District lucky to have Chase as representative

  • Wednesday, February 4, 2009 1:16pm

I am the legal representative/spokesperson for my sister, a Fircrest resident, whose home was saved with the help of Rep. Chase. At first, dismayed, confused by Michael Pollowitz’s attack on Maralyn Chase, finally I have become grateful for the opportunity it affords to praise her merits (“Democrats pass over Chase for a Republican,” Jan. 21).

Ours would be a wholly better society if all legislators were as acutely guided by conscience, as politically unselfish, as inclusive, willing to represent even those with the least voice, as steadfast, standing on principle, as thorough in research, as able and willing to assume responsibility for understanding budgets, bills and the reasons for them, as astute in evaluating impacts, costs versus benefits, and as capable of sorting lies and obfuscations from reality. I have yet to meet a wiser, more dedicated legislator, one with clearer intellect, better grasp of issues or one with more greatness of heart. Setting the bar high, Maralyn Chase gives legislators a good name. The 32nd district is mighty fortunate to have her representation.

Saskia Davis


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