Enterprise column resonates with readers

  • Thursday, January 24, 2008 12:32pm

The question by Enterprise features editor Andrea Miller, “How much growth is enough?” (01/18/08), was refreshingly captive and properly states the views of many people in our cities and counties. Her article joins many such articles:

• 12/21/07, Enterprise, by Alexis Bacharach, “County declares 164th at ultimate capacity” (Lynnwood, Mill Creek)

• 12/21/07, Enterprise, by Jeff Switzer and Scott Pesznecker, “Dense housing project in Lynnwood rejected”

• 12/09/07 P.I. editorials, “Don’t sell city short,” Seattle

These recent articles follow many items, letters and outcries in cities like my own Mountlake Terrace, the third most densely populated city per square mile in the state. I saw those billboards in 1971 about turning the lights off when you left Seattle. My husband was unemployed for three months for the first time in 24 years of working because of what was labeled at the time as the trickle-down-effect of the Boeing layoff. Ms. Miller’s article encompasses the feelings of many of us. The classifieds now are just four pages, with Help Wanted down to 1 1/2 columns. The “recession” is already here.

Our planning “bunnies” have strapped this city with unwanted, unnecessary growth just to pander to developers’ “visions” and in their clutches we will be “profit cities.” They rip and tear, line their pockets and run to another unsuspecting state. Does anyone really believe that Mountlake Terrace needs to lose our small shops for a seven-story apartment building and more traffic for our already crowded streets? Ms. Miller’s point of protecting the rights and investments of people who already live here is well said and I would like a second helping. Bravo!

Shirley Malloy

Mountlake Terrace

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