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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 1:00pm


Time to drop suit against council

It is time for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the city council to put their case to rest. They have made their point and continuing legalities only makes them look bad.

Council members are doing an excellent job in spite of the assaults that the lawsuit imposes on their time, energy and concentration.

The plaintiffs complain that the council defendants are costing the city money in legal fees, however the cost is the result of initiating the legal action in the first place and of persisting in its execution.

What is the purpose of continuing this matter and what is to be gained? Better to put their energy and money into backing the election campaign of their choice and move on.

Vicki Westberg


Aurora Corridor

Build some little shops and they will come

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. What we need to finish off the corridor is little shops to entice people to shop. How about an antique shop, gift store, cafe, pet shop, shoe store, cleaners, and more little shops that would be able to have foot traffic. Like Lake City and others places in the area. No Dollar Stores or the likes. We have enough of them. And make that plural, as far as the stores go. People will use the sidewalks, if there’s interest in places to shop. I’m thinking of even more shops, like clothing shops, toy shop, plant stores. Should I go on? Ice cream/cafe, flag store, speciality shop.

OK, you get the idea. Now, will somebody fly with this suggestion?

Lynn Rohde

Richmond Beach

Terrace Town Center

City should take a page out of Mill Creek’s book

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the new Town Center in Mill Creek. Except for one five-story condo, most of the buildings were individual retail establishments. There were also two parking garages providing adequate parking for the vehicles accessing the area, thus avoiding parking problems and impacts onto residential areas. Furthermore, the entire center was accessed by a four-lane highway, which provided adequate ingress and egress to the area. There were at least three open space areas, and the entire development had an open spacious feel to it. Although the Town Center was recently constructed, Mill Creek was able to construct their Town Center without a plethora of new high rise housing. Anyone interested in the MLT Town Center process really needs to inspect what appears to be a successful Town Center development in Mill Creek.

The proposed town center for Mountlake Terrace is very different from the one constructed in Mill Creek. That design will result in increased residential density, and very little open space for residents. Not only will there be no allowance for the significant increase of traffic, but plans call for the reduction of current parking spaces required for each unit. Hopes and dreams that a significant part of the population will avail themselves of public transportation never come true, and as a result adjoining neighborhoods will be seriously impacted by both traffic and parking woes.

So why did the chicken cross the road? To show the possum that it was possible to do. Thus the Mill Creek chicken can show the Mountlake Terrace possum that a successful town center can be constructed with open space within current three-story parameters. But both better not try to cross the street if the new Mountlake Terrace town center as envisaged is developed. Because with all the increased traffic on inadequate roads, neither is likely to make it to the other side.

Eric S. Soll


Griffey’s return

Let’s show respect to all former players

I was at SAFECO Field to see the first Mariner vs. Cincinnati baseball game. I did not attend to pay homage to Ken Griffey, Jr. Actually, I tried to avoid all the hoopla before the game. Nothing against Griffey but he was playing against and trying to defeat our team. He has had a fine career and is an outstanding player but does not and never has owed fans anything more than performing his best who ever he played for.

Since the early 1990s Seattle has had four of the greatest ballplayers of all time: Griffey, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson and Ichiro. All except Ichiro have moved on to improve themselves through the only honest method allowed a professional athlete, money.

A few years ago Rodriguez returned to play against the Mariners. He had signed as a free agent

with Texas for a reported $25 million/year. This is still the largest contract for any athlete in any sport. Alex was greeted with boos and catcalls of the vilest kind. One would think that his life was in danger because he had “betrayed” the beloved home team. He is still the target of the same ill manners and disrespect at every Seattle appearance.

Based on fan voting the starting lineups for this year’s All-Star game include Griffey, Rodriguez and Ichiro. The top vote getters are Griffey for the National League and Rodriguez for the American League. I hope the local fans will remember that when Rodriguez next plays here. It is our good fortune to see one of the greatest baseball players of all time perform.

Go Mariners!

Steve Olsen


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