Everett senior center gift shop means a lot to seniors

Everett’s Carl Gibson Senior Center is debating the closing of its gift shop and opening it up as a thrift store. The gift shop is… Continue reading

Republicans have been selective in protecting freedoms

In her June 27 letter to the editor, Margaret Fast takes issue with the paper publishing Sis Schwab’s articles. She complains that he and “many… Continue reading

Sign the petition for I-1631 and save the planet

I urge readers of The Herald to sign the petitions to get initiative 1631 on the ballots this fall. The Earth is getting hotter and… Continue reading

The right is under attack for its beliefs

At 91 years of age, I also, still write letters to editor. The left, it seems, is apparently at war with the Constitution. The right… Continue reading

We’re not getting facts from media on trade, immigration

Most people get their news and information from the mainstream media and have implicit trust in it. Since the current president was elected, however, reported… Continue reading

Comments on HeraldNet stories dominated by fringe

I’ve been wondering whether newspapers, magazines and other media do any data analytics of the online comments they receive. If so, I think subscribers would… Continue reading

Everett should pursue 5-2 model for council districts

I had the pleasure of attending the June 20 Everett City Council meeting. There was a long and in-depth conversation on districting in the city… Continue reading

Speaking of Grandma and that cliff …

A recent letter writer, angry at Sid Schwab’s caracterizations of conservatives, wrote that she was surprised that Schwab didn’t also accuse conservatives of wanting to… Continue reading

My back thanks U.S. 2 trestle pavers for a smooth ride

Thanks to the pavers doing excellent work on the U.S. 2 at the east end of the trestle. Their paving and the transition from new… Continue reading

Staff of Mill Creek’s Sno-Isle library is welcoming, diverse

Last week, I decided to stop at the Mill Creek‘s Sno-Isle library. First, I was acknowledged and addressed by an employee with this phrase “welcome… Continue reading

Thanks to the organizers of Memorial Day event’s 100th anniversary

Although we have lived in the Everett area for 25 years, my wife and I attended the Memorial Day service at Evergreen Memorial Cemetery for… Continue reading

Don’t waste time with courts for migrants at border

Children are separated from their parents routinely in our court system and yet there is no propagandistic hysteria generated about it from the press and… Continue reading

Both sides don’t have a point on Trump’s border policy

Columnist Debra J. Saunders comments in the June 25 Herald on how both sides are just using children in their immigration arguments was appalling in… Continue reading

Mistreatment of immigrants reflects poorly on our humanity

Immigration is a worldwide problem. We can view these people as something undesirable. They cannot be ignored. We can step on them or help them… Continue reading

Sid Schwab is wrong about conservative beliefs

Why in the world do you put Sid Schwab’s articles front and center on your Forum page? He, like many liberals, shows his contempt for… Continue reading

Congress must act on Trump’s border policies

Still 87 and still writing letters, and I will continue to do so as long as I am able and as long as our politicians… Continue reading

Constitution protects right to firearms, not scuba gear

I would like to assist a recent letter writer with his self-admitted naivete regarding gun ownership and why scuba gear cannot be rented without showing… Continue reading

Will Trump feel same about laws after Mueller report?

Trump and his administration officials insist that our laws must be enforced and those who’ve broken them be punished. It will be interesting to see… Continue reading

Can’t Bothell’s Country Village be saved?

Please, can’t we save Country Village? I had not heard about the development that is planned for Country Village off the Bothell-Everett Highway. I drove… Continue reading

Herald failed to cover centennial of Everett memorial service

In 1918, World War I veterans organized the Snohomish County Central Memorial Committee. It contacted the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery and it donated a space for… Continue reading