Whidbey Island

Oak Harbor student, 12, accused of hate crime

The African American victim told police that the other boy, who is white, had bullied him all year.

Crime victim advocates open new office on Whidbey

“A disproportionate number of calls we receive are about identity theft.”

Stinky Whidbey Island bats will find new homes at Fort Casey

State park staff members say bats are good, but the guano in their office attic smelled bad.

Whidbey shipbuilder wants a shot at the next ferry contract

Nichols Brothers has been a subcontractor. The state might extend a deal with Portland-based Vigor.

Bigfoot sightings abound on Whidbey

Is it a hairy hoax, an April Fool’s joke or a clue to reduce carbon footprint?

Whidbey man on the lam in China charged

Michael Farrens, 38, of Clinton, is accused of jumping bail in a 2013 felony case in Island County.

She grew up with a mother known for her odd behavior

An Oak Harbor filmmaker draws on her family secrets for global project on mental illness and trauma.

Coupeville residents can donate to avoid a flamingo flock

April Fools’ Day is the start of the five-day-long flocking season.

Langley photographer frames goats, sheep in whole new light

The “recovering photojournalist” moved to Whidbey Island from Chicago.

Catholic church closes on Whidbey Navy base after 77 years

The Archdiocese for the Military Services and the Navy said a willing priest couldn’t be found.

Michaela Reed navigates an obstacle course of stools in the hallway of Oak Harbor High School with her new bike. (Laura Guido / Whidbey News-Times)

Oak Harbor robotics team puts skills to work for little girl

Michaela Reed loves bicycling, even though her arm ends just below her elbow.

Michaela Reed navigates an obstacle course of stools in the hallway of Oak Harbor High School with her new bike. (Laura Guido / Whidbey News-Times)

Navy announces decision on Growlers on Whidbey

Landing practice “passes” will increase from about 3,000 a year to more than 12,000.

Sightseers under Clinton dock halt Mukilteo ferry route

Police say the two people, one in a row boat and one in a canoe, had “no ill intentions.”

Navy paying about $2.6 million for new Coupeville water plant

The system will eliminate detectable traces of toxic chemicals from firefighting foam.

Bon voyage, Mystic Sea

After nearly 30 years of providing whale and wildlife tours, Monte and Cindy Hughes “pass the torch”

Fatal police shooting of Oak Harbor man deemed justified

Prosecutor: Officers had reason to believe Richard Jackson, 36, ‘posed a threat of serious harm.’

Whidbey’s lone elk is tangled up in blue

It’s happened repeatedly since the intrepid bull elk swam to Whidbey Island in September 2012.

Four years after fatal DUI crash, driver sent to prison

On Valentine’s Day in 2015, Michelle Nichols lost control of her van and struck a car, killing a man.

From Oak Harbor to Argentina, family’s journey to air on HGTV

An upcoming episode of House Hunters International will feature a Whidbey Island couple and their six kids.

Man accused of raping mentally vulnerable Coupeville woman

He has a previous conviction for child molestation in Snohomish County.