Police Beat

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 1:03pm

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park Police.

July 26

Vandalism. 600 block N. 165th St. An unknown object left a “silver dollar-size hole” in a window of a residence.

Disturbance. 5700 block NE. 180th St. Someone called police to complain about loud music coming from a residential party.

Theft. 17700 block 28th Ave. NE. A license plate was stolen off of a vehicle overnight.

Disturbance. 5200 block NE. 180th St. A neighbor complained about noise caused by construction.

July 25

Prowl. 1500 block NE. 148th St. Someone fled the scene after smashing a vehicle’s window.

Fraud. 300 block NE. 180th St. Police arrested someone who used a credit card that did not belong to them.

Larceny. 17200 block 15th Ave. NE. Someone stole three cases of beer.

Malicious mischief. 5100 block NE. 201st Pl. An unknown person painted “SMIT” on a vehicle overnight.

Burglary. 18600 block NE. 40th Pl. A neighbor called police when they saw an unfamiliar person in the area.

July 24

Larceny. 904 N. 155th St. Someone left a restaurant without paying for a meal.

Vandalism. 900 block N. 200th St. Someone damaged the outside of a condominium.

Theft. 15700 block Westminster. A rental vehicle was reported stolen.

Suspicious person. 15500 block Eighth Ave. NE. Police received a call concerning a suspicious looking male watching children in a park.

Juvenile. 18500 block 37th Ave. NE. Someone reported two juveniles with baseball bats on the roof of a school.

Theft. 19600 block 40th Pl. NE. A woman told police an ex-roommate may have stolen jewels worth over $3,000.

Larceny. 1300 block N. 183rd St. A bicycle was stolen from a garage.

Burglary. 14900 block Aurora Ave. N. Items were stolen from a storage unit.

Theft. 3000 block NE. 190th St. An unknown person siphoned gas from a boat.

Arson. 15000 block Aurora Ave. N. A known juvenile ignited toilet paper inside a women’s restroom causing damage to the floor.

Suspicious circumstance. 2000 block Richmond Beach. A vehicle rolled down a hill.

July 23

Liquor violation. 19600 block Bagley Ln. N. Two teenagers were found in possession of alcohol.

Larceny. 600 block N. 202nd Pl. Items were stolen from a vehicle.

Assault. 15300 block Aurora Ave. N. An unknown person hit a man in the face.

Theft. 17100 block Bothell Way NE. A business clerk thought a female stole a bottle of soda but a receipt confirmed that the beverage was purchased at another store.

Vandalism. 17800 block Midvale Ave. N. Someone painted graffiti on a storage unit.

Theft. 17800 block Fremont Ave. N. Mail was stolen.

Larceny. 2000 block Sunnyside Dr. Items were stolen from a residence.

Vandalism. 2000 block 10th Ave. NW. Someone threw several things at a vehicle resulting in a broken windshield and a dented hood.

Suspicious circumstance. 19500 block 34th Ave. NE. Someone called police after receiving three phone calls from an unknown male who said he owned a gun.

Theft. 4700 block NE. 204th St. A person found mail on their property that belonged to their neighbor.

Suspicious circumstance. 17000 block 26th Ave. NE. A neighbor observed a male trying to get into a next door residence.

July 22

DUI. 1200 block NE. 188th St. A person was arrested for drinking and driving.

Controlled substance. NW. 198th St. and Richmond Beach. Police confronted two females sitting in a truck smoking marijuana.

Vandalism. 14500 block 22nd Ave. NE. An unknown person broke a vehicle’s window.

Disturbance. 2600 block NE. 195th St. Someone yelled loudly at an apartment complex.

Vandalism. 2200 block NE. 200th Ct. Someone reported their vehicle had been scratched.

Harassment. 19300 block 21st Ave. NW. A man tried to contact his ex-girlfriend’s mother at her home.

Vandalism. NE. 150th and 23rd Ave. NE. Someone used an apparent pellet gun to shoot at a vehicle.

July 21

Vandalism. 15500 12th Ave. NE. A vehicle parked in a private driveway was wrapped in plastic wrap and smeared with ketchup and mustard.

Prowler. 14700 Aurora Ave. N. Suspects used a pick axe tool to break a truck’s rear window.

Burglary. 800 block NE. 190th St. An unknown person entered a residence through a window.

DUI. 2100 block N. 185th St. A person was arrested for drinking and driving.

Larceny. 1100 block N. 200th St. Someone stole items from a business.

Prowl. 1900 block 53rd Ave. NE. A vehicle window was broken.

Suspicious circumstance. 16600 block 35th Ave. NE. Police noticed an open business door with no one around.

July 20

Burglary. 19900 Linden Ave. N. An unknown person broke into a residence and took several small, inexpensive items.

Assault. 18000 block 29th Ave. NE. A juvenile male hit another juvenile.

Malicious mischief. 4200 block NE. 197th St. A vehicle’s rear window was broken.

Domestic violence calls: One domestic violence call was reported between July 20-July 26.

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