Council approves zone for mobiles

  • Jenny Lynn Zappala<br>Enterprise writer
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:38am

LYNNWOOD — In a unanimous vote Monday, the City Council took the first step toward creating mobile home park zoning.

None of the 17 existing parks within the city are currently zoned exclusively for use as mobile home or manufactured home parks.

The amendment approved Monday to the city’s comprehensive plan allows for creating mobile home zoning. But establishing the actual zoning code is a separate step — an option for the Council to consider next year, if at all.

The Council reminded supporters who want the zoning code adopted, that Monday’s action won’t have any affect on existing properties and won’t prevent park owners from selling or redeveloping their land if they choose.

Some council members expressed concern that even at this early stage in the zoning process, the Council’s decision could motivate property owners to consider selling.

Parks currently are found on property zoned for single- and multiple-family housing. Some is located on high-value property zoned for commercial or light industrial use.

Property owners opposed proceeding toward creation of a mobile home park zone for months before Monday’s vote. In public testimony, they alleged it would limit their property rights when and if they choose to redevelop mobile home parks into other uses, such as single family homes, commercial buildings or offices.

Tenants spoke in favor of the designation because it would require property owners to apply for a zoning change — which requires a public hearing — before redevelopment. Tenants said the required hearing is a better way for them to stay informed and speak out about before redevelopment.

For more information or to review the mobile home park zoning, contact Ron Hough, city planning manager, at or 425-670-6655.

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