Local officials should reconsider support for Boeing

In May, County Executive Dave Somers and Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin wrote and submitted a commentary to The Herald. Both touted and supported Boeing-just as… Continue reading

Edmonds police chief knew job was about people

Regarding the news that Edmonds Police Chief Al Compaan will retire at the end of the year, I met Chief Compaan nearly 40 years ago… Continue reading

Thanks to Stillaguamish Tribe for Festival of the River

A huge thank you to the Stillaguamish Tribe for an outstanding Festival of the River in August. What an amazing gift to our community; providing… Continue reading

Thanks to those who made Edmonds Rotary gift-giving possible

Once again, the Rotary Club of Edmonds managed the gift-giving trees to support the Snohomish County CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for Children) and the Volunteer… Continue reading

More care should be used in high-speed police chases

On Dec. 11, just shortly after children had been dropped off on Ash Way there was a high-speed police chase. I watched the suspect car… Continue reading

Name new Everett park for Emma Yule

The park located on Colby Avenue near the new YMCA remains nameless, and Everett finally has the opportunity to honor one of its founding mothers.… Continue reading

Navy already monitoring noise of its jets at NAS Whidbey

The Herald’s recent editorial, “Use noise study to get Navy, neighbors to table” expresses significant errors. Whidbey’s “Sound of Freedom” sign was replaced years ago.… Continue reading

Voters passed I-976 because they want ‘less’

Regarding, Initiative 976: I’ve lived in Washington all my life, and in Monroe for 47 years. I am driving on the same roads and bridges… Continue reading

States aren’t stuck with ‘winner take all’ for Electoral College

Langdon Moore in his Dec. 15 letter to the editor erroneously states that our current method of selecting electors to the Electoral College is in… Continue reading

Trump, GOP’s ‘cut taxes and spend’ plan not sustainable

Our economy is doing great right now, or so they tell us. Unemployment is at a record low. Many thousands of jobs are being created… Continue reading

Why isn’t our tax money solving problems?

When we accepted the lottery idea in Washington state, we were assured these funds would solve all of our school funding problems. Hmm. We accepted… Continue reading

Everett Chorale’s holiday concert soothed a Grinch’s heart

On Dec. 8, I had the pleasure of attending the Everett Chorale Holiday Concert at the Everett Performing Arts Center. Since I am generally somewhat… Continue reading

Help those groups that are helping the homeless

During the holiday season I always feel especially thankful for the blessings I have received as an American. I am especially thankful that I have… Continue reading

Mukilteo communities must fight more flights at Paine Field

Snohomish County rezoned our community in 1978 and assured us that there would never be commercial flights from Paine Field; they lied. Smaller lot sizes… Continue reading

How to reason with Republicans on impeachment

Reading Alexandra Petri’s Dec. 10 commentary regarding impeachment and the Republicans got me reflecting on a survey I received in the mail; from the Republicans,… Continue reading

Politics in Gotham City?

I finally figured out who Batman is. C’mon: New York billionaire, cleaning up crime and corruption, and no matter how hard they try, the bad… Continue reading

Work must start now on capturing carbon

Thank you Mr. Alexander for your letter to the editor about my “bamboo” carbon sequestration idea (“Sugarcane, canary grass can be used to capture carbon,”… Continue reading

A few ‘thanks’ left out of prayer for Trump

In response to a recent letter to the editor in The Herald that thanked God for sending us President Trump for his “integrity,” etc., the… Continue reading

This is not how ‘jurors’ should act prior to impeachment trial

With the impending Impeachment trial, seems to me (via the fake news) that several persons on the jury have already made up their minds as… Continue reading

Preserve ‘roadless rule’ for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

So glad to see the recent opinion piece in The Herald on Dec. 8 (“Northwest must speak for trees, salmon in Alaska”). I join with… Continue reading