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Without an amendment, equality doesn’t quite add up

It’s been four decades since the Equal Rights Amendment almost passed, and…


Confidence in Republican health care plan on life support

Many Republicans were especially thrilled about one thing in November: With control…


Trump aims to make immigrants a leading export

One thing has gotten a little lost in the hubbub over whether…


Is a 21-year-old equipped for Snohomish County Council?

What were you doing when you were 21? I was eating leftover pizza five nights a week and calculating the maximum amount of money I… Continue reading

Why ban the death penalty when we can go on pretending?

Ban the death penalty? Normally I use this space to crack wise about the results of online polls at HeraldNet.com, because let’s face it: If… Continue reading

Is it natural to want cell service on Mount Rainier?

How do you improve Paradise? You may think Mount Rainier is already perfect, but Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile say they can make it even better.… Continue reading

Should we allow cell phone service on Mount Rainier?

Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile want to provide cellphone service at Paradise Visitors Center on Mount Rainier, but not install towers. Should they be allowed to?… Continue reading

What will it take to get distracted drivers’ attention?

Punishing texting drivers You know how it is. You’re trapped behind some oblivious driver, poking along below the speed limit. You finally get to pass,… Continue reading

Saying goodbye to George and hello to 2017

2016 was rough if you’re a fan of pop superstars, “Star Wars” heroines or democratic norms. That’s all over now, and George Michael is never… Continue reading

UW football playoff chances: Peachy or the pits?

Peachy Dawgs? Either the University of Washington has a puncher’s chance in the college football playoff or big, bad Alabama is going to steamroll the… Continue reading

You may not like drones, but Amazon is all abuzz

It’s Christmas Eve. You’ve procrastinated a little too long on a gift for your significant other, and you’d rather do the Walk of Atonement (shame,… Continue reading

A warm feeling when snow’s in the forecast

Did you know there’s MORE SNOW in the forecast? Probably not much, and not for another week or two, but did your heart flutter when… Continue reading

Amazon drone delivery poll

Amazon recently made its first drone delivery, and tech companies are convinced that’s the wave of the future. Is this a good thing?… Continue reading

Was the election rigged?

As we speak, Trumpeteers are trying to block election recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, despite his insistance that voter fraud is a real thing.… Continue reading

Presidential election may not be rigged, but it sure is a mess

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump frequently said the United States was becoming a “Third World country.” While many may have found that statement offensive… Continue reading

Why would Boeing sell to Iran? There are 25 billion reasons

Boeing and Congress are having a little spat. The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives says Boeing shouldn’t be allowed to sell and lease more than… Continue reading

What should Congress do with the Boeing/Iran deal?

In our last poll, most of you agreed that Facebook and Google should take some editorial responsibility when it comes to fake news stories. But… Continue reading

We’ve had enough fakeouts on Facebook

Faked out Modern news is a blood sport. In one corner, we have truth: the unvarnished, cold facts. In the other corner, we have truthiness:… Continue reading

Would secession cure the blue-state blues?

Would secession cure the blue-state blues? If the presidential election revealed anything, it’s that Ann Coulter’s predictions run circles around Nate Silver’s. It also showed… Continue reading

Dealing with fake news on the internet

What should Facebook and Google do about the proliferation of fake news stories on their websites?… Continue reading