Voice your anger and make a difference

I am a 71-year-old white woman and I am angry! Angry at those who turn righteous protest into looting and vandalism. Angry that 401 years… Continue reading

Everett senior center too important to leave closed

It should come as no surprise that I would write to you regarding the closure of the Carl Gipson Senior Center. I understand that a… Continue reading

Racial injustice shows why local elections matter

On May 25th, 2020 we lost yet another unarmed African American man in what is only the latest act of police brutality and excessive use… Continue reading

George Floyd’s death should have opened eyes of everyone

The reaction this past week to the death of George Floyd, handcuffed on his belly with a knee on his neck, pleading “I can’t breath,”… Continue reading

Both gatherings in Snohomish were legitimate

I am troubled by the portrayal of the two recent gatherings in the town of Snohomish. It is as if we are living in two… Continue reading

Comment: We shouldn’t look away from racism in our community

We must confront the racism we see in our county; otherwise our silence is mistaken for approval.

President Trump’s photo op defied teachings of Episcopal church

On Monday night, the president of the United States took egregious action against peaceful demonstrators lawfully assembled outside the gates of the White House. Calling… Continue reading

Gift of onions to veterans was appreciated

I wish to thank Karisa and her coworkers at New Roots Organics for their great generosity of onions to the Vietnam Veterans Group so we… Continue reading

Recall words of MLK: Riots are ‘language of the unheard’

Since the world-wide circulation of video showing the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, 75 American cities have seen major protests… Continue reading

Maybe stores should warn if they don’t require masks

I offer this suggestion for those stores mentioned in the letters who ignore social distancing, masks, etc., to keep others safe and indirectly themselves. Perhaps… Continue reading

Mukilteo housing story makes clear Herald bias against Zieve

As readers we count on news sources such as The Herald to give us unbiased, clear and factual news stories. We also have come to… Continue reading

Those in authority don’t understand why this happened

I cannot support, approve or even condone the violence over the last few days. From my life of 72 years of privilege I can only… Continue reading

Inconsistencies all around in U.S. foreign policy

Would someone please ask Mike Pompeo to explain why China stealing Hong Kong is bad, but Israel stealing Palestine is good. We are overthrowing Venezuela,… Continue reading

Racial injustice does happen in Snohomish County

Racist acts caught on video in New York, Minneapolis, Georgia and Kentucky may not seem relevant to the Snohomish County experience. The white population in… Continue reading

Trump has abandoned ship in pandemic response

I would like to comment on three parts of a recent letter to the editor regarding President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. First: “If… Continue reading

Don’t dismiss utility of written tests for students

The Herald’s recent feature inviting students to write to the editor has made for some interesting reading. It was surprising, though, to see the almost… Continue reading

Helen Price Johnson has experience to serve 10th L.D.

We need forward thinking leadership, now more than ever. As a successful small business owner on Whidbey Island for decades and an Island County Commissioner… Continue reading

There are limits to rights during public health crisis

I see another letter to the editor from someone screaming that their rights under the Constitution are being violated by our governor. The job of… Continue reading

We’re a long way off from being safe from Covid-19

I’m pretty baffled at our country’s lack of common sense over the coronavirus. It seems the reason we are not opening some states is to… Continue reading

Wear masks for the sake of others

About the fuss over masks: People should wear them in enclosed or indoor public spaces. They aren’t a sign of wimpiness. They show a basic… Continue reading