McConnell the ‘right woman’ for council

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 1:05pm

Doris McConnell is a proven leader in this community for over 20 years. She is an astute financial manager as a widow for nine years nurturing her children. She is a pixie-like whirling dervish of energy. Her perpetual smile includes eyes that smile and look directly into yours. She really cares about the community and is willing to serve as your elected representative on the Shoreline Council in position No. 4.

“The Right Woman, The Right Time” is proclaimed on her campaign literature and I agree. I urge all of my supporters from the primary who were “Wackerbackers” to cast your vote for Doris McConnell. The city needs change from the divisive dysfunctional council that we now experience.

Vote for a new future in Shoreline. Doris is dedicated to completing the Aurora project with all its safety and beauty. Doris is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and accountability.

She is a woman of integrity. Her background, growing up as a military child, provides a broad range of experience from living in many areas and this experience leads to flexibility.

Her Japanese heritage gives her the grounded principles of hard work. Her honor graduate credentials show that she has the intelligence to solve the problems of the city.

A vote for Doris is a vote for good government. We need persons who are responsible to the citizens rather than seeking power for personal gain.

La Nita Jordan Wacker


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