policies that interest you. Put them in order of importance according to our… Continue reading

Trump’s excuse that he was avoiding ‘panic’ is insulting

During my 51 years as a registered voter, I have voted for about an even number of candidates from each party all the way from… Continue reading

Wildfires, smoke call for a price on carbon

Recent coverage in The Herald about wildfires in the West, emphasized smoke interruptions in Western Washington. We’re on a path toward much worse than that.… Continue reading

Wyman does a great job as secretary of state

I saw The Herald’s endorsement for Kim Wyman for Washington secretary of state, and she has our vote (“Keep Wyman as defender of state’s election… Continue reading

What does anti-face mask pastor say about commandments?

Pastor Greg Locke showed up in Snohomish and said, “Face coverings are a device of control.” (“Pastor who visited Snohomish: ‘We’ve been duped’ about virus,”… Continue reading

Navy should halt Growler training during heavy smoke

The smoke that blanketed Western Washington from devastating fires here, in California and Oregon forced residents to remain indoors with widows closed. For those of… Continue reading

Tide may finally be turning against racism

I have some thoughts to add to the discussion on Black Lives Matter and “all lives matter.” It is obvious that all lives matter, but… Continue reading

Budget cuts to Everett police deserve consideration

The City of Everett is facing an $18 million deficit. We need to talk about the Everett Police. In the face of an unprecedented deficit,… Continue reading