Street Smarts

Why were freeways still snow-clogged more than a day later?

A Midwest transplant wonders where the salt is. Transportation officials say they use lots of it.

Community Transit’s Swift Green Line is set to open March 24. (Lizz Giordano / The Herald)

Worsening traffic may lure more commuters to transit

Charging for park-and-ride parking spots and bus-only lanes should push new riders aboard.

Community Transit’s Swift Green Line is set to open March 24. (Lizz Giordano / The Herald)

There’s a new writer in the Street Smarts driver’s seat

Lizz Giordano is ready to find traffic and transit answers, or at least start the conversation.

Where are you supposed to stop at a stop sign?

Cars should be behind a marked line. But overgrown vegetation and worn-out lines muddy the rule.

Roads to nowhere a part of ‘rural’ life

Connecting north-south roads across the county line would take a Herculean political effort.

Nine months as a guinea pig for pay-by-the-mile tax study

Washington is among the states giving “road usage charges” a look. Backers say it’s fairer than gas tax.

Is it time to kill off the ‘Dead End’ sign?

Some cities are moving away from the somber verbiage in favor of more descriptive terms.

Solo driver? You’re far from alone

We might be gripping it in frustration, but we’re not giving up that steering wheel anytime soon.

Why Highway 99 in downtown Seattle will close for 3 weeks

After closing the Alaskan Way Viaduct, there’s much to do before they can open the new tunnel.

Edmonds pilot inspires children to seek the skies

A flight as a boy inspired Greg Bell. He’s now made 100 flights to bring in the next generation.

Spawning salmon have one less barrier in an urban creek

Restoration projects like one along Highway 531 in Arlington are gradually undoing damage to habitat.

Speed up or slow down? Sign confusion in school zone fixed

Speed limit and school zone signs near the Tulalip Campus now share a pole.

Plans coming into focus for Highway 522, Paradise Lake Road

State transportation planners will hold an open house next week.

Sorry, no turn lane planned on Highway 92 near Granite Falls

The state says it would have to widen the road to add one at Sleepy Hollow Road.

Vehicle emissions testing is going by the wayside

For now, though, if your car gets the notice that it’s due for a test, you still have to go in.

Flash tailgaters to back off? Technically OK — with a caveat

Amber is the golden color for a reader’s idea. But a trooper warns it still might not be wise.

Sinkhole near Mukilteo ferry points to larger issue

State engineers suspect there might be a hidden underground water source washing out the area.

His job in Arlington is teaching teenagers how to drive

James Brooke talks about life beyond the giant “student driver” sticker.

With new vendor, state says some tolling issues will improve

One switch puts each billing and customer service function out to bid.

Who owns and maintains park-and-ride lots? It’s complicated

A tangle of three transportation agencies and other public entities are involved in maintenance.