Comments sought on Point Wells condo project

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Point Wells foes want zoning reversal

Neighbors of a high-end development proposed for the industrial Point Wells site on Puget Sound are asking the state to overturn Snohomish County’s… Continue reading

Judge orders halt to Point Wells condo development while county rewrites zoning ordinance

A judge dealt a setback Wednesday to a plan for high-rise waterfront condos at Point Wells by stopping the proposed project from moving… Continue reading

Woodway house fire caused by electrical problem in Christmas tree

A house fire in Woodway on Wednesday afternoon caused more than $100,000 in damage. The fire started with an electrical problem in an… Continue reading

Point Wells developer appeals ruling that halts project

The developer seeking to build nearly 3,100 high-rise condos at Point Wells filed an appeal Wednesday of a recent court decision that favored… Continue reading

Rethinking fire protection in south county

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What mayors in Snohomish County are paid

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Blaze destroys home in Woodway

A fire Monday morning destroyed a Woodway home. Investigators were trying to determine what sparked the 6:10 a.m. blaze in the 11400 block… Continue reading

Woodway pitches smaller plan for Point Wells

The town of Woodway has drawn up an alternative vision for Point Wells, the waterfront industrial site where an international developer wants to… Continue reading

Garbage rates may increase for south county

Some garbage customers in southwest and eastern Snohomish County could see their rates go up starting July 1. A state commission will decide… Continue reading

14-year veteran vies to keep 32nd District seat

Democratic state Rep. Ruth Kagi has served the state for 14 years, and two Republican challengers say it’s time for a change of direction. Kagi… Continue reading

Point Wells decision on hold

Settling some of the most contentious questions about the scope of a proposed high-rise condo project at Point Wells will have to wait a while… Continue reading

Point Wells project may shrink due to code changes

The Snohomish County Council on Wednesday approved legislation that could thin and trim a large-scale development proposed along the waterfront off Woodway. In… Continue reading

Cities still working on police contract

Edmonds and Woodway are renegotiating how they partner for police services. Woodway, a town of 1,300 in south Snohomish County, has its own… Continue reading

Legislative candidates tout their ideas

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Opponents ready to back Point Wells, with limits

A much-debated high-rise condo project at Point Wells could be kept smaller and shorter than the plans a developer has submitted, if new… Continue reading

Money pouring into legislative races

Incumbent Democratic 1st District State Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe and Republican challenger Dawn McCravey are waging the most expensive legislative campaign in south Snohomish County. McAuliffe… Continue reading

Legislative candidates offer views on campaign issues

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Republican upbeat after loss, points to 2014

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Ryu to seek Ferguson’s seat on King County Council

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