MLK Jr.’s words on leadership still apply

As we enter a new year and begin a new presidential administration, I am excited and hopeful about the possibility of reclaiming our country’s moral… Continue reading

Solstice marks our emergence from darkness

the darkest — day of the year, every year. Winter may only be beginning in late December but my… Continue reading

Expand Snohomish County PUD board to five members

In a recent front page article about the controversy at Snohomish County Public Utility District brings up an interesting question (“Logan is PUD board president… Continue reading

Inslee’s eviction moratorium unfair to landlords

I have built, owned and managed a duplex in Cle Elum for 33 years. This year I am going to have to sell it due… Continue reading

Time for Kartak campaign sign to come down

The City of Snohomish should take immediate action to remove the large “Yes Kartak” political sign that is quite offensively and prominently displayed on top… Continue reading

Comment: Refugees not only focus needed on immigration

The Biden administrations should first look to restoring accessibility of student visas and green cards.

Whale watch boats are harassing orcas

As a Canadian neighbor in the Salish Sea, we are impressed with Washington state’s actions to protect the Southern Resident Killer Whales. Here too, public… Continue reading

Thanks for info on native plants

Thank you, Richie Steffen, for including some of our local natives in your Friday “Great Plant Picks.” Every native we plant honors the vital role… Continue reading

Marysville Food Bank Toy Store thanks generous community

To our entire Marysville, Tulalip, Lakewood community: There are no words to adequately express our gratitude to you. In a year when you were challenged… Continue reading

Thanks to our members of Congress for covid relief bill

Thanks to columnist Froma Harrop for sharing the little stories that bring us hope. (“We rely not on miracles but on the humanity of many,”… Continue reading

Problem at Lord Hill Park is not bikes but their speed

I am a long-time hiker and equestrian user of Lord Hill Park. I believe mountain biking can be a fine use of the park if… Continue reading

Republican Party has sided with voters’ passions, not judgment

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius was spot on in his Sunday column, “GOP paralyzed by the rage of voters on the right.” My favorite quote… Continue reading

Snohomish law on Airsoft guns goes too far

The City of Snohomish has criminalized children playing with Airsoft toys (paintball and plastic pellet guns) as a misdemeanor. Ordinance 2407 was introduced and passed… Continue reading

$24M to remake Snohomish’s Second Street a boondoggle

The City of Snohomish is actively seeking state transportation funds to start an expensive $24 million phased-in makeover of its Second Street, a major east-west… Continue reading

Politicians must watch for spies

There’s been a lot of news on TV and media about the Chinese government sending spies to other countries including America. The spies start sexual… Continue reading

There’s no mystery in the states Biden won

It is concerning that many Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 continue to believe that the election was stolen from him, especially in several… Continue reading

Inslee’s capital gains tax is an income tax

My compliments to Herald editors who positioned stories regarding Gov. Jay Inslee’s capital gains tax scheme along with the failed search for the hundreds of… Continue reading

Mountain bikes shouldn’t be allowed on hiking trails

Regarding the trails for mountain bikes in Lord Hill Park, mountain biking and trail-building destroy wildlife habitat. Mountain biking is environmentally, socially, and medically destructive… Continue reading

Neither Bargreens nor Port got everything each wanted

For years, I negotiated contracts for a living. I was also avolunteer arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. Although I was not party to the… Continue reading

Port of Everett, not Bargreens, to blame for payout

I know nothing about Bargreen coffee. I drink Folgers, made in a Mr. Coffee. I read the article about the cranes, but have since recycled… Continue reading