Forty years of Democrats’ lunacy is long enough

What’s going on in the world as well as our country is what happens when you vote for i responsible, two-faced, hypocritical, hateful people. Our… Continue reading

I’ll vote for Republicans when they disavow Trump

In response to a recent letter asking if voters were tired of voting for Democrats: The analogy is well taken, and it applies as well… Continue reading

Strong union for Herald news room will protect its journalism

Voluntarily recognizing The Herald’s union is a stepping stone toward a stronger democratic and civic life in Snohomish County. The Herald’s staff have been writing… Continue reading

Snohomish developer tax break story left out details

Regarding Herald reporter Isabella Breda’s Aug. 18 article, “Small step toward affordable housing is big debate in Snohomish”: The story omitted some facts: 1. The… Continue reading

What Liz Cheney’s loss says about GOP isn’t good

I don’t agree with Rep. Liz Cheney’s stances on taxing the rich, protecting the environment, how important government is or abortion. But I admire her… Continue reading

Why vote for Democrats? Because they pass good legislation

A recent letter writer asked why Democrats keep sending the likes of Sens. Murray and Cantwell, and Reps. Larsen, DelBene and Jayapal to D.C. The… Continue reading

Biden has accomplished much in a short period

Ramesh Ponnuru’s Aug. 16, commentary in The Herald, “Biden no FDR; he’s not even Obama” is misleading. He compares Biden’s legislative achievements in his first… Continue reading

GOP upset about IRS funding so it can protect the rich

Congress is finally adequately staffing the Internal Revenue Service after years of cuts so it can catch people cheating on their taxes, and raising the… Continue reading

Local moving company’s generosity was appreciated

After a couple of years of a lot of doom and gloom over the airwaves and through the woods, it is nice to hear of… Continue reading

Sanitation workers deserve thanks for doing our ‘dirty work’

With these last couple weeks of hot weather, I’d like to give thanks to the people who most likely have one of the worst jobs… Continue reading

FBI, DOJ leaders motives should be questioned over search

I have totally lost respect for the top dogs in the FBI, Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland. They have become the all-wise,… Continue reading

George Will’s informative, unbiased writing appreciated

Thank you so much to The Herald for including George Will’s editorial columns in the paper. His writing is very informative and unbiased, well done!… Continue reading

What you can do to save lives and the planet

Recent polls advise us that the two looming and rapidly approaching existential threats that threaten both the planet and family of man are not even… Continue reading

Abortion laws being written with little knowledge

It is beyond comprehension how abortion rights opponents feel they can interfere with the private lives and health of girls, women and, by extension, men;… Continue reading

If voting for Republicans, choose wisely

I happen to be a fan of The Daily Herald and value the importance of local news, such as the series on the “Tulalip’s Stolen… Continue reading

State constitution applies too regarding firearms

Don’t ignore the Washington state constitution. I suggest that the author of a recent letter to the editor regarding firearms and the U.S. Constitution, check… Continue reading

Brittney Griner broke law and admitted guilt

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” In other words, play by the Russian rules. Because Brittney Griner broke their law, why do people… Continue reading

Democrats aren’t you tired of all this?

Someone once told me that hitting yourself on the head with a hammer is actually pleasing, because it feels so good when you stop. A… Continue reading

Glad to see inclusive report on Navy ships return to port

When I picked up my Daily Herald from my porch this morning, I was absolutely delighted to read the front-page article about the return of… Continue reading

Let’s join essay writer in not tolerating bad behavior

Kudos to Tyler Rourke for his eloquent description of a recent family camping trip where other campers exhibited blatant disregard for community and citizenship values… Continue reading