No need for politicians to ‘save’ Mother Earth

  • Tuesday, January 6, 2009 5:24pm

Energy, in any form, is not free. If Mr. Bernheim wants to save energy, pay the $18 or so for gas, and drive with pride knowing that you’re saving more energy than riding the train (“All aboard to … Centralia?” Dec. 24).

I feel sorry for Mr. Bernheim. Having to put up with environmental ideologues like mayors Haakenson and Nickels of Seattle would be stressful under any conditions. Ecotheists are a dime a dozen in Washington. Especially politicians who wouldn’t know the difference between atmospheric trace gases and real greenhouse gases.

Nickels is continually at odds with reality. Banning salt from use on icy roads is a classic of environmental zealotry. Yet Seattle and West Side liberals continue to elect him and others like him. They don’t know the first thing about governance.

They all think the same way. Their mission is to reduce our standard of living by any means possible in the name of “saving” mother earth from (fictitious) human-caused “global warming.” If they are confronted with scientific evidence proving that “global warming” does not exist, they simply ignore it. They are humanitarians … with a guillotine. Go along with them or be defined as “heretics” or “skeptics” or worse.

“Global warming,” the original environmental buzz word, is now renamed “climate change.” All human activity causes climate change, they say. This will enable governments to tax the public and the private industrial complex for burning carbon. You think things are bad now. Just wait until Governor Gregoire gets her new environmental tax on the size of car engines.

Earth’s atmospheric temperature averages about -18º Celsius, while the temperature in the near-surface atmosphere is +15º Celsius. Heat can not flow from a colder environment to a warmer environment in this system and CO2 gas molecules can not reflect back the small amount of heat radiated from Earth’s surface.

J. R. Leicester


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