Party preference system easy to fix

  • By Evan Smith, Herald writer
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2012 8:36pm

Primary voters in Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Brier and the rest of the 2nd Congressional District saw a candidate on the ballot who listed his party preference as “99% Party.”

Voters in other parts of the state saw candidates list their preferences as the “Employmentwealth Party,” the “F.D.R. Democratic Party,” the “Progressive Independent Party” and the “Neopopulist Party.”

Of course, there is no “99% Party.” Legislators have considered proposals to limit the party preference to a list of recognized parties.

One proposal would require candidates to choose from the parties that have qualified for the presidential ballot by gathering 1,000 signatures: Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Justice, Socialist Workers, and Socialist and Liberation parties; or choose “no party preference.”

Opponents of the top-two primary have opposed such a move, but the top-two system retains support.

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