Fire Sirens

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:36am

The Edmonds Fire Department made 82 calls in and around Edmonds from Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, bringing the total calls for the year to 497. The total number of calls made in January represent a 16 percent increase over the calls made during January 2003.

Feb. 1

Medics responded to seven calls.

Firefighters responded to a report of an arcing wire and the resulting fire in a transformer in the 600 block of Daley Street. A crew cut the power to a nearby condo and contacted the PUD to make repairs.

Jan. 31

Medics responded to nine calls during the day.

Firefighters responded to a call for help regarding a water problem in a condo unit in the 500 block on Forsyth Lane. The resident’s bathtub faucet couldn’t be turned off, nor could the resident turn off the water supply. The fire crew improvised a tool to shut off the water and a plumber arrived to complete the repairs.

Jan. 30

Medics were called upon to tend to four patients before transporting them to Stevens Hospital.

Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at a residence in the 1200 block of Highland Drive. Upon their arrival they found the house to be unoccupied, but noticed a smell of something burning. Before making a forcible entry, the owner arrived and they entered the house to find a lit pendant light laying on a bed. It had smoldered its way through the bedding and the top mattress, but fortunately had not ignited the bed. The bedding was cooled and removed from the house.

Jan. 29

Medics responded to 13 calls, nine of which involved patients being transported to Stevens.

Firefighters responded to three calls involving arcing wires caused by strong, gusty winds. The heavy rains also caused one basement to flood, which brought out the firefighters again to alleviate the problem.

Firefighters also responded to three false alarms.

Jan. 28

Medics responded to 10 calls, including a runaway car accident in the 7000 block of 175th Street SW. The driver, who lost consciousness, drove through four yards and five fences before hitting the back of a house and its supporting beams for a deck above. The deck collapsed onto the car and the outside and interior walls of the house were damaged. The driver, who regained consciousness with the car’s engine still running and wheels spinning, was treated and transported to Stevens Hospital.

Jan. 27

Medics were called out on 12 calls which included a rear-end car accident in the 20700 block of Highway 99. An 11-year-old boy who complained of neck pains was backboarded and transported to Northwest Hospital.

Firefighters responded to three false alarms.

Jan. 26

Medics responded to eight calls during the day.

Fire Sirens is compiled by Don Olsen of the Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation.

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