Fire Sirens

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:36am

The Edmonds Fire Department made 99 calls in and around Edmonds from March 22-28, bringing the total calls for the year to 1,230.

March 28

Firefighters responded to an appliance fire at a residence in the 22200 block of 76th Avenue W. Before the crew arrived, the occupant believed he had successfully extinguished the fire, which had been a load of towels in his dryer. The crew extinguished a few of the remaining burning towels, unplugged the appliance and ventilated the laundry room.

Medics responded to seven calls during the day.

Firefighters responded to two illegal back yard burn complaints where, in both cases, the homeowners were burning yard waste. Both homeowners, one at 73rd Avenue W. and Olympic View Drive and the other in the 8000 block of 196th Street SW, were told of the outdoor burning ban and agree to extinguish their fires.

March 27

Medics were very busy responding to 15 calls.

March 26

Firefighters responded to a reported kitchen fire at a residence in the 18000 block of 73rd Avenue W. The fire, which originated on the stove and had spread to the walls, was extinguished by the crew who then provided salvage and overhaul work. The cause of the fire was unattended food left cooking on the stove while the homeowner answered and talked on the phone while forgetting her cooking.

Medics were called out on 10 calls.

March 25

Medics were called upon to treat 15 patients, 11 of which were transported to Stevens Hospital for further evaluation.

March 24

Medics responded to 10 calls.

March 23

Medics responded to 11 calls during the day.

Firefighters responded to a reported large amount of thick gray smoke emitting from a resident’s chimney in the 20400 block of 76th Avenue W. The resident was burning freshly cut fir branches in his wood stove which the crew advised him to stop due to the large amount of smoke and odor the burning was causing in the neighborhood.

March 22

Medics tended to 13 patients including two drivers involved in a rear-end car accident in the 10100 block of Edmonds Way. Both drivers suffered possible spine and head injuries which required full spinal immobilization before being transported to Stevens Hospital.

Fire Sirens is compiled by Don Olsen of the Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation.

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