Continue work of Step Up for racial equity

The call to move racial equity forward was heard loud and clear in Snohomish County on April 20 where over 600 community members engaged in… Continue reading

Editorial cartoon makes clear point about U.S. Mideast policy

Thank you for publishing the editorial cartoon by Lisa Benson in the May 15 Herald. While I personally deplore her usually retrograde political stance, I… Continue reading

Will Trump’s supporters demand answers from him?

and still subscribe to — the foundation of duty, honor, country. Honor requires truth, duty requires honor. Together, the country,… Continue reading

Coach Dennis Kloke applied lessons well learned at WSU

Thanks for the super article on Coach Dennis Kloke’s half-century of excellence in the coaching profession (“Stanwood’s Dennis Kloke to retire after 51 years of… Continue reading

Thanks to 38th District legislators for productive session

I want to issue a belated “Thank you!” to our state legislators in the 38th District: John McCoy, June Robinson and Mike Sells. The latest… Continue reading

Thanks to Stanwood’s Dennis Kloke for coaching kids

Coach Dennis Kloke was featured in The Herald’s sports section on May 11 with great photos and a great article (“Stanwood’s Dennis Kloke to retire… Continue reading

If Seattle doesn’t want employers, we’ll take them

Maybe we in Snohomish County should support the leftist liberals in Seattle who seem to be trying to stop new businesses from moving in to… Continue reading

Where are no-tax success stories that writer talks about?

Referring to the Seattle head tax and other issues, letter writer Don Thompson in the May 15 Herald believes that throwing money at a problem… Continue reading

Forest Park pool’s swimsuit dryers worth the price

I rather got a kick out of reading Steven M. Lay’s May 7 letter to the editor on the $4,000 taxpayer price tag regarding the… Continue reading

Paying postage for ballots just placates ‘snowflakes’

The recent articles suggesting that people will only vote in our elections if we pay the postage on their ballots or place a ballot box… Continue reading

Rule against employing illegal immigrants better than a wall

When a Mexican drug lord can escape from prison through a mile-long tunnel, it’s pretty apparent to me that a border wall is a stupid… Continue reading

Trump isn’t keeping all of his pledges

In his critical, forward-looking May 11 column, “What a rational policy on Iran might look like,” David Ignatius says “one of the problems with Trump… Continue reading

Ignatius: Containing Iran may require work with Russia

To reverse Iran’s power grab, the U.S. will have to define a clear policy and find partners to help.

Parker column brings attention to horses’ mistreatment

A huge bouquet of red roses to Kathleen Parker for telling the rotten side of sporting animals (“What should be horses’ fate after the finish… Continue reading

Sound Transit hasn’t planned well for parking needs

Whether parking to service public transit is free or expensive doesn’t matter to the locals (“With commuter lots clogged, Sound Transit plans parking fees,” The… Continue reading

Seattle’s ‘head tax’ throwing more money at problem

The city of Seattle is gearing up for another income-grabbing tax. This time the city council is taking up the so-called Head Tax. This is… Continue reading

I-1621 would mean more protection for schools

Citizens Initiative 1621 is gathering signatures and it merits your consideration. I-1621 needs to gather 259,000 signatures by July and it has no billionaire backers… Continue reading

Sound Transit’s director needs to be removed

Get out your wallets. Peter Rogoff, the Sound Transit director has a plan to squeeze even more money out of taxpayers and commuters. First, transit… Continue reading

Vehicles from impromptu car repair a parking problem, too

The city of Everett should expand its study regarding vehicle parking (“After ruling, police are cautious about towing vehicle-homes,” The Herald, May 7). Living in… Continue reading

International exchange student appreciates host mom

My name is Johannes, I’m from Germany and an exchange student at Snohomish High School with AFS. This Mother’s Day I want to celebrate my… Continue reading