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  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 9:08am

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

On Wednesday, a number of people in the area who went to bed as candidates woke up as elected-officials-to-be.

The Tuesday general election returned many incumbents to their seats but it also ushered new faces into the political arena. Campaigns are about promises but actually being elected, or re-elected, brings the certitude of being held accountable by those casting the votes of having to follow through on those promises.

Tuesday brought changes.

In Mountlake Terrace, longtime city council member Pat Cordova appears to be on the losing end for the first time in many years. Her opponent, Michelle Robles admitted during the campaign that she shares many of Cordova’s views but felt she could do better. And John Zambrano holds a hair-breadth’s lead over incumbent A.J. Housler.

In Shoreline, former Metro King County Council member and current crusader against Sound Transit, Maggie Fimia, apparently will step back into elected office on the City Council. Fimia is pushing out incumbent Kevin Grossman.

While other incumbents also are losing, others sailed to relatively easy victory, such as Edmonds Mayor Gary Haakenson and Mill Creek City Council member Jack Start. Many others received a free pass with no opponent.

Regardless of whether it was a tight race or a walkover, now is the time for these elected officials to perform as promised.

And for voters, while ballots were counted on Tuesday, the real work begins now in watching and demanding that those for whom they cast votes now represent them as asked.

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