What would Churchill say about U.S., Iran conflict

When is this idiocy ever going to end. The U.S. has been meddling in the internal affairs of Iran since the 1950s, but judging from… Continue reading

Where’s The Herald’s coverage of Seawolves rugby?

I read the sports section four times today thinking I must have missed the article, but it turns out The Herald decided to not even… Continue reading

Letter made incredible claims regarding Democrats, immgration

In regard to the Democrats-and-voting ramble in a recent letter to the editor (“Democrats want to pack polls with immigrants,” The Herald, June 23), a… Continue reading

Partisanship, gridlock is now the norm in politics

In 2013, there was an amazing book released: “Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked,” by MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews. It is a sobering… Continue reading

State Rep. Dave Paul had productive first year in 10th LD

State Rep. Dave Paul is the kind of representative every voter looks for. He knows and cares about the people in his northern Washington district.… Continue reading

County council member could have weighed in on use of land

Regarding your recent editorial on strengthening housing efforts in Everett (Use 6-month review to strengthen housing efforts,” The Herald, June 16): In addition to the… Continue reading

Ignore the political polling that’s coming

Even now, 18 months from the next presidential election, the polls are starting to be a daily event in the news. In about six months… Continue reading

Letter’s linking Democratic party to slavery inaccurate

The Herald has reached a new low in publishing a recent letter to the editor, “Democrats want to pack polls with immigrants” (The Herald, June… Continue reading

Dealing with plastics, recycling shouldn’t be this difficult

Interesting to read other letter-writers’ experiences with recycling plastics. One takeaway from such letters and articles is “rules” may vary from one town and/or waste-management… Continue reading

Market value behind objections to Edmonds waterfront project

Front page headline “outrage,” screams The Herald (“Waterfront disconnect; Edmonds roadway stirs online outrage,” June 18). This article seems to relish the present angst versus… Continue reading

Paine Field better than Sea-Tac, but needs more restrooms

I finally used the passenger terminal at Paine Field for a return flight. It was much more convenient than flying into Sea-Tac. However, I was… Continue reading

Some political verse, for better or worse

Reality check​. The national scene’s unbelievable; Mendacity reigns! Inconceivable​ That we’ve come to this.​ Re-election? Boo, hiss!​ Or, is our democracy now irretrievable? Jean Lightburne… Continue reading

Port of Everett parking fee has hurt market attendance

I am adding my voice of displeasure regarding the Port of Everett board of commissioners’ decision to institute a parking fee for the Sunday Farmers… Continue reading

Putin wants to see American in decline

In his book “Bad Stories” Steve Almond writes about how American believed the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that… Continue reading

Trump’s Iran tweets shows U.S. as threat to peace

Donald Trump’s recent tweet gloating about the “official end” of Iran if they confront the U.S. empire should be treated as a watershed event for… Continue reading

Question the fear-mongering over immigration

President Trump talks a lot about fake news and witch hunts. This same person tries to scare us with speculative tales about all the bogymen… Continue reading

Rep. Larsen duped into noise study of Growler jets on Whidbey

I am a constituent disappointed with U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen’s priorities for the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. Seems as if Congressman Larsen and staff… Continue reading

Reader critical of commentaries on presidents, periods

This is in response two recent commentaries in The Herald: first to Alexandra Petri’s June 10 column, “Men just aren’t suited to serve as president”;… Continue reading

Vaccinations are a societal norm; they should be followed

When I attended school several decades ago, getting vaccinated before the start of classes in the fall was just considered a societal norm. If one… Continue reading