‘21 and Over’ doubles down on binge-comedy crude

Oh, for those innocent days of yore, when “The Hangover” was a…


‘Food politics’ on the hot plate in ‘Table’

America’s twin ills, the swollen ranks of hungry people in the country…


‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ a predictable thrill ride

A big-budget, effects-laden, 3-D retelling of the Jack and the Beanstalk legend…


DVD releases

“The Client List: The Complete First Season” Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a woman who goes to work at a Texas massage parlor, a job that… Continue reading

Film calendar

Snohomish County Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”: Charlie Chaplin produced, directed and stars in his first full-length movie in 1921. Theater organist Sharon Stearnes will accompany… Continue reading

Five unforgettable princesses of the silver screen

This week’s “Jack the Giant Slayer,” a 3-D retelling of the Jack and the Beanstalk legend, contains all the elements of the classic tale: farm… Continue reading

  • Mar 1, 2013
  • By Christy Lemire Associated Press
  • LifeMovies

‘The Monk’ needs more juice from scandalous source material

Beating Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” by a couple of decades, the novel “The Monk” was published to scandalized acclaim in 1796. Its author, Matthew Lewis, stirred… Continue reading

Stunning visuals make up for bland cast in ‘Oz’

In the movies’ version of March Madness, Sam Raimi turns out to be a much better Tim Burton than Bryan Singer. Unlike “Giant Slayer” Singer,… Continue reading

‘Yossi’ catches up with sad-sack gay Israeli

Ten years ago “Yossi &Jagger” created a stir: It was a hit title for the Israeli film industry, and it depicted a love story —… Continue reading

‘Lore’ tells WWII story through the eyes of a child

We have seen many World War II movies before, and a few such films depicted from the perspective of children. But we’ve never seen one… Continue reading

Film calendar

Snohomish County Film noir: A series of film noir hosted by Jon Noe at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays at Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave., Everett;… Continue reading

Olympic Theatre’s future in jeopardy

The online fundraiser for the Olympic Theatre didn’t go as well as organizers hoped. The future of the 74-year-old, single-screen movie theater in… Continue reading

Five memorable movies about unusual families

“Any Day Now” follows the struggle of a gay couple in late-1970s Los Angeles to adopt an abandoned teenage boy with Down syndrome. It’s not… Continue reading

  • Dec 31, 2012
  • By Christy Lemire Associated Press
  • LifeMovies

Four books for movie buffs

Are you a film buff who received a holiday gift certificate for books? Not to worry. Here’s a post-Christmas guide to three books about legendary… Continue reading

  • Jan 4, 2013
  • By Susan King Los Angeles Times
  • LifeMovies

‘Lincoln’ leads Oscars with 12 nominations

Steven Spielberg has matched his personal best at the Academy Awards: 12 nominations for his Civil War saga “Lincoln,” including best… Continue reading

Two Steve Jobs movies in works

“jOBS,” the first of two Steve Jobs biopics, is scheduled to hit theaters in April. The film stars Ashton Kutcher as the… Continue reading

Melissa Leo marvelous but ‘Francine’ miserable to watch

When you watch a movie that proudly wears its miserable reality on its sleeve, the rare moments of sunlight tend to stand out. In “Francine,”… Continue reading

DVD releases

“Looper” Time travel is like meth to many writers. The plot gimmick has a powerful addictive draw despite, more often than not, it resulting in… Continue reading

‘Impossible’: Tsunami story too heavy-handed

Audiences sitting down to watch “The Impossible” know they are about to see a movie about the 2004 tsunami. The event and its aftermath are… Continue reading

‘Zero’: Skillful depiction of hunt for bin Laden

Arriving on a few different waves of critics’ awards and controversy, Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” is already a conversation piece. Much of the talk… Continue reading