Oso mudslide

Oso mudslide victims settle litigation for $60 million

What was supposed to be a months-long civil trial focused on the Oso mudslide… Continue reading

State sanctioned over deleted emails in mudslide litigation

A judge ruled Tuesday that the state Attorney General’s Office must pay sanctions because its expert witnesses destroyed documents ahead of a civil… Continue reading

Snohomish County dismissed from Oso mudslide lawsuit

Snohomish County has been dismissed from a lawsuit brought by people harmed in the Oso mudslide. Plaintiffs’ attorneys signed paperwork Wednesday agreeing to… Continue reading

Judge: Lack of emails harms plaintiffs in Oso mudslide case

The decision by state experts and lawyers to delete internal emails discussing the possible cause of the Oso mudslide harmed the legal case… Continue reading

Rough battle ahead as groups prepare for Oso lawsuit

Roughly two months before a civil trial is set to start over whether anyone should be held responsible for the deadly 2014 Oso… Continue reading

Oso mudslide study authors win top geological prize

The authors of an important geology study of the Oso mudslide have won one of the Geological Society of America’s top prizes for… Continue reading

Stillaguamish Tribe sues state, disputes Oso mudslide liability

The Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians has sued the state in federal court, asking that it not be held liable for damages related to… Continue reading

Darrington historians, UW students create mudslide archive

Local historians are trying to capture an experience that words cannot define. The Darrington Historical Society, with help from graduate students at the… Continue reading

Snohomish County wins key battle in Oso mudslide lawsuit

A King County judge this week significantly reduced the ability of people harmed in the Oso mudslide to claim Snohomish County officials failed… Continue reading

The Spruce: A place of strength

An old spruce that stood when the mudslide hit was a living memorial to the resilience of Oso.

Oso moments

Lasting memories from those who were there — the day it happened and the months thereafter.

The Rising

When the hillside fell, the people of the Stillaguamish Valley never doubted what they had to do. They had to go. They had to help. They had to dig. They never wavered.

Places where people found help, hope, solace — and each other

These locations in the valley of the North Fork Stillaguamish River played an outsized role in the mudslide recovery.

The dead and the missing

They were parents, children, spouses, friends. In all, 43 people died in the Oso mudslide of March 22, 2014.