Here’s what last Sunday’s ‘Dilbert’ should have said

Here is what the last Sunday’s “Dilbert” comic strip by Scott Adams should have been: Panel one: This is Scott Adams Panel two: Scott likes… Continue reading

Yes, Marjorie; Russia and China would love to see America divorce

It’s Marjorie Taylor Greene who ought to be impeached for her silly and seditious statements about America needing a “national divorce.” If the country were… Continue reading

Vogeli-backed bill wrong appoach for public and traffic safety

I disagree with Everett City Council member Liz Vogeli’s commentary on traffic safety (“Traffic bill will put emphasis on safety hazards,” The Herald, Feb. 18).… Continue reading

Decision on ‘Dilbert’ was not The Herald’s to make

The Herald’s editorial board states it is exercising its First Amendment rights by publishing what it believes is of value to its readers and excludes… Continue reading

Our action can stop the decline of American democracy

I’ve always thought great societies will always decline from within. Looking at the state of play in today’s United States I can see it’s beginning… Continue reading

Larger threat is in not opposing Putin in Ukraine

A recent writer to The Herald tried to make the argument that supporting Ukraine will lead to war with Russia. He reminds me a little… Continue reading

Renters need limits placed to prevent gouging by landlords

I own a manufactured home in the Twin Creeks manufactured housing Park. When I moved here in 2019 the monthly rent for space in the… Continue reading

What would road-usage charge mean for different drivers?

The Herald’s editorial on road usage fee was interesting (“Start on road to replace gas tax with per-mile fee,” The Herald, Feb. 25). It would… Continue reading

Boosters, others sent Everett High students to cheer teams at tourney

As any basketball fan knows, magic happens in March, and our community’s magic happened a little early this year. Two weeks ago, Everett High’s boys… Continue reading

Governments should audit, find savings before raising taxes

It’s no surprise the state of Washington is becoming one of the least affordable places to retire. Everything under the sun is being taxed. Folks… Continue reading

Does small town where letter writer live have homeless shelters?

A letter from an Oroville resident on the cost of regulation on housing refers to a study conducted and paid for by the National Association… Continue reading

State’s nonprofit hospitals ignoring duty to charity care

The “big business”-like behavior of nonprofit hospitals doesn’t get enough attention in Washington state. Nonprofit hospitals are exempt from paying most taxes. In exchange, they… Continue reading

USDA using agriculture to grow better state, nation

During his State of the Union speech, President Biden highlighted how the U.S. Department of Agriculture is working to rebuild our economy, minimize impacts of… Continue reading

Bill would provide more oversight of hospital mergers

Affordable and accessible access to health care is a basic right, but hospital mergers threaten to raise prices and limit the number of patients that… Continue reading

California manages with property tax cap; we can, too

A recent Herald’s editorial favors an increase in local governments’ annual property tax cap from 1 percent to 3 percent (“Local governments need a fair… Continue reading

Thanks to voters for backing 7-member fire district board

Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue would like to thank the community for its support to maintain our current seven-member Board of Fire Commissioners in the… Continue reading

Provide a look at what PUD has delivered in cost savings

I read with interest the article about the Snohomish County Public Utility District (“PUD eyeing conservation and innovation to meet growing energy need,” The Herald,… Continue reading

State legislation seeks to lock away carbon to help climate

The Snohomish Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) applauds the recent letter by Kate Lunceford written in support of Senate Bill 5688, which has… Continue reading

Are the officials in Washington, D.C. really who we voted for?

We thought it was politics at its worst with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s desperate giveaways for votes to win the speaker post but now the… Continue reading

Everett’s Fisherman’s Village Music Festival a real treat

Seven years ago in May of 2016, I was coaxed off the couch with the prospect of food trucks in downtown Everett that were part… Continue reading