Inslee’s anecdote a liberal ploy

  • Tuesday, August 11, 2009 10:07pm

I was part of the audience in Rep. Jay Inslee’s Telephone Town Hall meeting last Wednesday. Let me first say it was a very weak effort on Rep. Inslee’s part. Having this call-in format is to hide behind the ether rather than stand face-to-face with a crowd of constituents. Weak.

The Telephone Town Hall was attended by 9,000 people. The format asked for questions from callers, not the opinions, although opinions were offered. About eight callers were able to ask their question, not one of which indicated they were in favor of government controlled health care.

Rep. Inslee offered his anecdotal experience of a woman who walked by him with a bandaged head as he stood on a street campaigning for one of his political positions. She complained of pain so Rep. Inslee asked what happened. She stated she has pain from a tumor removal. He suggested she go back to her doctor for a prescription of comfort medicine. She said she doesn’t have a doctor. Rep. Inslee then suggested she see the doctor who performed the surgery to which she replied (are you sitting?) “I performed the tumor removal myself.” Rep. Inslee was able to add to the Telephone Town Hall audience, “… and she had a baby at home.”

This is right out of the liberal play book: parade extreme exceptions as though they are common.

Rep. Inslee voted for the failing Stimulus Plan that put us trillions of dollars in debt. Now he supports government controlled health care that does not work anywhere else in the world and will put us into never-ending debt.

Government health care re-defines the relationship between the government and the people and allows government to control every aspect of your life. Pay attention to how Inslee votes on this and act accordingly.

Jim Philbrick


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