Being against illegal immigration not radical view

  • Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:27pm

Reference: “Roberts romps in the 21st District,” by Chris Fyall (The Enterprise, Nov. 5).

Her opponent this year, Travis, 33, held some radical views on issues like immigration.

What were his radical views on immigration, Chris? Travis did not merely talk about immigration at all. He talked about illegal immigration. Why did you not say so, Chris? Oh, you mean Mexicans and others don’t come here illegally; they only come here undocumented? So, you are implying that you are all for illegal immigration?

Travis said that he is against illegal immigration and that is absolutely not a radical view except in your opinion and the far left of the Democratic party. Bill O’Reilly said on TV on Nov. 11 that your friend Obama is going to give all illegal Mexicans and others blanket amnesty and is not going to make it hard for more illegal immigration. Nice guy, don’t you think?

Travis, my friends and I want illegal immigration stopped now and we do not want blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants already here. They cost, those of us who pay federal income tax, lots of money. Do you pay income tax, Chris?

Did you know that 10 percent of Americans pay 70.79 percent of all income tax; that 17 percent pay only 2.99 percent and that 33 percent pay zero, zilch, nada income tax? Your friend Obama wants to make it so that 44 percent pay zero, zilch and nada income tax, and raise the income tax on most of the remaining payers. Most Americans demand more handouts from those who pay income tax but definitely not less. Why should the 44 percent non-payers care when the government spends and spends? Are they patriotic?

Peter Boonstra


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