Council should take time to approve development

  • Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:05pm

Planning and Development Services “sketch ups” of the post-Ridgecrest-development neighborhood don’t show many of the single-family homes left. Stan Terry wants the City Council to speed up decision making on development. (“Stop talking and get to the point already,” April 18) On Monday, April 28, the council will decide the fate of my neighborhood and that of 69 other single-family residential neighborhoods in Shoreline when it begins deliberation to allow “intensive development” — six story buildings abutting single family residential property. Before it makes a decision, I hope the City Council studies the impact and asks for alternative proposals. I hope Mayor Ryu asks for re-evaluation until she and the rest of the council are satisfied that “intensive development” is more valuable to Shoreline than the affordable single family homes that will be sacrificed. Those six-story buildings are going to be here long after my little affordable house is gone and if it inconveniences some developer, too bad.

Sue Melville


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