Harrop column wrong about the reasons for a vegan diet

I am writing in response to Froma Harrop’s column in the Jan. 5 Herald about Veganuary, the month-long commitment to plant-based eating that she calls… Continue reading

How is it that global climate change is a ‘niche’ concern?

What did I read from one of your contributors: that the issues taken up by the liberals are niche concerns? So, climate change, a global… Continue reading

Article about election win confuses race with religion

I am offended by Herald writer Andrea Brown’s, blatantly racist comment in her Dec. 11, article entitled: “After four tries, victory at the polls,” regarding… Continue reading

I like how local government is working

I’m honestly so sick of hearing people point at government as the reason for everything being wrong. I thought our system was meant to not… Continue reading

Take a look at Trump’s religious advisers

A recent Associate Press story published in The Herald claimed “more than 100 conservative evangelicals closed ranks … around Trump on Sunday,” following an editorial… Continue reading

Democrats’ sham impeachment going nowhere

I wonder how many constitutionally illiterate there are who thought impeachment meant President Trump would then immediately be removed from office? Sorry, but the Founders… Continue reading

New first-strike nuclear warhead invites a holocaust

The media are saturating us daily with Donald Trump’s impeachment woes. But there is a far greater, far more urgent issue that should be headlined… Continue reading

Where did the old Republican Party go?

Over the past several decades the only time the GOP has been able to get into the White House was through the “Chad Courts” or… Continue reading

Community gave generously to Marysville food bank

During the holidays, resources for many households become strained as folks try to provide for their family members. For many, the challenge is not seasonal;… Continue reading

Safeway staff in Mill Creek saved our Christmas dinner

It was 3:49 p.m. on Christmas, when after going here to go there to go back here again, I decided to stop at the Mill… Continue reading

23 years in prison isn’t long enough for assault of woman

Cory Jacoby’s sentence of 23 years in prison is pathetic (“Man who attacked former girlfriend gets 23 years behind bars,” The Herald, Dec. 23). He… Continue reading

Left wing in state, nation fighting will of the people

The $30 car tab fight is just a symptom of what is going on nationally. The divide we see isn’t North v. South, Black v.… Continue reading

Trump is taking credit for Obama’s good economy

When President Trump makes a crude remark it’s always OK; “Just look at our economy.” Let’s do that. Remember 2006-08; we had President George W.… Continue reading

Advice for 2020: A good attitude helps in life

Life is impermanent; you only get one shot on earth and only a few people make it to 100 years of age. You can have… Continue reading

Being ‘duly elected’ doesn’t protect against impeachment

The catch phrase that Republicans keep using during impeachment proceedings is that the Democrats are trying to upend the “duly elected” president of the United… Continue reading

Health concerns should slow rollout of 5G wireless

5G is the new generation of wireless communication, which sounds friendly enough. It is currently being rolled out globally, and includes over 20,000 satellites, and… Continue reading

Renewable energy a better source than natural gas

A recent letter to the editor outlined the benefits of natural gas as safe and reliable. It is a fossil fuel to begin with, which… Continue reading

Local officials should reconsider support for Boeing

In May, County Executive Dave Somers and Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin wrote and submitted a commentary to The Herald. Both touted and supported Boeing-just as… Continue reading

Edmonds police chief knew job was about people

Regarding the news that Edmonds Police Chief Al Compaan will retire at the end of the year, I met Chief Compaan nearly 40 years ago… Continue reading

Thanks to Stillaguamish Tribe for Festival of the River

A huge thank you to the Stillaguamish Tribe for an outstanding Festival of the River in August. What an amazing gift to our community; providing… Continue reading