Street Smarts

Beware the blinkers — turn signal doesn’t always signal a turn

A Marysville reader wrote in about a situation on Highway 528, west of Highway 9. There, drivers often leave their blinkers on and cause confusion,… Continue reading

Lowe’s could bring intersection improvements

“The traffic area that I’m most concerned about as being dangerous is the Highway 9 and Soper Hill Road intersection,” writes Rose Marie Bayha, of… Continue reading

Stop signs added to dangerous ‘T’ intersection in Machias

Snohomish County workers have installed stop signs at a dangerous “T” intersection in the Machias area. Street Smarts readers over the years have expressed concerns… Continue reading

Crosswalk coming to “T” intersection near Legion Park

Back in spring 2016, we wrote about a planned crosswalk improvement at the busy “T” intersection of Alverson Boulevard and West Marine View Drive at… Continue reading

Shedding light on a crosswalk

Let’s shed some light on a crosswalk near a school in south Everett. Wayne LeLoo lives near Odyssey Elementary and worries about poor lighting at… Continue reading

What clever personalized license plates have you spotted?

A story idea in the works for Street Smarts is a list of noteworthy personalized license plates. Sometimes, especially after the rush of the holidays,… Continue reading

Who’s the transpo geek you’d like to get to know?

Is there someone in the realm of transportation that you’d like to learn more about? Someone recently suggested a chat-like feature, and I’m gauging interest.… Continue reading

About expansion joint covers on US 2’s Pilchuck River Bridge

One lane has a reinforced concrete-type header instead of a plate. Both are used on other bridges.

A 22% traffic increase means a 90-minute drive to Seattle

“Congestion is part of a booming economy,” says the lead author of a state report on road capacity.

What’s your commute story? Send us your anecdotes

Street Smarts wants to hear from people with noteworthy commutes for future stories. How do you get to work? Is it a three-hour roll by… Continue reading

Sultan to build new bridge for pedestrians, bicyclists

At the same time, the iconic ‘Sultan John’ statue will be temporarily moved for restoration.

Plan your holiday travel; start with a full tank of patience

Compounded by uncertainty after the train derailment, driving will be challenging this week.

Roundabout coming to Highway 9 intersection

The Marysville-area highway project is one of several in line for federal funding.

Ian Terry / The Herald Westbound cars merge from Highway 204 and 20th Street Southeast onto the trestle during the morning commute on Thursday, March 30 in Lake Stevens. Photo taken on 03302017

Pay a toll on US 2 trestle? 10,000 say no on social media

A GOP lawmaker’s chart shows theoretical toll rates of up to $6.30 to cross the trestle one way.

Ian Terry / The Herald Westbound cars merge from Highway 204 and 20th Street Southeast onto the trestle during the morning commute on Thursday, March 30 in Lake Stevens. Photo taken on 03302017

Grants cover safety projects to add crosswalks, guardrails

Snohomish County received $935,000 in grants from the state Highway Safety Improvement Program to apply to three safety projects. Crosswalks will be upgraded in two… Continue reading

Hey, who turns on the lights?

When in doubt, call the PUD for streetlight outages in Snohomish County.

Community Transit starts construction on Green Line stations

Construction has started on the 34 stations that will be used for the Swift Green Line, Community Transit’s second bus rapid transit line that is… Continue reading

Markers to return for traffic exiting 164th Walmart complex

After county crews repaved 164th Avenue W, raised pavement markings that helped guide two lanes of turning traffic from 13th Avenue W were not replaced.… Continue reading

Planning — and patience — can ease Thanksgiving travel

The Washington State Department of Transportation offers information to help guide planning.

No easy exit from Smokey Point shopping complex

There’s just no easy exit on this one. A reader called in to Street Smarts about striping changes on 27th Avenue NE, for those exiting… Continue reading