Plenty to enjoy at Njoy

  • John Santana<br>Enterprise writer
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:27am

To a person reared on Western food, dining at a sushi place is different. Sushi is an acquired taste. Then there’s the communal nature of eating the dish; indeed, indulging in it is best done in the company of others.

So in order to properly write this column, and review one of the newest eateries in Mill Creek Town Center, Njoy Sushi &Roll, I assembled a group of friends to try it out. The quartet consisted of one veteran sushi eater, who has dined on the delicacy in both the Seattle and San Francisco Bay areas; a 21-year-old female sushi eater, and my mid-20s roommate, who, like me, is relatively new to sushi.

So in the American spirit of over-indulgence, we ordered a variety of sushi rolls – the Las Vegas roll, California roll, sushi taco and about four or five other kinds with things like spicy tuna and practically any other seafood imaginable. And just to err on the side of caution, just in case I couldn’t quite go for sushi this time (this was, after all, only my second time eating it) I ordered a chicken katsu dinner ($10.50), with the intent that anybody and everybody at the table could take something off the plate.

This strategy is the best way to understand what Njoy has to offer. The menu is extensive, and there are ample options for those who don’t eat sushi. There are meals which include steamed rice and a salad of fresh greens, plus there are entree-sized salads and noodle dishes.

Within minutes after ordering, the table looked like a high-class sushi buffet. The presentation was great, the plates clearly of Asian origin but still contemporary. It complemented the atmosphere of the restaurant – a contemporary, well-designed interior but with all the casualness one expects in this region.

The service? First rate. Everything was brought out fast, with a friendly staff that seemed to genuinely enjoy serving us.

I didn’t count how many pieces of sushi I ate, but it was a pretty good amount, and it became clear that I’m developing a taste for the delicacy. Like any sushi neophyte, I ate a couple of California Rolls (so did my fellow sushi newcomer and roommate), but I also tried the Las Vegas Roll, and who would’ve thought that me of all people would’ve eaten something that had eel in it. And liked it. Didn’t think twice about it either. Maybe it was the cream cheese, maybe it was that it was partially fried, maybe it was the wasabi/soy sauce mix I dunked it in, but either way, if it was good enough for a newcomer to enjoy, it’s good enough for the longtime sushi eater.

After almost two hours of communal dining and great conversation, everyone left satisfied, pleased with the meal, full of sushi, edamame, chicken katsu, miso soup and cucumber salad. It seemed we sampled a good chunk of their menu (which can be viewed online at and even though I am relatively new to the world of sushi, me and my friends can assure you that no matter what your level of sushi expertise is, you will enjoy Njoy Sushi &Roll.

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