Street Smarts

Bus stop locations chosen for safety and convenience

A reader wondered why so many bus stops are on the far side of an intersection. It’s on purpose.

Is it legal for a vehicle to be longer than its parking spot?

Yes. No. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of. It depends if traffic can move safely behind it.

When other lights are red, what’s a flashing yellow arrow mean?

In Marysville’s busy and growing 116th Street NE area, a left-turn signal caused some confusion.

How are streets named? It depends

Naming a road probably requires city or county council approval — a long process across the county.

Some old Snohomish County road names are rural vestiges

Roads with names aren’t uncommon. Some of the older ones’ namesakes are legacies of local history.

DUIs, distracted driving numbers are down, remain a problem

Last year’s traffic enforcement and infraction data reveals we’re safer, but with room to improve.

Stricter child car seat law may mean longer booster seat use

An age increase for when a child can ditch a booster seat could mean new purchases for the family.

Starting today, vehicle emissions testing is history

No more fretting about your beater. Air quality reached federal goals and is expected to improve.

2020: Light rail, ferry terminal and possible transit merger

The major transportation stories to track in the coming year involve Everett, Lynnwood and Mukilteo.

Cleaning graffiti along our highways is a busy, dirty job

Four state workers spend 16 hours every week removing graffiti in King and Snohomish counties.

I want to discuss parking, traffic and transportation equity

Street Smarts will continue as a resource for readers to get answers and will focus on justice.

A new life in the HOV lane

A new passenger is steering Street Smarts columnist Lizz Giordano away from The Daily Herald.

The Interurban Railway: Everett’s first rapid transit line

The trolleys ran to Seattle from 1910 to 1939, along a similar route to what light rail will follow.

Plan ahead for smooth sailing (and driving) this Thanksgiving

Heaviest traffic in the region is expected Wednesday between 4 and 6 p.m.

Our bus routes could terminate at Northgate as soon as 2021

Under a tentative proposal, commuters would have the option to transfer to light rail trains.

Some noisy vehicles are illegal, but it’s hard to enforce

If an exhaust system has been modified to make it louder than the factory setting, that’s a violation.

Washington State Ferries plans for an electric-hybrid fleet

It will be a literal sea change for the nation’s biggest system — and a technically ambitious one.

Mountlake Terrace envisions a dense, walkable Town Center

Buildings as tall as 12 stories are now allowed near the future Sound Transit light rail station.

Everett reconsidering traffic-enforcement cameras

A plan with seven cameras was shelved a decade ago, citing erratic driving councilmember reassess.

Highway projects wrapping up; some will carry over to 2020

Also: An update on Highway 99 tolling, and expect to see more electric buses in Everett.