Street Smarts

Old bridge design means $35K crane visit each time waters rise

Heavy rains have filled the Snohomish River and its tributaries to the point that cranes have had to park on the U.S. 2 trestle three… Continue reading

Rail car swap eases overcrowding on Sounder train

Sound Transit on Monday adds an additional passenger car on the 7:15 a.m. Sounder departure from Everett to Seattle to help relieve crowding. “The last… Continue reading

Shiny, filled cracks are a Band-Aid to extend a road’s life

Sealing pavement cracks is a cheap way to extend the useful life of a road used by many agencies tasked with road upkeep. The filled… Continue reading

Old cable barriers near Stanwood, Bothell to get upgraded

The Washington State Department of Transportation is upgrading all of its remaining three-rope median cable barriers in the region to four ropes. “This gives the… Continue reading

Everett replaces 3,500 signs to help reduce crashes

Baker Drive includes an odd little U-shaped access street that runs mostly parallel to Mukilteo Boulevard, the main drag through Everett’s Boulevard Bluffs neighborhood. It… Continue reading

Edmonds a top route in record-breaking year for ferry riders

A surge in boardings in 2017 pushed Washington State Ferries to its highest ridership since 2002. The nation’s largest ferry system carried nearly 24.5 million… Continue reading

Live in Edmonds? Hate speeders?

Edmonds has $35,000 to address local residents’ concerns about speeding in their neighborhoods. Now, city staff need to decide where to spend it. The Traffic… Continue reading

Sirens! Flashing lights! — Move over!

We are a confident bunch on what to do when we hear blaring sirens and see flashing lights in the rearview mirror. But do we… Continue reading

Growing Everett area will wait for upgraded traffic light

The area near Swedish Medical Center on 128th Street is bustling with activity.

Dash lights don’t mean headlights

Street Smarts reader Steve Guinn wrote in following an earlier column reminding drivers to turn on their headlights. He had a great theory about why… Continue reading

Traffic’s going to worsen, but don’t worry, there’s a $40B plan

By 2040, planners hope to see the Everett-to-Seattle trip take 65 minutes by light rail.

One of 4 remaining deficient county bridges to be replaced

The Monroe-area bridge will be replaced with concrete. Other replacements await federal money.

Beware the blinkers — turn signal doesn’t always signal a turn

A Marysville reader wrote in about a situation on Highway 528, west of Highway 9. There, drivers often leave their blinkers on and cause confusion,… Continue reading

Lowe’s could bring intersection improvements

“The traffic area that I’m most concerned about as being dangerous is the Highway 9 and Soper Hill Road intersection,” writes Rose Marie Bayha, of… Continue reading

Stop signs added to dangerous ‘T’ intersection in Machias

Snohomish County workers have installed stop signs at a dangerous “T” intersection in the Machias area. Street Smarts readers over the years have expressed concerns… Continue reading

Crosswalk coming to “T” intersection near Legion Park

Back in spring 2016, we wrote about a planned crosswalk improvement at the busy “T” intersection of Alverson Boulevard and West Marine View Drive at… Continue reading

Shedding light on a crosswalk

Let’s shed some light on a crosswalk near a school in south Everett. Wayne LeLoo lives near Odyssey Elementary and worries about poor lighting at… Continue reading

What clever personalized license plates have you spotted?

A story idea in the works for Street Smarts is a list of noteworthy personalized license plates. Sometimes, especially after the rush of the holidays,… Continue reading

Who’s the transpo geek you’d like to get to know?

Is there someone in the realm of transportation that you’d like to learn more about? Someone recently suggested a chat-like feature, and I’m gauging interest.… Continue reading

About expansion joint covers on US 2’s Pilchuck River Bridge

One lane has a reinforced concrete-type header instead of a plate. Both are used on other bridges.