Golf course Lynnwood can hit it straight

  • Monday, November 19, 2007 4:00pm

On Nov. 13, the Lynnwood City Council has before it a Five Year Plan to improve Lynnwood Golf Course by the addition of a new clubhouse with full restaurant and adult beverages. Lynnwood is the only course in the area without these facilities.

Since the college wants to take back the space used as the present clubhouse, it’s a golden opportunity to do it right and build the kind of facility golfers expect when they come to play. For 17 years, Lynnwood has gotten along without these amenities. But now, as competition for golfing dollars has increased, they need to offer more attractive facilities for golfers. With these additions, Lynnwood Golf Course can be a profitable business, thus not drain money from other Parks and Recreation programs. We strongly recommend the Lynnwood City Council adopt the five year plan for Lynnwood Golf Course as it is proposed by Parks and Recreation.

Diana Sumis and Karen McGoun


Jenny Strock, Secretary

Lynnwood Ladies Golf Club

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