Lynnwood names its top firefighter for 2004

  • Shannon Sessions<br>Lynnwood / Mountlake Terrace Enterprise editor
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 6:40am

LYNNWOOD — Mike Johnston has been chosen as Lynnwood’s finest firefighter for 2004.

Johnston said he is pleased with the honor.

“It’s very nice that they recognize one person and that they thought enough to vote for me,” he said.

But, he humbly added, he wishes the department recognized more firefighters more often because so many of them are outstanding and go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis.

“Too many good firefighters, doing good things get overlooked throughout the year,” said Johnston, who has worked for Lynnwood for 14 years.

This selflessness, good character and high esteem of his fellow firefighters hasn’t gone unnoticed by his peers and is just a few of the many reasons why Johnston was chosen as Lynnwood’s firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician of the year.

“Mike’s philosophy of always trying to do the right thing for the right reason, and his teamwork attitude, ‘the team is only as strong as your weakest link,’ demonstrate his dedication to the job, his fellow firefighters, and community,” said Lynnwood Fire Lt. Devon Ogurkow.

Ogurkow said the reasons Johnston was chosen for top firefighter for 2004 aren’t just because of what he did last year but what he’s always done and who he’s always been.

“He’s been doing these great things for years. He’s consistent and his work ethic has always been very high,” Ogurkow said.

Johnston is always working to improve things.

“Mike is active in many department programs. He demonstrates leadership, initiative and is innovative in problem solving from equipment improvement to personnel issues,” Ogurkow said.

While he’s involved in many public safety committees, Ogurkow said, he doesn’t just give great ideas, he also follows up and makes sure things happen,” Ogurkow said, adding he also is very mechanically inclined.

Johnston said he is able to do good things at the department because of leaders such as Lt. Ogurkow, Lynnwood Fire Captain Bob Jeske and others, he said, who “allow people to work and accomplish things.”

Johnston commutes to Lynnwood from the Yakima area where he and his wife Tami are raising their two children, Sydni and Hunter.

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