Make Merry

  • Tuesday, November 30, 2004 9:00pm

As families and friends gather this holiday season, make sure there is an abundance of food and drink on hand.

And dont arrive empty handed, either. A gift of food or beverage make great host and hostess gifts. A beautiful bottle of wine or specialty chocolates will certainly impress anyone on the list.

Beverages that bring

in the season

Nothing is more reminiscent of the holidays than eggnog. McCormick Distilling Companys Irish Eggnog ($12.99) is imported from Dublin, Ireland and available during November and December only.

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Toast in the New Year with Laurent-Perrier Champagne ($29.99) gift boxed and ready to go with two etched champagne flutes. On the Web:

Another bubbly known for its hand painted bottle, the Perrier Jout 1999 Fleur de Champagne Blanc de Blancs ($225) will make an impression under the tree. On the Web:

The wine sipper on the gift list will savor McWilliams Hanwood Estate Shiraz ($11) for its robust flavor. On the Web:

Spring Mountain vineyard has reopened its doors to the public. Why not treat someone with a bottle of the 2001 Elivette ($90). On the Web:

For a host or hostess gift, Red Bicyclette Syrah ($10-$12) goes great with any holiday meal. The wine has the aroma of blackberry and cassis with a subtle hint of floral and is showcased in a whimsical bottle. On the Web:

Keep wine fresh after its opened with a bottle of VineyardFresh ($12.50). It helps preserve the freshness of 50 bottles of wine. On the Web:

Blue martini glass included, vodka lovers will covet the striking bottle of C”roc Vodka ($29 750ml). Made exclusively from French grapes, it features a fresh, citrus edge and a clean, smooth taste. On the Web:

With a bottle double dipped in red and green, Makers Mark bourbon whiskey ($46.99 for 1.75 liter bottle) is all dressed up for the holidays. Enjoy other items too, like the Gourmet Sauce ($7.50) or Bourbon Flavored Cherries ($6.50). On the Web:

For those vacationing or visiting in Nantucket over the holidays, try the amber English-style Whales Tale Pale Ale by Cisco Brewers. On the Web:

Express the love this holiday season with a gift of coffee from Millstones Signature Collection. Mountain Moonlight and Rainforest Reserve ($8.99 each 10oz) tastes great on a cold winter morning. On the Web:

Flavored coffee syrups ($7.99) from Da Vinci Gourmet make great holiday gifts. And they arent just for coffee. With more than 150 flavors, add to desserts or a smoothie. On the Web:

Specialty teas are always a thoughtful way to say thank you. The Talbott Tea Color Collection ($7.95-$59.99) offers blue teas, tranquil and soothing; red teas, bold and spicy and more in beautifully colored tins. On the Web:

Some food for thought

Bianchetti, white, winter and summer. What do they all have in common? Theyre truffles and make great gifts. Buy them in any way, shape or form from Urbani Truffles. (Prices vary.) On the Web:

No time to bake, no problem. The Heritage Pie Company has it covered. Order one pie or several as gifts because their 10-inch Heritage Apple Pie ($29.99) is the real thing. On the Web:

How about juicy filet mignons ($39.99 for four 6-ounce cuts) or chateaubriand ($34.99 for two 10-ounce cuts) from Omaha Steaks. On the Web:

For dipping pretzels, guests will come back for more with the Orange Cranberry Mustard ($5.99) by Terrapin Ridge. Or, try the Cranberry Horseradish Sauce ($6.20). On the Web:

Everythings infused these days, so why not maple syrup. Sweet Autumn, Sweet Ginger and Sweet Chai ($12 each) from Moosewood Hollow go beyond breakfast duty. On the

When theyre hot, theyre good. Thats why a Krispy Kreme gift card ($25 or under) fits the bill for that someone special. On the Web:

Dazzle the party hostess with the newest creation of hand-decorated Belgian chocolate appropriately named Mosaics ($32.50 12-piece box) by Joseph Schmidt. Layers of caramel, nuts, nougat and biscotti crunch add to the decadent taste. On the Web:

Guests wont forget who brought the Picture This cookies (starting at $2.50 each) by Good Fortunes. These cookies are delicately dipped in fine white chocolate, covered with sprinkles and topped off with a personalized photo. On the Web:

Stew Leonard has the wrap on gift baskets (starting from $19.99). Anything from chocolate and sparkling cider to tasty cheeses and fresh fruit, these baskets will please the masses. The popcorn tins ($29.99) make great gifts, too. On the Web:

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