Let’s keep behavior civil during competing rallies

I’m a county resident and I attended a gathering to raise awareness to recall Sheriff Adam Fortney on June 27 in Lake Stevens. I met… Continue reading

Invest more in training for police

As I have been hearing of the events across this country that involve relationships between citizens and our local law enforcement officers and how people… Continue reading

What was purpose of ‘pig’ headline regarding slain officer?

The killing of a police officer in Bothell was a tragic senseless event. I believe that The Herald generally takes responsible positions on the news,… Continue reading

Have respect for all as we rebuild after pandemic

It is going to be interesting to see how the next presidential election plays out and see who wins. It will also be interesting to… Continue reading

How does assessor come up with home values for taxes?

I recently received my notice of property assessed value. The average tax increase for Snohomish county was 6 percent. I live in Lynnwood and mine… Continue reading

Legitimate visa requests are ignored by State Department

As we work through this pandemic, one group of people being largely ignored by the federal government are in the visa process, Americans trying to… Continue reading

Wear your mask and leave decision to others

Many people have an opinion about mask wearing. Some are for it and some are against it. As in any situation people think that their… Continue reading

Military service isn’t requirement of patriotism

Thanks to Herald columnist Sid Schwab for defending the South Vietnamese people from socialistic tyranny (“With Pinochet in Portland, where are liberty’s defenders?” The Herald,… Continue reading

Congressman Lewis sought justice, love and peace

I’ve been very moved this week as I have watched the various tributes to one I consider a spiritual and political giant: Congressman John R.… Continue reading

Lease terms for Housing Hope project should have been noted

I am writing in regard to the recent article published in The Herald detailing the proposed housing development on Norton Playfield (“With neighbor input Housing… Continue reading

Litter and graffiti at Howarth Park disheartening

I walk through Everett’s Howarth Park frequently and just came across some new graffiti, fast food trash and used doggie waste bags strewn outside the… Continue reading

Where are details of officers’ backgrounds in doughnut-taunt?

I’m writing in response to the Herald articles regarding Benjamin Hanson, who was falsely arrested at the July 17 “Blue Lives Matter” rally, by a… Continue reading

Author of Covid-19 commentary repeated several falsehoods

I was rather astonished The Herald published Gregory Kovsky’s commentary (“For sake of all, move on with state’s phased reopening,” The Herald, July 26). With… Continue reading

Honor John Lewis’ memory by voting in November

Congressman John Lewis is indeed an American icon. He adherred to nonviolent protest, consistent with the example of Mahtma Gandhi. Lewis was arrested more than… Continue reading

Take another crack at Seattle Kraken name

Kraken? What is that, a takeoff on Cracker Jacks, Crackpots, Crackheads? Why not something more indigenous to the city like: The Seattle Homeless? The Seattle… Continue reading

Homeless need our help

I have been reading about the homeless camp (“Over 100 forced to disperse as Everett evicts homeless camp,” The Herald, July 10). I am appalled… Continue reading

Snohomish mayor has shown a lack of leadership

I am not against the Second Amendment. But I completely disagree with the Lake Stevens letter writer who praised Snohomish Mayor John Kartak, who allowed… Continue reading

We need to Make America Civil Again

OK, folks, here we go again. Everybody wants changes. And, we need changes. Have for years. So, there will be discussions, debates, new rules, elections,… Continue reading

Don’t believe the polls regarding the presidential race

The liberal mainstream media is hollering from the mountain tops about how Trump is tanking in the polls. There are a couple of possibilities here,… Continue reading

Were federal agents in Portland a test for later?

The occupation of Portland, Ore., by “federal agents” wearing military camouflage uniforms with no identification tags, driving heavily armored vehicles, and carrying military assault weaponry… Continue reading