• Evan Smith<br>
  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 9:15am

The United States has been fighting a war in Iraq, but doing it without asking the population to make the kind of sacrifices it has made in past wars.

First, there’s no tax to pay for the war. Instead we will be borrowing money and running up debt.

Nor has there been a draft, which would have raised opposition, or the kinds of consumer rationing associated with past wars.

Paul Allen ruined Seattle Center

For 40 years, the Seattle Center has epitomized graceful architecture, with the Space Needle, the delicate arches of the Science Center, Key Arena, the monorail, the fountains, the theaters and even, viewed from a distance, the Fun Forest and the ancient grandstands of Memorial Stadium.

Then, a few years ago, Seattle city officials let billionaire Paul Allen build the graceless, ugly, misshapen, garishly colored Experience Music Project building on this valuable public land.

Yes, the builder and the architect have the right to express themselves, but let them do it where they don’t destroy the atmosphere of one of our most beautiful public places.

Can’t anyone here speak English?

More evidence that the English language is dying:

1) When I was in a hospital recently, I was repeatedly asked to “lay” on my side. What hospital staff members wanted me to do, of course, is “lie” (recline) on my side; or they might “lay” (place) me on my side.

2) Someone on radio or television spoke of events in Iraq as “historical.” That would be true if the events had happened a hundred years ago. But this was a contemporary event that will affect history; the proper word is “historic.”

3) A school gave an honor to “a person who gives their time and energy to students.” People can give their time and energy, but a person gives his or her time and energy.

4) A few weeks ago, this column said “whom” when it should have said “who.” Just ask, “Who says what to whom?”

Evan Smith is Enterprise Forum editor.

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