Most receiving food stamps are already working

The current efforts to impose work requirements to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) have many flaws and at least one big flaw: Most… Continue reading

Thanks to Island County voters for library levy support

We library enthusiasts here in Snohomish County owe our friends in Island County a great debt. Thank you to everyone who voted. You carried this… Continue reading

AR-15 is much deadlier than other weapons

In response to the April 2o letter to the editor, “Gun rights foes are uninformed,” the writer should take her own advice and research guns.… Continue reading

Commentary: Grandma ready to climb Lynnwood tree to save it

An old pine offers screening for a neighborhood, but the PUD has marked it to be cut down.

Herald’s beer, wine writing promotes drinking and driving

Thanks, Herald, for promoting boozing it up, with you’re Hops and Sips page each Friday. You encourage people to drive out to all these local… Continue reading

Thoughtful action needed from lawmakers on opioids

The opioid epidemic requires a multifaceted and coordinated approach to address the core issues of over-prescription and lack of treatment options. A bill in the… Continue reading

Trump’s, Pruitt’s support of coal a backward policy

Thank you for your April 19 article, “Trump may invoke Cold War era Defense Act to boost coal plants.” The article explains in detail how… Continue reading

Democrats’ priorities are just pandering for votes

Free tuition, minimum wage hikes and Medicare for all are so 2016. The only way a liberal gets a vote is to give someone else’s… Continue reading

National Day of Prayer could help heal our nation

If you were struck by an incurable disease and facing imminent death, would you agree to take an unproven yet highly recommended medication, even though… Continue reading

Everett High students deserve good crowd for musical

This is Everett, right? And our newspaper is The Daily Herald, right? Then why is it that I have seen nothing in our newspaper about… Continue reading

John Rosemond’s parenting column has a 40-year track record

Those who claim that parents who follow the advice in John Rosemond’s column will do terrible damage to their children always seem to have one… Continue reading

State Sen. Palumbo doesn’t share values of his party

In response to Sen. Guy Palumbo’s assertion that he shares the values of 1st District Democrats: Palumbo could not earn the endorsement of paid members… Continue reading

Too few one-story homes built built

We have owned our Snohomish real estate office for 48 years and in the last three years have been dealing with the inability to provide… Continue reading

Trump’s poor example may inspire good leaders in future

The way President Trump became president and the things that he was been accused of doing throughout his business career have a positive side to… Continue reading

Keep Washington green; don’t litter

Let’s take pride in this beautiful state we live in. Please don’t litter. Thank you. Stacey Graafstra Arlington… Continue reading

Thanks for being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road

The Gold Wing Road Riders applaud our automobile industries in their efforts to provide us with safer vehicles not only for us as drivers, but… Continue reading

Glad The Buzz is still around on Sundays

I’m relieved to find The Buzz sitll alive in the Sunday Herald. With the loss of Wayne Kruse’s outdoor column and the scale-back of the… Continue reading

Stormy Daniels shaking president down for money, fame

Does anyone besides myself find Stormy Daniel’s and the main-stream-media’s account disgusting? More than a decade ago she slept with Donald Trump, most likely for… Continue reading

What binds us as a nation should give us hope

My dad paid me a visit this week, visiting from the Philippines. He’s very much a Republican, some say he’s considered “staunch.” I’m very liberal,… Continue reading

What’s the source of claim about NRA members and assaults?

An April 20 letter to the editor expressed the opinion that, “If non-NRA members would stop shooting people, gun assaults would decrease by 100 percent.”… Continue reading