Voters didn’t fix anything with I-1639

Well, you passed new restrictions on guns and those who own them. Aren’t you proud? Did your new laws help the twenty-nine year old woman… Continue reading

We’ve seen scare tactics regarding refugees before

After reading Michael Bond’s Nov. 12 letter (“Invaders plan to take country over”) I was ready to head to the parapets to defend my neighborhood… Continue reading

You voted them in, now talk to your elected representatives

The midterm election was a victory for democracy. Many people came out to vote and express their choices. Many more than typical (“Massive voter turnout… Continue reading

Everett Planned Parenthood has patients’ care in mind

I read Ed Mohs’ Nov. 12 letter to the editor regarding the movie “Gosnell” in which calls for more oversight for abortion clinics, citing the… Continue reading

Roads in north county haven’t kept up with growth

I am writing to voice my support for Don Williamson’s Nov. 5 letter to the editor regarding Arlington traffic. As a long-time area resident, I… Continue reading

Sound Transit’s board should be directly elected

The Sound Transit board should be elected positions. They are not. A recent Herald editorial in the first paragraph would have us believe that they… Continue reading

Commentary: WWII memorial great fit for Walla Walla

Three granite pillars honor the memories of those who fought by land, sea and air in World War II.

State Rep. Mark Harmsworth deserves thanks

With our politics more divisive than ever, it’s easy for candidates and their teams to get caught up in the red-versus-blue tribalism of campaigns. Too… Continue reading

Without switch to standard time, kids go to school in dark

Recently The Herald published an editorial advocating the permanent year-round setting of our clocks one hour ahead of standard time (“Enough with springing forward and… Continue reading

After I-1631’s failure, start work for all-renewable energy

Let’s be honest about why Initiative 1631 failed. Out-of-state fossil fuel companies, such as BP and Chevron, spent more than $30 million, the most money… Continue reading

Bring line-dancing back to Mill Creek Senior Center

So good to see fellow line-dancers highlighted in The Herald along with the dance article by Catherine Bongiorno. We need senior centers that accommodate us… Continue reading

Letter on Democrats and socialism misstated facts

I had a good chuckle over the Oct. 8 letter to the editor accusing “liberal democrats” of being “democratic socialists.” How many Democrats, liberal or… Continue reading

‘Migrant’ is correct term for those coming north

I have to correct Herald letter writer Linc Libby on the use of the word “migrant.” Webster’s Dictionary defines migrate as “to move from one… Continue reading

Passage of I-1639’s gun safety law will alienate moderates

This note is to all of the do-gooders that voted in Washington’s new and illegal gun law, Initiative 1639. You have now succeeded in peeing-off… Continue reading

Enough already with the Navy’s ‘giant voice’

I agree wholeheartedly with Steven Thorn’s Nov. 9 letter to the editor, regarding the noise from warning tests at Naval Station Everett. These constant “emergency”… Continue reading

Honduran invaders will take over if they cross border

As the caravans of invading migrants march unhindered to our southern border, few understand the significance of what is likely to soon take place there.… Continue reading

More scrutiny of abortion clinics needed

I saw the movie “Gosnell” about the convicted murderer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell. The Philadelphia abortionist was found guilty in May of 2013 of three counts… Continue reading

Republican voters bought their party’s lies

Now the election is done, it’s time to reflect on a few realities germane to Republican’s loyalty to their “good” side. Steve King’s re-election in… Continue reading

There’s a difference between a lie and a misstatement

A recent letter writer attempted to make the point that politicians on both sides of the aisle tell lies, using three examples of Democratic politicians… Continue reading

Aberdeen man a hero for stopping man’s suicide

Centuries ago a young man uttered the simple words, “Love one another.” Alex Lebbert of Aberdeen recently personified these words when he stepped forward to… Continue reading