Kindred hosts Fishel show

  • <br>Enterprise staff
  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:37am

Kindred Circle Art Gallery in downtown Edmonds hosts an exhibition of works by Jane Fishel titled “Finding Serenity” now through Nov. 16.

Fishel grew up near Lake Quinault on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, surrounded by the lush, calm beauty of the rain forest. Living in the city as an adult, she has never forgotten the particular serenity one finds in the midst of a pristine and remote natural hideaway. Even though she doesn’t live so near those remote locales now, she visits them and captures them on paper with her vibrant and richly-hued pastels. Thus she brings the same mood inside her own home, and the viewer’s, capturing the powerful emotions one feels when so closely connected to nature.

A love of nature helps bring the many aspects of Washington state’s geographical variety into focus in her work. Remote marshes, scenes of barns in empty fields, and distant pathways through the woods invite the viewer to walk along them, soaking up the scents and textures. Both eastern and western Washington are captured by her artistic eye.

Choosing pastels as a medium, Fishel loves the intense colors that reflect nature’s palette. The soft surface texture created by pastels work best for capturing the fuzzy leaves, wavy grasses, and other soft edges in nature.

Kindred Circle Art Gallery is located at 409 Main St. in downtown Edmonds and is open seven days a week. For hours and directions call 425-776-3778, or visit where images of Fishel’s work can also be viewed.

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