Wildfire smoke is choking the West but helping firefighters

Wildfire smoke blanketing much of the Western and Northwestern U.S. is setting off health alarms, but firefighters say… Continue reading

Reports detail extensive poaching ring in Washington, Oregon

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Court blocks Seattle law letting Uber, Lyft drivers unionize

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Family of slain pregnant woman sues Seattle police officers

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Man charged in fatal shooting at Seattle homeless encampment

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Congressman sorry for lashing out at Rep. Pramila Jayapal

Veteran Alaska Rep. Don Young has apologized after addressing a 51-year-old female colleague as “young lady” and… Continue reading

Oregon officials release ‘manifesto’ from 2015 mass shooting

Oregon authorities released a detailed report Friday on a mass shooting at a community college that… Continue reading

Seattle to ditch plastic straws to curb plastic pollution

Dozens of restaurants and others in Seattle are joining an effort this month to drop plastic straws to curb plastic pollution.… Continue reading

State to spend $1M on electric-vehicle charging stations

The state of Washington will spend $1 million to help construct 15 new charging stations for electric vehicles on some of… Continue reading

Spokane regrets using boulders to deter homeless

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2017 wildfire season in US West far worse than expected

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This US wildfire season is among the worst: Here’s why

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Cities lining up to apply to be Amazon’s 2nd home

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Appeals court: Grandparents not part of Trump’s travel ban

Grandparents, cousins and similarly close relations of people in the United States should not be prevented from… Continue reading

Amid raging wildfires, fire management practices criticized

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Autopsy: Deputies fatally shot Burien man in the back

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Man wants safety changes after son falls out of WSU window

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Washington and other states sue over DACA, but will it work?

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Rep. Reichert’s retirement gives Democrats hope for 2018

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Fire or volcano? Oregon blaze sparks eruption comparisons

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