Column overlooks Fidel Castro’s brutality

  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 10:51am

I’m sure Evan Smith will receive plenty of e-mail regarding his statement that he had hoped Fidel Castro could have held on until the end of the year, so he would have been in power for 50 years. (Enterprise Forum, Feb. 22)

I hope Mr. Smith spends some quality time with a history book and learns a bit about Castro other than what he has heard on “The View.”

Perhaps Mr. Smith will put on his journalist cap and interview someone who has first-hand experience with Fidel Castro.

Perhaps he could talk to someone who had his family’s farm and entire fortune confiscated by Castro’s communist regime to enrichen the coffers of a party official.

Perhaps Mr. Smith could talk to someone who risked his life and the lives of his wife and children on a raft of inner tubes tied together with twine, not to visit Disney World, but to escape a fate of torture and starvation in a Cuban labor camp.

Perhaps Mr. Smith could talk to the parents of someone who has died in one of Cuba’s jails this year after having been imprisoned for the last 20 years for daring to write an opinion piece in one of Castro’s papers.

Perhaps Mr. Smith could ask these people if they, too had hoped Fidel would break the 50-year mark.

Chris Philips

Lake Forest Park

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