Noble deserves another chance at school board seat

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:53am

It is the sign of a healthy community — and the importance of public education — that the incumbent and three others would file for an Edmonds School Board seat. However, only two will move on to the November general election.

Gary Noble has served four years, wants another four and deserves the voters’ support. Noble, now serving as board president, has been involved in some of the key decisions setting the district on a more stable financial path. For the coming term, Noble says improving student achievement and integrating coming state changes in math curricula are top priorities. Noble also wants to guard against the system becoming too WASL-centric, making sure K-12 education stays a well-rounded experience.

Jon Howeiler, an educator who hopes to take his experience to the policy side of the equation, should also move on to the November ballot. Howeiler has been in the classroom and now helps educate teachers at UW-Bothell. Howeiler also sees addressing student achievement challenges as a top priority. Perhaps not surprisingly, he is an advocate for teachers and points to more pay and professional development as ways to ensure excellence in the classroom.

Mark Laurence, ashore after a career in the Merchant Marine, now has the time and inclination to help his children’s school district. Laurence says the bar has been set too low, not just for students, but the district itself through its mission statement. Laurence may well be correct that a loftier goal would inspire stronger effort to achieve it, an idea he could continue to champion if not elected.

Douglas Kerley has a passion for coordinating curriculum with college and real-world expectations. Again, that is a worthwhile goal that could use additional work, but probably doesn’t require a seat on the board.

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