Loomis mailer a pack of lies

  • Tuesday, October 21, 2008 5:38pm

Recently a mailer went out by a special interest group NARAL, among other groups. The group, which Liz Loomis sits on the board of, sent out literature to the electorate in the 44th Legislative District that stated lies such as Mike Hope doesn’t support diabetes screenings, mammograms, and overnight stays for mothers and infants.

Mike Hope takes an active role in helping people prevent diabetes. He does this by training students and other members of the community to reach their peak physical condition. According to the American Diabetes Association, a healthy diet and regular exercise can lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Mike trains me at his gym and through his training, I have reduced my risk of Type 2 diabetes by losing weight and following a more sensible diet.

Also, Mike does support overnight stays for mothers and infants in the hospital. In his own words he said, “What person wouldn’t?” Mike supports mothers and their children and even allows me to bring my toddler with me when I come to train because he knows how important it is for a child to be with their mother instead of outside care.

The most despicable portion was when it came to mammograms. Mike Hope is a strong supporter of early detection. His wife, Sarai, had a tumor removed from her breast when she was in college. If it wasn’t for early detection, her condition could have gotten worse. Sarai participates in many events to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, such as competing in the 3 Day Walk every year. Mike Hope knows the realities of breast cancer and it is an issue that affects his own personal life. To say that a husband of a breast cancer survivor doesn’t support early detection is just despicable

I call upon Liz Loomis to denounce this advertisement and offer an apology to the Hope family for the lies that her subordinates have spread.

Brittney Linville


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