‘Crimson Cuties’ put on work hats

  • Christopher Durr<br>Enterprise writer
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:36am

Several of Lynnwood’s women seniors know exactly what it feels like to do volunteer work while wearing red and purple.

Known as the Crimson Cuties, the local group of Red Hat Society ladies meet once a month at the Lynnwood Senior Center.

“Queen” Helen Howard, the current leader of the Cuties, says she wouldn’t trade her group for a winning lottery ticket. The Cuties are a close-knit group and take care of each other’s needs, Howard said.

Howard said she wanted to thank all of the members of the Cuties and extend an invitation to the community to get more involved with volunteer work.

The volunteer work that the Cuties are involved with include knitting for charity, donating goods to women’s shelters and food to rehabilitation clinics.

The members of the Lynnwood chapter of the Society are (above): Laura Bennett, Marlene Broderick, Mickie Chickerella, Sharon Coughlan, Myrtis Drury, Doris Goodfello, Mary Agnes Heath, Dorothy Hogle, Queen Helen Howard, Helen Huizenga, Bev Innes, Ginger Kemp, Verna Lesa, Ellie Martin, Shirley Metz, Evelyn Miller, Jackie Mozingo, Marilyn Morris, Beverly Jo O’Connell, Katy Pedersen, Emma Peshker, Beverly Peterson, Judy Pound, Louise Smersh, Pat Vail, Sharon Pendergrass, Daphne Watkins Rodriguez.

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