County’s plan for bike trails at Lord Hill Park dangerous

I can count on one hand negative interactions I’ve had with other Lord Hill Regional Park users over the last decade, but the number of… Continue reading

Story on Rubatino family business left out several names

In the recent article about Rubatino Refuse Removal, there is a complete lack of information regarding Tom Rubatino and his descendants’ roles in the Rubatino… Continue reading

Burke column reminds we get the government we deserve

Reading Herald columnist Tom Burke’s excellent synopsis of the worst of the worst in the GOP made me wonder again why (“Should a GOP slate… Continue reading

Mill Creek, vote yes to join South County Fire & Rescue

On behalf of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 1828, I am writing to express our strong support for the City of Mill… Continue reading

Replacing jail with drug treatment won’t work

The state Supreme Court, having liberals on the bench, are a problem. They are lowering the standards of the American society. One example would be… Continue reading

Why did Brier, other small cities turn down federal aid?

If you’ve ever been to Brier or South Cle Elum, you’ll probably agree that there is room for municipal improvements in both places. Yet these… Continue reading

Everybody should be paying fair share on car tabs

I notice with ever-increasing frequency people driving with expired vehicle license tabs. Why don’t the authorities stop these folks and issue a citation for the… Continue reading

Roundup, pesticides killing salmon and people

Washington state’s tribes hold out hope of restoring salmon runs on the Columbia. However their hopes will be in vain as long as we continue… Continue reading

As we test pilots, national leaders should be tested

Ukrainian Nazis threatening Russia? That was the first of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s false-flag fictions. During WWII, those ideologies joined to spread death and destruction… Continue reading

Judy Matheson’s Everett store was a downtown treasure

I’m disappointed in The Herald for not acknowledging the closure of the J. Matheson gift shop, which was located on Colby Avenue in downtown Everett.… Continue reading

Limit for firearm magazines won’t stop mass shootings

The banning of high capacity magazines will do nothing to stop crime or killings (“‘A milestone’: Law signed banning sales of large-capacity ammo magazines,” The… Continue reading

Minimum wage punishes businesses. young workers

Is it ethical to punish vulnerability? Of course not! That would be criminal Sadistic! Surprise! It happens in United States and other places with courts… Continue reading

Russians’ emails suspect because of threats of retribution

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about Ukrainians who have been sending messages to relatives in Russia about Vladimir Putin’s war against them. The relatives… Continue reading

Education, its insights invaluable in our world’s situation

When I was serving on a U.S. Navy warship back in the early 1980s my executive officer told me his father was a Russian Othodox… Continue reading

Granite Falls civic campus honors city’s past

Last week our group of Everett historians decided to take a trip to Granite Falls to visit the museum and the new City Hall, and… Continue reading

Do district voters want Rep. Sutherland as state lawmaker?

If the sequence of state Rep. Robert Sutherland’s misbehavior does not convey to the voters of his district his neo-conservative attitude of self righteousness, then,… Continue reading

Many grateful for county council decision on growth areas

As part of Snohomish County’s 10-year Comprehensive Plan Update, about 22 cities and private citizens petitioned the County Council for Urban Growth Area expansions or… Continue reading

Print headline’s word choice on donation disappointing

Recently, The Herald’s print edition published article headlined, “Habitat for Humanity hits the jackpot; $436M from Bezos’ ex. (“MacKenzie Scott announces nearly $4 billion in… Continue reading

Change in trails at Lord Hill Park best for all users

A change by Snohomish County to not allow “bike only” trails in Lord Hill Park, many of which are high-speed downhill, and return the park… Continue reading

Organized deception led to Trump’s defeat

That a patently false narrative can capture the minds of a majority of a nation’s people shouldn’t surprise Americans. For nearly the entirety of the… Continue reading