Police Beat

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 12:58pm

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park Police.

June 14

Malicious mischief. NE. 145th St. and Bothell Way NE. Someone told police another driver threw a cup of ice inside his vehicle and caused the windshield wipers to stop working.

Suspicious circumstance. 17400 block 37th Ave. NE. Someone called police after seeing a vehicle rolling backward down a road and a female chasing after it.

June 13

Burglary. 17500 block 15th Ave. NE. An unknown person put a hole in a bathroom wall and crawled through it to steal cigarettes from a business.

Suspicious circumstance. 4600 block NE. 175th St. A female claimed she bought a residence for $60,000 and the president was going to help her move-in because she was the ex-mayor.

June 12

Controlled substance. 14800 block Aurora Ave. N. A pregnant woman was stopped for driving with a suspended license and police found crack cocaine in her vehicle.

Malicious mischief. 2000 block NW. 190th St. Police responded to reports of juveniles driving in circles on park property.

Assault. 3600 block NE. 155th St. A woman told a neighbor to leave after he reportedly pushed her down and slammed her against the wall.

June 11

Motor prowl. 2600 block NE. 195th St. A neighbor called police when they noticed an unknown vehicle with its hood up.

Malicious mischief. 17700 block 28th Ave. NE. A residence was toilet papered and an antenna on a vehicle was broken off.

June 10

Theft. 3500 block NE. 153rd St. A woman told police her son stole her keyboard and computer mouse.

June 9

Drunkenness. 1900 block N. 175th St. Police found a man who was passed out in his vehicle with the engine running.

Malicious mischief. 3700 block NE. 180th St. A dozen eggs were thrown at a house overnight.

June 8

Larceny. 17300 block Fremont Ave. N. A laptop computer was stolen from a locker.

Larceny. 19600 block Richmond Beach. An unknown person entered a vehicle and stole several items.

Larceny. 18300 block Aurora Ave. N. A store employee called police after he saw a woman buy a few items after concealing several other items in a cloth bag.

Disturbance. 3500 block NE. 153rd St. Police received a report of a female screaming obscenities in front of a residence.

June 7

Peddle. 16200 block 37th Ave. NE. Two people were going door-to-door asking for support for the Democratic party.

June 6

Suspicious circumstance. 18900 block Eighth Ave. NE. Police received a report of an unknown male watching school kids.

Malicious mischief. 19500 block 35th Ave. NE. A woman called police after she saw a juvenile digging in her yard who appeared to be looking for something.

June 5

Disturbance. 2600 block NE. 195th St. Police asked someone to turn down the volume on their TV.

Child neglect. 1200 block N. 185th St. Police took a report of a mother who may be under the influence of narcotics and living in a vehicle with her children.

Drunkenness. 17500 block Aurora Ave. N. A man was transported to the hospital after he was found asleep on a sidewalk.

June 4

Fraud. 14500 block 38th Ave. NE. A woman told police that her husband’s social security number and credit card information were used to send a money gram overseas.

Harassment. 4000 block NE. 196th Ct. A woman received a message from an unknown person that called her names and stated that her head would be cut off and put in a basket. Police called the incident a wrong number.

Suspicious circumstance. 18500 block 37th Ave. NE. A couple who told police that they were star-gazing was asked to leave school grounds.

Larceny. N. 25th St. NE. A piccolo was stolen.

June 3

Malicious mischief. 17800 block 40th Ave. NE. Someone called police after finding car parts lying in their lawn.

June 2

Larceny. 18000 block 15th Ave. NE. Someone was caught opening plastic bags of powdered drink mix and emptying the contents into their pants pocket.

Suspicious circumstance. Someone called police after noticing a waterfall at a residential pond was not operating and fish were missing from the pond.

June 1

Suspicious circumstance. NE. 200th St. and 32nd Ave. NE. Someone called police after noticing a suspicious vehicle that seemed to be following the mail truck and stopping at different locations.

Weapon violation. N. 175th St. and Meridian Ave. N. A student brought an airsoft pellet gun to school and was emergency expelled per district policy after he showed it to other students.

Domestic violence calls: Three domestic violence calls were reported between June 1-June 14.

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