Curtail use of fossil fuels with nuclear energy

Recently representatives of nearly 200 countries met in Madrid, Spain, to explore, and perhaps agree on means to control greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide emissions.… Continue reading

Everett plan to ban natural gas an unecessary step

The City of Everett is currently working on a Climate Action Plan. One of the goals of this plan is to: “Study the benefits and… Continue reading

Sound Defense Alliance a threat to Navy bases

I am grateful we live in America with a free press so we can read when foes to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island but also… Continue reading

If you don’t like Electoral College, change the Constitution

From time to time, left-leaning letters to the editor and columnists like Sid Schwab have said Trump stole the 2016 election by winning the Electoral… Continue reading

Is Trump trying to protect us from saving water?

So the president is going to protect us from low-flow toilets? I don’t need to watch “Saturday Night Live” to get a laugh, not when… Continue reading

Where are the moderate Democrats for 2020 race?

Nothing Trump does will make his base decide that they suddenly like immigrants or approve of a women’s right to abortion, for example, and begs… Continue reading

Book provides good background on impeachment

I highly recommend the book “Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide” by Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein. Sunstein provides a nonpartisan, clear and concise description of the… Continue reading

President should pay attention to students’ food bank project

It does take a special teacher to take the time to give her students the experience of helping others (“Special teacher’s class making changes, helping… Continue reading

Hasn’t the GOP tired of defending Trump?

I have to believe that the GOP and all of its ardent supporters will inwardly breathe a sigh of relief when this president departs the… Continue reading

Impeachment necessary even if Trump isn’t removed

There appear to be two schools of thought concerning how to get rid of a president: to impeach him, or to let him stand for… Continue reading

Pay your license tab fees but only $30

The leaders have decided again that “we the people” have no say in tax matters of our state. We voted, again, for $30 tabs through… Continue reading

Tulalip Casino wasn’t prepared for Thanksgiving crowd

I think the Tulalip Casino owes a huge apology to the people who had to stand in line for three hours to have a Thanksgiving… Continue reading

Where are the facts to support impeachment of president?

What ever happened to giving a person the benefit of the doubt? Reading letter after letter to the editor and numerous columnists’ editorials regarding the… Continue reading

Is U.S. action necessary to stop drug cartels in Mexico?

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s sophistry regarding the recent schocking attack upon defenseless Americans is heartbreaking. Is it not time for those of us… Continue reading

Snohomish needs salary commission to consider mayor’s pay

At the end of the Dec. 3 Snohomish City Council meeting, Mayor John Kartak invited input from the Snohomish community over the issue of the… Continue reading

Students, community depending on passage of Snohomish school bond

Snohomish schools bond Students, community depend on passage Passing Snohomish School District’s $470 million school bond is integral to the future success of our town.… Continue reading

Forget impeachment; focus on the election

Impeachment Time to focus on election It’s time to forget about the presidential impeachment process. Trump has continually lied before, during and presumably after he’s… Continue reading

Republicans have become Russian sympathizers

Republicans Party now Russian sympathizers It was with a mix of sorrow and disgust that I watched Republicans in the impeachment hearings parroting Russian propaganda… Continue reading

Enjoyed visit with Herald writer, photographer

I had the pleasure to meet Herald features editor Sara Bruestle and photographer Andy Bronson the day the were at the Spar Tree in Granite… Continue reading

Thanks for Herald delivery, informative columns

Thank you, Herald delivery person for bringing me my Herald, seven days a week and take the time to put it in a protective bag… Continue reading