Teachers union turned McCleary into feeding frenzy

Washington taxpayers grudgingly resigned themselves to paying higher property taxes in order to fully fund education under the McCleary lawsuit. But that was before the… Continue reading

Victims of gun violence aren’t necessarily experts

Two things bother me when we hear about more gun control: The first is the very worn out cliche, “common sense gun law.” To me… Continue reading

Herald includes too much coverage of alcohol

Well, you’ve done it again! Another totally dumb front page story about a “drunkards’ dive” (“Marysville bar is 100 years young and still going strong,”… Continue reading

Ask officials, candidates about support for solar energy

In 2018, the photovoltaic solar energy industry in Washington state is doing well. In contrast to rising utility prices from dirty energy sources, solar offers… Continue reading

Everett Transit needs to increase service with better routes

The purpose of mass transit is to get people out of cars and get them into buses. Everett Transit wants to get people out of… Continue reading

Sports fishers aren’t reducing salmon runs for orcas

An Aug. 30 letter to the editor recommending closing rivers to fishing is full of misinformation. Recent government surveys by WDFG and NOAA prove the… Continue reading

Better to bargain with teachers than fire them

About the Aug. 30 letter to the editor from Fred Howard concerning RCW 41.56.120, prohibiting public employees the right to strike: I was amused that… Continue reading

Show respect for those registering voters, campaigning

I avoided political canvassers, until, one day, I tried being one. I learned a lesson that will stay with me all the rest my life.… Continue reading

Congress needs term limits and other reforms

In his Aug. 26 letter to the editor, “Opinions should be more diverse,” Theodore Martine asks, “How did we end up with two answers?” The… Continue reading

Don’t put addiction treatment center in downtown Everett

The worst place for a proposed addiction treatment clinic would be in Everett’s struggling downtown, where businesses are doing their best to survive and provide… Continue reading

Print simpler recipes in Herald’s food section

Regarding the letter to the editor about recipes in The Herald’s food section, with ingredients that are strange to many of us (“Can’t use recipes… Continue reading

Honors, recognition for the late Jim Donner appreciated

This letter is one of the hardest to write because words alone just can’t seem to express how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness, kindness and… Continue reading

More logging in forests would curb wildfires

We all love our trees and it saddens us to see them go up in smoke. That same smoke causes so many additional problems and… Continue reading

Schwab’s insults pollute discussion on climate change

Well Sid Schwab has finally gone off the deep end (“Ignorance or greed must be blinding some on climate,” The Herald, Aug. 25). He has… Continue reading

Closing rivers to fishing may be only way to save orcas

I love our orca whales, and I, too, am unhappy with their decline. What to do? To start with, let us not be too hasty… Continue reading

Medicare for All pencils out if you consider current costs

Ken Oakes’ Aug. 21 letter to the editor about how to pay for Medicare for all implies that the cost will require new funding of… Continue reading

Why is no mention made of state law against teacher strikes?

”RCW (Revised Code of Washington) 41.56.120 Right to strike not granted. Nothing contained in this chapter shall permit or grant any public employee the right… Continue reading

I-1631’s carbon fee will protect environment, kids’ future

Are you worried that future generations won’t experience the majesty of our forests? Are you interested in adding local clean energy jobs? Are you concerned… Continue reading

I-1631’s higher taxes won’t clean the air

In November we will vote for or against Imitative 1631. The question I will ask myself and will repeat to anyone who will listen is,… Continue reading

Preservation should get blame in wildfires, smoke

Hearing the chorus of loony assertion that “climate change” is the cause of our annual wildfire epidemic would make me laugh if the situation were… Continue reading