Do newscasters need some help with pronunciation?

Having been a teacher in public schools, I am appalled at the usage and abuses of our language. I speak three languages and daily hear… Continue reading

More races to vote in besides U.S. president; please vote

I am hoping most people will vote in the next election. I know that neither candidate for president is real popular but there are lots… Continue reading

Goal isn’t to ban plastic but to use much less of it

A recent letter lauded the use of plastic in health care. Plastics are also used in many other important ways, I would certainly agree. Whether… Continue reading

Make your points without insults

Make your points without insults

Please continue reporting on hospital discharge backlog

I commend reporter Sydney Jackson’s story in the Weekend Herald on slow hospital discharges (“In Everett hospital limbo: ‘You’re left in the dark, unless you… Continue reading

State must provide more financial aid for college students

The costs of attending college have become increasingly more difficult throughout the years, creating hardships for many prospective students including myself. More specifically, one of… Continue reading

To keep outdoor dining, don’t hide behind codes; change them

As I watch the Snohomish tent situation at Andy’s, I am amazed at the brutal enforcement threatened measures (“City: Campaign can’t save big tent at… Continue reading

Climate column should include role of nuclear energy

In his recent column, Paul Roberts speaks in broad generalities without getting down to the specifics (“The success we can look forward to,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Climate change, nuclear war threat to life on earth

There is one sentinel topic that has received minimal media attention in recent weeks. That subject is the U.S military-industrial juggernaut that threatens all humankind… Continue reading

Plastics are vital to health care

Regarding a recent letter warning about plastic pollution: For the past six years my wife spent much of her life in the ER, the hospital,… Continue reading

Where did Carolyn Hax advice column go?

Recently the Herald has replaced the Carolyn Hax column with Dear Abby. This is very disappointing as Hax has always given excellent, well-thought-out, creative and… Continue reading

Why did The Herald add an astrology column in print?

We live in times when accurate information and good science are vital. I find the astrology column disappointing. Herb Fox Marysville Editor’s note: The addition… Continue reading

U.S. must reconsider military spending, nuclear weapons

Americans oblivious or indifferent to the staggering U.S. military budget for 2025 would benefit from reading Daniel Ellsberg’s “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of A Nuclear… Continue reading

U.S. must remain a leader of democracy in world

At one time, very recently, the United States’ democracy was looked on by free nations around the world as the model for freedom, prosperity and… Continue reading

Who is responsibly locally for Monroe school’s PCB contamination

Reading the Herald article on the Monroe Sky Valley Education Center victims’ lawsuit against Monsanto and its amoral, sociopathic, long-term touting of the safety of… Continue reading

It’s up to God to judge Trump’s, Biden’s faith

A recent letter to the editor questioned the Christianity of Donald Trump. I am a Christian who supports former President Trump. I am not a… Continue reading

RFK’s good traits don’t cancel out his conspriacy theories

A recent Herald opinion piece professed admiration for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., allegedly because he urges “comity”— generosity and willingness to consider other voices—in politics,… Continue reading

Set up single-payer health care coverage

I agree with a recent letter regarding health care spending. This country needs a single-payer insurance like most other countries. Not socialized medicine, but socialized… Continue reading

Health care coverage for undocumented an insult to taxpayers

I just read that Washington sate has been granted a federal waiver that allows undocumented immigrants to secure health insurance through the state’s Affordable Care… Continue reading

Sentence for animal cruelty should have imposed jail time

After reading the article about Blayne Perez shooting and mutilating wounded animals in his neighborhood and at the local park, I can’t understand why this… Continue reading