Marc Thiessen has misjudged American people

Regarding the columns of Marc Thiessen supporting President Trump, exactly how stupid does he think the people in this country really are? Does he really… Continue reading

Time to leave oil behind for our transportation needs

Solutions do indeed exist to traffic, so many you can fill a patent office (“Solo driver? You are far from alone,” The Herald, Dec. 24).… Continue reading

Trump’s pull-out of troops from Syria is meant to distract us

commander in chief — does not confer any military experience. While he clearly believes his judgment… Continue reading

Comments should be allowed on all HeraldNet articles

The Herald should consider a better way to operate the comment area for its articles on HeraldNet.com. I think commentary should be open on all… Continue reading

Everett officials need to act on discarded needles

I am writing this letter of concern for the crisis we are facing in Everett. My question is, what is it going to take for… Continue reading

Golden Rule is good advice for abusive people

When people claim to be a particular race they should be proud of that if they are Americans making the country better. A person should… Continue reading

Please have respect for handicapped motorists

The Saturday before Christmas, my wife and I drove to a big box store for last-minute shopping. Not surprisingly, there was no wide parking space… Continue reading

Edmonds Rotary thankful for help with CASA giving tree

Every year the Rotary Club of Edmonds provides gift-giving trees to support the Snohomish County CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children) and the Volunteer Guardian… Continue reading

New gun laws denying women firearms for self-defense

I feel exhausted from being ignored and marginalized by proponents of gun control. I choose to carry a gun because I have been through enough… Continue reading

Why release more of the fish you’re trying to eradicate?

I’m not sure if I have this straight: The northern pikeminnow is an invasive species that eats the struggling populations of salmon and steelhead in… Continue reading

Port of Everett’s closure of Pigeon Creek trail not necessary

After reading the article on the Pigeon Creek Trail (“Port of Everett temporarily closes Pigeon Creek trail,” The Herald, Dec. 12), I have several questions… Continue reading

PUD should look at other solutions before rate hike

The Snohomish County Public Utility District board is giving its customer-owners a belated 2018 Christmas present. The board is planning to increase rates early next… Continue reading

What are all the president’s military men thinking?

I have read several commentaries speculating about President Trump’s attraction to having military men on his staff, now that two have announced their impending departures… Continue reading

What’s really to blame for plastic pollution in oceans?

Plastic bags don’t pollute oceans, people pollute oceans. Chris Mann Marysville… Continue reading

Don’t accept rationalizations for Trump’s abuses of power

Nonpartisan PolitiFact just awarded our president the Liar of the Year award. The Washington Post, with a storied history in the 70s of nearly rescuing… Continue reading

Public really has no say about Navy’s Growlers on Whidbey

Articles in The Herald have told us about the Navy jet noise hardships on the Whidbey Island population. The jet noise being too loud and… Continue reading

Reporter explained issue well of culvert work and salmon

Kudos to The Herald’s Melissa Slager for her Dec. 11 article on “Safe passages for salmon.” Her article was well-written, to the point that I… Continue reading

Trump can find money for his border wall elsewhere

In regard to the refusal by Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to fund the border wall, I recommend that President Trump take the… Continue reading

Community generosity made Everett holiday home tour a success

Thanks to you, over $35,000 was raised by the Assistance League of Everett’s 2018 Holiday Home Tour held on Dec. 3. Funds raised will go… Continue reading

Thankful for Herald carrier’s service and attitude

Little is said about your newspaper delivery people, so I’d like you to know about one. Her name is Emma. I’ve taken The Herald for… Continue reading