Crying ‘wolf’ is no laughing matter either

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 1:05pm

In a recent letter to the editor published on Aug. 24, Angela Amundson stated that assault is no laughing matter. I would add that “crying wolf” is no laughing matter either. If you listen to the audio tape of the council meeting on Aug. 6, you will hear:

Mayor: “Knock it off, you two.”

Councilman Zambrano to the Mayor: “I’m going to knock it off all right.”

(Mayor slams his gavel down)

Councilwoman Amundson: “Is that a threat?”

Councilman Zambrano: “Did you take it as one?”

Further into the tape, when council is discussing whether or not a vote should be taken on the “hat issue,” Ms. Amundson, out of the blue, interjects “I guess Mr. Zambrano wants to hit me.”

How does the above depict, in Amundson’s words, “threatening behavior” by Councilman John Zambrano? The only thing the councilman is guilty of is raising his voice. Councilwoman Amundson can be heard on audio tapes raising her voice numerous times at council meetings. However, no one ran to the television media to cover her behavior.

On June 22, Councilwoman Amundson wrote a letter to the editor of the Enterprise stating that “I can tell that Mountlake Terrace may be in store for another very dirty campaign year. Yuck!” With the smear campaign that she has been personally conducting against Councilman Zambrano, she must be a prophet.

Janice Zambrano

Mountlake Terrace

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