Flim Clips

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  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 8:32am

2 Fast 2 Furious (PG-13) — If your daydreams involve white knuckle, blacktop blistering speed, then by all means, burn rubber and head to your local theater. But slick custom cars, spectacular race scenes, outrageous crashes and the first person, sense assaulting experience of speed aren’t the only reason to go — sharp dialogue and colorful supporting characters give it a texture that its predecessor, “The Fast and the Furious,” lacked. Alderwood, Everett, Mountlake, Metro (Seattle), Meridian (Seattle), Oak Tree (Seattle), Woodinville. (Reviewed June 6)

Finding Nemo (G) — “Nemo” continues Pixar’s imaginative, original approach to storytelling. Set in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the characters this time are the creatures of the sea, colorful characters who possess more humanity than the humans that awkwardly bumble in and out of the plot. And the CGI animation itself is breathtaking: the mesmerizing movement of the ocean, the lush reef garden, the deceptive beauty of jellyfish. A strong story and direction make all the difference too. Everett Mall, Grand Cinemas (Lynnwood), Mountlake, Metro (Seattle), Meridian (Seattle), Oak Tree (Seattle), Woodinville. (Reviewed May 30)

Bruce Almighty (PG-13) — Jim Carrey plays a regular guy who finds himself in an absurd, impossible circumstance — in this case, entrusted with the power of God. At first glance, the premise of “Bruce Almighty” certainly has the potential to offend those who take their religious beliefs seriously. But as the film progresses, it actually shifts from the easy route of sight gags and bathroom humor to the more heady issues of faith, forgiveness and free will — while still remaining funny. Edmonds Theatre, Everett, Grand Cinemas (Lynnwood), Mountlake, Metro (Seattle), Meridian (Seattle), Oak Tree (Seattle), Woodinville. (Reviewed May 23)

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