There’s good reason to require party declaration on ballot

In response to the March 4 letter to the editor from Val Burg, regarding party selection on the primary election ballots: You stated that you… Continue reading

Climate legislation in Legislature goes against voters’ wishes

I am sure that the majority of voters in this state are getting sick and tired of Olympia’s repeated attempts to combat the will of… Continue reading

It’s time for cleaner transportation fuels

Of all threats plaguing our society, climate change will be the most detrimental. The single largest source of emissions comes from our transportation system. Every… Continue reading

Former sheriff’s new job meant to undercut new sheriff

It seems like the odor of the Aaron Reardon scandal is finally wearing off after eight years and now we have Snohomish County Executive Dave… Continue reading

Lawmakers aren’t living within the taxpayers’ means

In a Feb. 26 Herald article, “Lawmakers fill road budget gaps,” our lawmakers state they will be losing $453 million in revenue and have been… Continue reading

No action from 38th District lawmakers on drunken driving

I want to note the “Do nothing Democrats”: Rep. June Robinson, Rep. Mike Sells and Sen. John McCoy. For two years now, I have asked… Continue reading

Timing of traffic lights in Everett is adding to gridlock

As someone who flies frequently, I am increasingly aware that the timing of Everett’s traffic lights seems to be almost intentionally designed to create gridlock.… Continue reading

Edmonds school bond, levy too great a burden on property tax

Homeowners, especially senior and lower income families are being taxed out of house and home. When will they see any tax relief? Yes, the assessor… Continue reading

I thought The Herald had quit running Rosemond column

Sometimes I begin to read an article in The Herald before identifying the name of the author. One column surprised me recently by its sarcasm… Continue reading

Educate yourself before voting in elections

It is my belief that Americans are purposely kept too busy to pay attention to what’s really happening behind the scenes in this country. Work,… Continue reading

Everett mayor’s Q&A with seniors impresses many

Recently, the Carl Gipson Senior Center members we’re honored to have Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin for a Q&A session for the members of the senior… Continue reading

U.K.’s health care system reasonable, accessible

A recent letter to the editor in The Herald speaks negatively about public health care in Canada, France and the United Kingdom. I’ve never lived… Continue reading

Everett School District acted decisively to Covid-19 outbreak

When the Snohomish Health Department announced a new case of novel coronavirus in the Everett School District last week, Everett Public School Superintendent Dr. Ian… Continue reading

Thankful for helpful deputies, officers on Whidbey Island

Thank God for the Island County Sheriff deputies in Freeland where my wife and I live, and all the deputies and police on Whidbey Island.… Continue reading

Businesses have no right to exploit workers for their profit

In a recent letter to the editor about how restrictive the minimum wage laws are, Gunnar Unneland writes about “The right for business to profit.”… Continue reading

Trump has put nation at risk for covid-19 pandemic

We have been lucky up ​until now, but our time is up. Now we will learn what it means to have a dangerously incompetent person… Continue reading

We don’t need new gun laws; enforce laws on the books

I keep reading with much interest about the restrictions lawmakers who want to impose on gun owners who do not break the law. I am… Continue reading

League of Women Voters should run presidential debates

In response to Margaret Sullivan’s concern and critique of the Democratic presidential debates, the solution is simple. Return the process to the League of Women… Continue reading

Voters shouldn’t have to pick a party in presidential primary

My constitutional rights have been stripped away. To force me to pick a party and then have to vote in the primary for a candidate… Continue reading

Would protest on ballots be heard by officials?

I am frustrated by this year’s presidential primary ballot requirement to state a political party preference, a forced revelation that becomes public record accessible to… Continue reading