It’s a Wonderful (Dog’s) Life: Canine Cozy Care Resort will indulge your pooch while you’re away

  • By RaeJean Hasenoehrl For The Herald
  • Thursday, December 3, 2009 8:08am

While you travel during the holidays, your favorite pooch can also enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Canine Cozy Care Resort in Stanwood provides boarding, daycare and grooming accommodations for the most sophisticated canine tastes. With indoor and outdoor play areas, private suites, and the love and affection of the Winters family, each dog is given personalized attention and a healthy vacationing environment.

Allan and Julie Winters, owners of the resort, are well-versed in meeting the needs of their canine clientele. When building the resort, they took care in creating well-ventilated suites that include radiant floor heat, sleeping cots with cozy bedding, and soothing music piped into each room.

Luxury view suites are also available and include exterior windows and an optional TV/DVD for your dog’s favorite G-rated animal movies.

Because the dogs can’t see into neighboring suites, they tend not to bark at one another. “It provides them with a good night’s rest,” Allan said.

Included in the boarding or daycare cost is playtime. Playtime takes place in a large, fully-fenced outdoor play yard, complete with Frisbees, toys, a playhouse and a slide. When our Washington weather turns-on the water spigot, the dogs enjoy playtime in two indoor play areas.

A temperament test is given to each dog before his or her first stay. “We put the dog with a small dog, an older dog, and a hyper dog such as a puppy,” Allan said. “That way we get a good idea of how the dog will get along with other animals.”

The Winters family has also taken care in providing safety through audio/video surveillance, an off-site monitored business security system and a photo database.

Pet grooming is a favorite part of the services provided by the resort. “I love when a dog falls asleep in my arms while I’m grooming him,” Julie said. Grooming services include nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning, bathing, dematting and flea treatments.

Julie uses shampoos and deodorizers from ShowSeason Animal Products. Two of her favorites are the Papaya Pet Shampoo and the Flee! Insecticide-free Pet Spray. Both are available for purchase at the resort, along with a full line of grooming products.

Canine Cozy Care Resort also offers a doggie limo service — the perfect way to deliver a new dog to your home as an early Christmas gift. The limo can also pick up your dog for boarding, grooming or a veterinary appointment.

The resort’s retail area is filled with treats and stocking stuffers for your pooch. Holiday favorites include Build-a-Buddy Dog Toys and Chuckit Fetch Games. “We’ll make-to-order a gift basket,” Julie said. “A gift basket would be perfect inside one of our Outward Hound Pet Travel Bags.”

Before bringing your canine companion to the resort, be sure to make an appointment. “We want to know when you are coming so we can assure safety for all the dogs,” Julie explained. She also noted, due to insurance restrictions, that the resort cannot accommodate dogs from the pit bull, mastiff or wolf hybrid families.

Canine Cozy Care Resort is located at 2919 317th St. NW in Stanwood; (360) 939-2227.

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