Edmonds Chamber of Commerce takes a growth spurt

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:56am

By Jan Vance

As part of our ongoing centennial celebration during 2007, we decided to offer local businesses (and interested individual residents) an opportunity to join the Chamber at a discounted rate during the month of June, with a commitment for a second year of membership at regular renewal rates.

The result of that promotion in June far exceeded our expectations, with 35 new members taking advantage of the opportunity to join us in promoting their businesses and the city of Edmonds, bringing our membership at the end of the first half of 2007 to over 400 (407 to be precise) for the first time in our 100 year history!

In fitting celebration of those results, our 100th “Edmonds Kind of 4th” enjoyed huge crowds at the parade and fireworks. Even the weather joined in the spirit of the occasion, bringing Edmonds one of the warmest, sunniest Independence Days in recent memory and citizens of Edmonds and surrounding areas turned out in droves to enjoy it. All of that happened (well, maybe not the weather) because dozens our Chamber volunteers worked long and hard to raise the funds for fireworks, and necessary services, organize the parade, the fireworks display and the entertainment and bring Edmonds its favorite kind of 4th once again.

Our Chamber, which is to say its member businesses and residents and the entire Edmonds business community, is justifiably proud of its town and is investing more every year to assure its continued prosperity, while retaining the community feeling that keeps us here. Membership and active participation in the Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is one tool we can use to work together to that end.

Won’t you join us too?

Jan Vance is the executive director of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

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