Trump speaks like a dictator; is that what we want?

Trump supporters had better start thinking seriously about life under dictatorship. The first loss is your right to criticize the government. In Russia, you fall… Continue reading

Don’t blame woodpeckers for damage to PUD power poles

The Snohomish County Public Utility Districts knows that there are lots of insects that love to eat trees. Many trees in natural habitat provide housing… Continue reading

Mainsream media is only serving elites

Without a doubt, the lowest life form in America today is the journalist within the mainstream media; lower than the shyster attorney and crooked use… Continue reading

Everett principal Betty Cobbs served kids, community for 51 years

Education and community. Those words are the best America has to offer; that every child has the right to quality schools in strong, diverse communities.… Continue reading

National leaders must address U.S. debt crisis

Kel Wilson’s Forum essay regarding the national debt is important (“National debt risks leaving financial mess to children,” The Herald, June 1). It’s one of… Continue reading

Work and wisdom of Trump’s trial jury should be respected

Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts of falsification of business records. It is important that we understand that these convictions were about more… Continue reading

Grads can find meaning in life by volunteering

In the season of graduations, students get plenty of advice about the “real world” looming in their future (“5 thoughts for grads as the enter… Continue reading

Keep stories of positive outcomes for resources, climate coming

Thanks for the informative and very readable article on the everyday work our state Department of Natural Resources does to manage our forests (“After Oso… Continue reading

Lack of respect for veterans is telling of Trump’s character

In a recent letter, a reader listed the reasons he planned to vote for Trump. It was mostly talking points lifted from Fox News. No… Continue reading

Property taxes are too high; find another way to fund schools

In response to the Forum essay by Ron Friesen (one of my favorite writers) regarding the passing of levies to fund our schools (“As goes… Continue reading

Too many driving with faulty lights

In May, I drove 300 miles. Excluding those cars whose headlights turn off when the turn signal is on, I saw 37 cars with one… Continue reading

Photo of Everett mayor candidate Greene unflattering, unfair

I am writing to express my deep concern about the recent coverage of our mayoral candidates in a recent article (“NAACP president announces run for… Continue reading

Thanks for respect shown for veterans at Evergreen Cemetery

I was at the Evergreen Cemetery on the Saturday before Memorial Day. I have never been there before when the flags were being placed at… Continue reading

Why is outrage limited to Israel?

Gaza is a terrible tragedy as all wars are, and Israel’s attacking the strip is leading to civilian casualties as all wars do. But the… Continue reading

Checking the facts on Trump supporter’s claims

One shouldn’t be surprised at the low-information voter. Case in point was a recent letter explaining the author’s reasons for voting for Donald Trump. Reality… Continue reading

Gas prices were lower four years ago due to pandemic

The Herald recently had an article related to local gas prices (“As gas prices near $5 in Everett, who has the best deal around,” The… Continue reading

State Legislature must pass rent stabilization law

With rising rental costs far outpacing incremental income increases over recent years, families across our state are facing increased risk of displacement, eviction and homelessness.… Continue reading

State should offer more financial aid to college students

I am writing in regard to the cost of attending college, and why I believe the state should provide more financial aid opportunities to students.… Continue reading

Provider options for Aetna changed after retirees made choice

My husband and I were in for a shock when we opened our letters from Aetna recently to find that our health care provider, Optum… Continue reading

Better regulation of pharmacy benefit managers needed

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) companies use practices that limit choices and increase out-of-pocket costs for consumers. I have been working with patients in our community… Continue reading