Fire Sirens

  • <br>Enterprise staff
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 12:05pm

The Edmonds Fire Department was dispatched to 106 calls in and around Edmonds the week of June 4- 10, which brings this year’s call volume to 2,262. Medical crews evaluated 73 patients; fire crews responded to 33 incidents.

Medical Dispatches

An 81-year-old patient tripped and fell in her condo and needed assistance. The patient was wearing a personal medical alarm system, which notified the device’s response communication center. Within a few minutes, medical crews were on scene to help her.

A 71-year-old patient spent all night on the floor after falling. A concerned family member called 911 when the patient did not answer her phone. She suffered no injury from the fall.

Fire Dispatches

On June 9, fire crews were dispatched to a report of water leaking out of a fire hydrant. Firefighters found a hose connected to the hydrant with a homeowner using the water to fill a swimming pool.

When large volumes of water are necessary, such as for new construction, contractors or homeowners may access water through a fire hydrant. This is allowed if prior approval is obtained. The contractor or homeowner is billed for water used.

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