• Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:52pm

Providence Medical Center, Everett

BANNER, Tamara and Tyler, Shoreline, boy, Mar. 2.

WILHELM, Tina and Dion, Lynnwood, girl, Mar. 4.

FITZPATRICK, Alison and Mark, Mill Creek, girl, March 7.

SUMNER, Esther and Robert, Mill Creek, girl, March 7.

ROSE, Fatima and Steven, Lynnwood, boy, March 14.

NGUYEN, Alice and HONG, Vu, Lynnwood, boy, March 19.

LITTLEJOHN, Tamara and Bradley, Lynnwood, boy, March 19.

GAMBLE, Melissa and MILKE, Lenny, Lynnwood, girl, March 21.

VALENTINE, Dominique and STRATTON, Sean, Lynnwood, girl, March 22.

PATTERSON, Molly and JAGANA, Muhammadou, Mill Creek, boy, March 28.

Cascade Birth Center, Everett

HUMPHREYS, Jenny and Qyn, Lynnwood, boy, Mar. 16.

Stevens Hospital, Edmonds

NAVARRO, Emila and Arturo, Lynnwood, girl, March 12.

DINH, Vinh Hau and TVAN, Anh, Lynnwood, boy, March 13.

FULLETON, Angela and Joshua, Edmonds, boy, March 14.

CODY, Justine, Edmonds, boy, March 14.

KULIKOVSKIY, Nataliya and Aleksander, Lynnwood, girl, March 25.

MCCLELLAN, Heidi and TRIFONOV, Pavel, Bothell, girl, March 29.

SIMMONDS, Vanhice and Tyler, Edmonds, boy, March 29.

MCDONALD, Ramona and Michael, Lynnwood, girl, April 5.

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