Snohomish youth council research support of ranked-choice voting

A March 15 letter to the editor written by John Lorentz was published regarding a presentation to the Snohomish City Council by Snohomish High School’s… Continue reading

Working families need state tax credit

During this pandemic, thousands of families across Washington are struggling to get by. I know this firsthand because I am one of the people struggling… Continue reading

Economic proposal would aid working, unemployed moms

Covid-19 is egregiously impacting women, particularly women of color, and the current administrations, national and local, need to take action to address this. In December,… Continue reading

Everett’s ‘no-sit, no-lie’ law criminalizes homelessness

The Everett City Council ordinance making it unlawful to sit or lie or distribute goods around Smith Avenue is inhumane (“Everett City Council passes ‘no… Continue reading

Workers can negotiate wages for themselves

Minimum wages are a departure from free trade, which must have existed even before civilizations came about. Trade is an exchange of valuables between two… Continue reading

Biden turning up the heat on us frogs

We are all familiar with the story of the frog in the pot of water on the stove. That is exactly what we are experiencing… Continue reading

Column relied on questionable statistics from Florida

Bloomberg Opinion’s Ramesh Ponnuru seems to have proved President Trump right, when he compares the death statics of four Democratic states to Florida (“Covid has… Continue reading

Replace Sid Schwab or have him stick to medical issues

In the interest of fairness, isn’t it time to retire Sid Schwab’s column and replace him with someone berating President Biden and Democrats. Trump is… Continue reading

We can stem refugee immigration by aiding countries

Central American refugees are once again pouring toward our southern border. Yes, we need immigrants, and yes, this nation was built by immigrants but most… Continue reading

We’re seeing real leadership now regarding climate change

A confluence of recent developments in government and business gives us hope for planet Earth. John Kerry was appointed Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. Janet… Continue reading

Thanks to Everett Fire Department for vaccinations

My name is Sandra, I live in Stillaguamish Senior Housing. I am writing this letter to thank the Everett Fire Department and all others for… Continue reading

Thanks to medical group for efficient vaccination

A great big thank you to Western Washington Medical Group for their professionalism and organization in administrating the covid-19 vaccinations. I called my doctor’s office… Continue reading

Thanks to those at Arlington vaccination site

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those who are helping at the Arlington Airport vaccination site. I felt bad for all… Continue reading

Are images in Seuss’s books really racist?

Regarding Ken White’s March 12 letter to the editor, headlines, “It’s not PC, but simple respect.” He wrote that “And To Think that It Happened… Continue reading

Congress should expand new anti-poverty legislation

I am relieved that Congress has passed a new covid relief bill that will provide relief to renters, increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for… Continue reading

Congress can’t overturn Washington’s abortion law

A clarification to the March 9 letter written by Chris Pentki: In November, 1970, Washington state voters passed Referendum 20 legalizing abortion in the early… Continue reading

Silent majority supports Sheriff Fortney and deputies

It seems like every other morning when I open my Daily Herald I see a letter to the editor from a fanatical activist parroting the… Continue reading

State’s regressive taxes to blame for our problems

Our state revenues have never kept up with our needs, and now, our recovery from covid-19 demands even more to take care of our working… Continue reading

We have bigger problems than a cartoon skunk

Judging Pepe Le Pew and Dr. Seuss racial caricatures isn’t cancel culture so much as examples of what Maya Angelou said was how we do… Continue reading

County should work with nonprofit Farmer Frog

Let’s see if we understand the Farmer Farm dilemma; the organization that has helped to feed people over 2 million times during the pandemic (“County… Continue reading