Grandmother thankful for loving grandkids

I am thankful for my grandson who works for the U.S. Postal Service. Many times during the day he hopes out of the truck, runs… Continue reading

Having gratitude for others enhances our lives

I am thankful for gratitude because it makes me focus on the positive and therefore enhances my life. I am thankful for people: People who… Continue reading

Providence guild’s volunteers make a difference

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and enter this joyful holiday season, I appreciate the opportunity to recognize the members of Providence General Children’s Association. Because we… Continue reading

Thankful for a Mom who made memories with kids

As my Mom grows older, our roles as mother and daughter are changing, like the ocean waves constantly reshaping the shoreline. I am thankful for… Continue reading

Thankful for care provided by Providence Breast Center

It is always important to take time to count one’s blessings. I think given the political tension that seems part of our national fabric this… Continue reading

Examples of ‘voter fraud’ didn’t involve voting

The Nov 11 letter to the editor captioned “Evidence of vopter fraud is out there,” is misleading. The examples in the letter itself deal with… Continue reading

GOP tax bill serves special interests over families

Last month Congress passed a budget that makes $4 trillion in cuts to programs, many of which boost our families. In fact, a quarter of… Continue reading

Herald’s story selection favors the left

Hello again. This time I want to remind you of your consistent leftist slant on news items. You simply don’t seem to get the point.… Continue reading

Why was judge given lighter sentence for DUI?

This is in response to the Nov. 2 Herald article, “Judge gets day in jail for DUI.” I see a double standard here. In 2008,… Continue reading

Questions for Mill Creek city council after Kelly’s ouster

Mill Creek’s voters’ outrage was in full force when we voted for one of our incumbents to continue to serve as a city councilman. Mill… Continue reading

Allow cannabis shops to hire guards

I saw the Nov. 16 Herald story about the pot shop being robbed. It will continue as long as the state Liquor and Cannabis Control… Continue reading

Trump’s base will get worst of GOP tax reform

Not yet one year into his dictatorship, our phony in chief enjoys historically low approval ratings, even with his loyal base of liberators from reality… Continue reading

Frontier should keep lifeline payphones in service

The public telephone at the Verlot service ranger station is a service the public demands. At the next public telephone server franchise renewal, demand Frontier… Continue reading

Snohomish PUD hydro project will harm salmon

A Nov. 9 article in The Herald focused on declining salmon and orca populations in Puget Sound and how the two are interdependent. The latest… Continue reading

Vote makes it clear: No pot shops in Snohomish

The advisory vote on Proposition 1 in Snohomish on retail marijuana sales was not even a close call. With that result, allow me to remind… Continue reading

Why gut Medicaid to pay for bombs?

Donald Trump, in a fit of pique over not being able to scuttle Obamacare, just arbitrarily cut $7 billion dollars in Medicaid funding by executive… Continue reading

Cocoon House has programs to aid families, teens

I read with deep sadness the Nov. 14 Herald article about the tragic death of David Sandoval and the impact his passing has left on… Continue reading

Hatchery steelhead are making returns worse for wild fish

Regarding Wayne Kruse’s column in the Nov. 15 Herald, the reason there are no steelhead to be had this winter in most Puget Sounds rivers… Continue reading

Living right is not a cure-all; we need the ACA

This is a response to a Nov. 16 letter to the editor (“Personal responsibility saves money”). I have been a vegetarian for almost 50 years,… Continue reading

Does low voter turnout point to apathy toward local politics?

The November voter turnout displayed either burnout or apathy. Either way this indifference will have consequences. I’ll focus on Monroe, which is where I live… Continue reading