Letters to the Editor

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:53am


Great volunteers gave tax help at library

I would like to take a minute to give a big thank you to the tremendous AARP Tax Aide volunteers who put in 602 hours of volunteer tax help this year at the Edmonds Library. Tax time is difficult for so many people. Taxpayers are grateful to find a place where they can turn for free, professional assistance with their tax questions and returns. The following volunteers served 560 people at the Edmonds Library this year, coming three times a week from Feb. 2 up through April 14, 2007. Our dream team was comprised of Don Campbell, Tom Chin, Cliff Griffin, Bob Hacker, Denis Hayner, Lilly McLellan, plus Coordinator Jim Wassall. They made a huge difference in so many lives in our community with their quality work and service. On behalf of the staff at the library, thank them for a splendid year of assistance at Edmonds Library. We tip our hats on behalf of the community to these extraordinary volunteers. I’m so proud to host these fine folks at our library, and they deserve recognition for their extraordinary work. They are the best!

Lesly Kaplan

Managing Librarian

Edmonds Library

Chief Stern

A poetic farewell to

Edmonds’ police chief

Farwell Chief

While there is pomp, rule and reign

There to is dust, dirt and pain

Live how we can

Die when we must

Farewell Chief

When we speak something sad

Instead speak of something grand

He fall giving honor to our city

Honor now rounded off into noble sleep

Farwell Chief

Councilman Michael Plunkett


Edmonds appearance

Businesses shouldn’t be in pocket park

What has happened to the sense of beauty and ambience in this little but highly visible strip of our city? By the ferry line waiting area, just south of Main Street, is a gem of a pocket park with its elegant sculpture and tasteful plantings. Unfortunately, in recent times, more news stands and their accompanying flying litter as well as a large ugly vending machine, have been installed. The newest addition is an unsightly green trailer selling pizza with a beat up A-board and huge sign advertising its fare. Edmonds works hard to make the city beautiful with its corner plantings, hanging baskets and friendly decor. Why have these installations been permitted in an area where commuters, tourists and residents would appreciate it and enjoy it? Gaining some revenue isn’t a good enough reason. No lovely dogs are allowed in the park but these kinds of businesses are. City government please take notice.

Virginia Redfield


Election ‘07

Are candidates proposing solutions?

Some incumbent politicians are like magicians; experts at misdirection. They don’t talk about the issues, but how rotten their opponent is. They don’t want their own records scrutinized for fear they’ll come up short. They don’t talk about their ideas to solve problems because they have none. Some politicians have been re-elected in Edmonds over and over again by attacking their opponent.

Where does Dave Orvis stand? What is his idea to solve the financial problems that Dan Clements, the city’s award winning financial director, is predicting? Is he going to vote to ask us to raise property taxes again? Or, is he going to stick his head in the sand and claim there isn’t a problem? What’s up Dave?

What about housing? Many of my older neighbors have been in Edmonds nearly all their lives. They are trying to sell their homes and find an affordable condo or rental near a bus route in Edmonds, but there are far too few. As the baby boomers age, there’ll be even a bigger shortage. Dave, you have already served eight years on the City Council. What have you done to help long time residents stay in Edmonds?

What about our neighborhoods? Trees are being cut down in ravines and on hills to build more expensive homes. Three houses are being built where two stood before. The increased density brings more cars and less safety for our children. Dave, what is your solution?

Intersecting Hwy 104 is Hwy 99. Many buildings on the section of Aurora south of Edmonds Way are older and less than 25 feet tall. They house check cashing outlets, tattoo shops, and adult video arcades. Dave, is this your vision for Edmonds Way?

Don’t be fooled again. Ask yourself if candidates are proposing solutions or attacking their opponent. Then vote.

Don Kreiman


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