Saroise Ronan only life in alien love triangle of ‘Host’

The author of the “Twilight” regime, Stephenie Meyer, is not resting on her vampire laurels. Her 2008 novel, “The Host,” has arrived in movie theaters,… Continue reading

Film calendar

Snohomish County Film noir: A series of film noir hosted by Jon Noe at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays at Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave., Everett;… Continue reading

‘The Rock,’ Tatum a little lost amid ‘G.I. Joe’ lunacy

Right about the time they drag out Gen. George Patton’s pearl-handled revolver, you realize (if you hadn’t already) that the operating procedure for “G.I. Joe:… Continue reading

‘No’ a buoyant tale of advertising, politics and irony

Toppling a dictatorship is a subject not generally covered in comedies, despite rare examples such as “Bananas” and “Moon Over Parador.” But put aside all… Continue reading

DVD releases this week

“Lincoln” Steven Spielberg directs this drama about the 16th president’s battle to pass the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery. It’s a little-told story in the… Continue reading

Griffiths, Uncle Vernon on ‘Harry Potter,’ dies at 65

LONDON — Richard Griffiths was one of the great British stage actors of his generation, a heavy man with a light touch, whether in Shakespeare… Continue reading

Actress Kristin Chenoweth picks 5 films about families

Stage and screen veteran Kristin Chenoweth plays a hard-charging, high-powered executive in the upcoming dark indie comedy “Family Weekend”: a wife and… Continue reading

  • Mar 29, 2013
  • By Christy Lemire Associated Press
  • LifeMovies

Pacino returns to comic roots

Al Pacino, energized by a conversation that has inevitably turned to the intricacies of acting, is snapping his fingers. “When you get… Continue reading

Big names to sing on Oscar telecast

The Oscars are beginning to look a lot like the Grammys. Barbra Streisand is the latest high-profile singer to sign on to… Continue reading

Sit back, enjoy veteran ‘Stand Up’ actors

There’s a comfortable class-reunion vibe to the gangland comedy “Stand Up Guys.” That’s because pretty much everyone in the entire acting company reprises roles they’ve… Continue reading

Film calendar

Snohomish County The 16th annual Everett Film Festival: Showing a variety of shorts and longer length films begins with a gala reception at 6 p.m.… Continue reading

Stallone rocky as the ‘Bullet’ tough guy

The box-office a couple of weekends ago for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to movie stardom, “The Last Stand,” was underwhelming. Has the Governator outlived his time… Continue reading

Promising ‘Warm Bodies’ quickly gets cold

The joke of the new movie “Warm Bodies” can be described this way: A young man experiences all the angst and heartache of dewy first… Continue reading

DVD releases

“Seven Psychopaths” A struggling screenwriter gets involved with Los Angeles’ criminal underworld. The focal point for the movie’s oddball insanity is Marty (Colin Farrell), a… Continue reading

Oscar-hopeful short films at turns fun and engaging

A couple of filmmakers are going home with Oscars this year who are little known to the public and even the industry. We’re talking about… Continue reading

Alternate-universe possibilities tease ‘In Another Country’

Three stories take place in “In Another Country,” one after the other. A prologue suggests that they are coming from the imagination of a young… Continue reading

Documentary crew to visit Tulalip

A French film crew plans to visit the Tulalip Indian Reservation next week to work on a short documentary and conduct interviews regarding the reauthorization… Continue reading

Everett film festival selections range far, wide

This year’s Everett Film Festival will be like visiting a concession stand of goodies for the senses. There are even treats for politically correct senses,… Continue reading

Soderbergh nicely weaves mystery into ‘Side Effects’

A wordless prologue tells us that a violent act will be committed in Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects,” but as the movie then flashes backward, we… Continue reading

Flashback enhances mysterious meaning of ‘Tabu’

Throughout the divided format of “Tabu,” we are treated to shots of crocodiles. You are free to fill in your own meaning for this reptile… Continue reading