Fire Sirens

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:36am

The Edmonds Fire Department made 84 responses in and around Edmonds from December 22 – 28, bringing the total calls for the year to 4,798.

Dec. 28

Medics responded to five calls.

Dec. 27

Medics were called out on 10 calls.

Dec. 26

Medics responded to 17 calls which included a rear-end collision in the 23600 block of Highway 99. Complaining of neck pain, the driver of the car, which was rear ended, was backboarded and transported to Northwest Hospital. Medics also responded to a call by the mother of a 1-year-old girl who had tried to take a bite out of a colorful glass Christmas tree ornament. She suffered a few cuts in her mouth and was also transported to Northwest Hospital for further evaluation. She had learned a valuable lesson which hopefully she’ll remember next Christmas.

Firefighters extinguished a dumpster fire close to a building in the 15400 block of 40th Avenue W.

Dec. 25

Medics responded to 12 calls including tending to the four occupants of a van which had hit a wall in the 900 block of Puget Way. There were no injuries.

Dec. 24

Medics responded to nine calls.

Firefighters responded to a motor home fire in the 20100 block of 84th Avenue W. The crew extinguished the fire after gaining access to it through a back window. A neighbor, who had been looking after the property while the owners were on vacation, believed the fire was caused by a defective electric heater which the owners had left on.

Dec. 23

Medics were called out on 13 calls, nine of which were transported to Stevens Hospital for further evaluation.

Firefighters were called out on two false alarms.

Dec. 22

Medics responded to seven calls.

Fire Sirens is compiled by Don Olsen of the Edmonds Fire Safety Foundation.

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